The Ticket

After Sunday, Romney and Ryan won’t appear together until the convention

Holly Bailey
The Ticket

Mitt Romney will spend just one more day campaigning with his new running mate, Paul Ryan, before the vice presidential hopeful splits on his own packed campaigning schedule.

The two men will spend the day Sunday traveling throughout North Carolina before heading to Ryan's home state of Wisconsin, where the two will headline what the Romney campaign has called a "homecoming rally" in Waukesha.

Then the GOP ticket will split: Romney will continue on his four-state bus tour, which traveling through Florida on Monday, while Ryan will kick of an intense week of campaigning and fundraisers beginning with an appearance at the Iowa State Fair on Monday.

"It's likely that they will be campaigning on different tracks until we get to the convention," Romney adviser Kevin Madden said Sunday.

Indeed, Ryan is set to have a busy week—at least in terms of fundraising. According to a schedule circulated among Romney's fundraising team, Ryan is set to headline 10 finance events between now and Aug. 25—the weekend before the Republican convention is set to begin in Tampa.

On Monday, Ryan is scheduled to headline a fundraising dinner in Colorado. He'll head to Ohio and Virginia on Thursday to raise money before appearing at a finance event in Tampa, Fla., on Friday.

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