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What Web users want to know about Paul Ryan

Chris Moody
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DES MOINES, Iowa -- It's little surprise that online searches for "Paul Ryan" have skyrocketed since Mitt Romney announced Ryan as his running mate Saturday. Information from Google and Yahoo! search engines reveal the kinds of things curious Web users want to know about the young Wisconsin congressman.

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Google Search terms

According to inquiries on Yahoo! Search, searches with the highest volume also include questions about his age, religion, family, and yes, what he looks like sans shirt. Here's a sampling:

1.     Paul Ryan
2.     Paul Ryan Bio
3.     Who Is Paul Ryan
4.     Paul Ryan Wiki
5.     Paul Ryan Budget Plan
6.     Paul Ryan 2013 Budget
7.     Rep Paul Ryan
8.     Romney Paul Ryan
9.     Paul Ryan Family
10.  Paul Ryan Biography
11.  Paul Ryan Wikipedia
12.  How Old Is Paul Ryan
13.  Paul Ryan Wife
14.  Paul Ryan Religion
15.  Paul Ryan Shirtless
16.  Paul Ryan S Budget Proposal
17.  Paul Ryan Vp
18.  Paul Ryan S Wife
19.  Paul Ryan Medicare Plan
20.  Paul Ryan Family Photos
21.  Paul Ryan Voting Record
22.  Paul Ryan Ayn Rand
23.  Congressman Paul Ryan
24.  Paul Ryan S Website
25.  Paul Ryan S Family

The list is based on a sample of Yahoo! searches over the past seven days.

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