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Wednesday in politics: Obama, Republicans push ‘fiscal cliff’ proposals, and more

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It's another day in Washington, and another day of talk about the "fiscal cliff," with the emphasis on "talk." There are no public, sitting-down-at-the-table negotiations under way to avoid the tax increases and deep spending cuts scheduled to trigger on the first two days of January. Of course, it being Washington, you never know who is talking to whom behind the scenes.

What is known is that President Barack Obama is scheduled to talk about his plan for averting the fiscal cliff when he meets with corporate CEO members of the Business Roundtable on Wednesday.

What is known is that House Republican leaders and House Democratic leaders will be talking about their fiscal cliff proposals when they meet with the press on Wednesday, and so will Senate Democrats at a press conference they have planned.

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What is known is that the White House made a fiscal cliff proposal last week that the Republicans say is all wrong, and the Republicans made a proposal on Monday that the White House says is all wrong.

This is known, too: Many economists say that failure to reach a deal could tip the economy back into recession.

Also worth noting on Wednesday: President Obama is hosting the 2012 White House Tribal Nations Conference. The gathering provides leaders from the 566 federally recognized tribes with an opportunity to meet directly with the president and representatives from the administration.

And then there is this: Forbes announces its "Most Power People List" at noon. Who was at the head of the list last year? President Obama.

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