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Weekend in politics: Obama in Va., Romney in Fla., both prep for debate, and more

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President Barack Obama will start the day Friday campaigning in Virginia and then head to Camp David where he is expected to prep for Monday evening's third and final debate.

Mitt Romney, along with running mate Paul Ryan, will campaign in Florida on Friday, and he'll no doubt find time over the weekend to squeeze in some debate preparation of his own.

What will Obama and Romney study? Foreign policy. That's the topic Monday evening. And that, of course, means more about Libya.

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Vice President Joe Biden also will campaign Friday in Florida, which, with 29 Electoral College votes, is the biggest of the battleground states. He'll still be there on Saturday, too.

Ann Romney will campaign Friday in the Sunshine State, and she has a campaign-related 5k race there on Saturday.

Also worth noting this weekend: First lady Michelle Obama and former President Bill Clinton campaign in Wisconsin on Friday, and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie campaigns in Virginia for Romney. On Saturday, Ryan will be in Ohio, Rick Santorum in Iowa and Sen. Rand Paul in New Hampshire, all for Romney.

And then there is this: Michelle Obama appears Friday morning on ABC's "LIVE With Kelly and Michael." The pre-taped segment will include discussion of the presidential election, life on the campaign trail and why it is so important for people to vote. It is the first lady's fourth appearance on the show.

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