White House mixes up Colorado and Wyoming on the map

Even the White House press office isn't immune from making geography gaffes.

Per CNN's Mark Walz, the credentials given to members of the press corps traveling with President Obama on his campaign swing out west this week included a map that mistakenly identified Wyoming as Colorado.

The two rectangular states do look similar on the map, but it's a pretty embarrassing error, especially considering how important Colorado might be to President Obama's re-election chances next year.

Obama's three-day swing took him to Washington, California and Colorado, where he held a mix of public events and private fundraisers for his 2012 re-election bid.

On Tuesday, he was in Denver, where he delivered a speech on his proposed jobs program. But the larger point of the trip was to help Obama connect with voters and gain media coverage in Colorado, which is expected to be a key swing state in 2012. And just to be clear: John McCain won Wyoming by an impressive 32-point margin in 2008. White House event planners, take note.