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  • Toddler Freaks Out After Dad Shaves Off His Beard

    Mia Fitzharris at Trending Now1 day ago

    Never in the history of peekaboo has the outcome been so dramatic. One toddler learned the hard way that the fun game does not always end well. 

    In a new YouTube video, Bradley Bailey covers his face with a towel and has his adorable daughter look for him under it a few times. His wife catches the cuteness on camera. Then Bailey steps away, secretly shaving off his beard, and comes back to continue the peekaboo fun. But it isn't so fun for his little one — when the tot lifts up the towel this time, she finds a barefaced man she doesn't seem to recognize. It looks like she's thinking, "Who the heck is this guy?" before beginning to wail. Well, kid, beard or no beard, that's your father. The video was posted to YouTube on Sept. 11 and has been viewed more than 820,000 times. Some commenters think the trick was a cruel move on the part of the girl's parents, with one person writing, "It should be a crime to upload sick videos like this, poor girl. You KNEW that she liked the facial hair, but you still shaved it off, just to make the poor thing cry." We think the real crime here was shooting the video vertically.

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  • Did a Man in a Scarf Overshadow the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch Announcements?

    Richard Cazeau at Trending Now6 days ago

    One of the most anticipated global tech announcements of the year took place Tuesday at the unveiling of the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch, which were hotly anticipated by fans and consumers alike and could potentially change the game in the smartphone universe, once again. But a surprising star at the big release of Apple's new gadgets is the infinity scarf worn by Dutch gaming executive Tommy Krul, which we have coolly dubbed the "iScarf."

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  • Russian Driver Captures Tornado's Destruction on Dashcam

    Richard Cazeau at Trending Now7 days ago

    Car crashes happen all the time due to extreme weather. And a lot of people face death, straight in the eye, and live to talk about it. But there's no way to describe this video other than "miraculous." 

    During a full-fledged tornado in Bashkiria, Russia, a man driving   evades death by a narrow margin — and it's all recorded on his trusty dashcam. Dashcams are extremely popular in Russia, where millions of drivers use them for surveillance and evidence in court, as well as a precautionary tool against police corruption or insurance fraud. Unfortunately, you can't prosecute Mother Nature or any sort of god for  this  unspeakable act.

    After the man reverses his Toyota RAV4 from his driveway onto a rural road, things go from calamitous to chaotic with rain and wind picking up vigorously. At full force, the tornado destroys all the property in its path. As the man alters his direction to face his home, his garage is whipped away right before his eyes — it's gone within 60 seconds. One can only speculate on what the man is feeling and thinking. 

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  • OSU Marching Band Gives Big Shout-Out to Classic TV

    Richard Cazeau at Trending Now8 days ago

    The  just might be "The Best Damn Band In The Land," a moniker it often gives itself. This past weekend at halftime during the Buckeyes' first home game of the college football season, against Virginia Tech, the 225-member marching band paid tribute to cable network TV Land. Even though the Buckeyes lost the game to the Hokies 35-21, the band still scored — bigtime.

    The OSU marching band turned out classic TV theme songs, incorporating its all-brass and percussion sounds as well as its highly stylized visuals, which are best viewed from what some might consider "crappy seats" in the higher nosebleed sections.

    Commenters on YouTube are huge fans. One person wrote, "Never ceases to amaze me," while another added, "That was amazing. More exciting than football itself! That takes a lot of training for sure! Great job, Buckeyes!"

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