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  • Reporter Finds Missing 10-Year-Old Boy While Covering Story

    Emily Scharnhorst at Trending Now18 hrs ago

    Reporters sometimes face a dilemma: Witnessing events in their communities, they are tasked to report what they see, for their viewers and readers, without crossing any lines of involvement. But sometimes, on a human level, that is just not possible.

    On Friday, in Tampa, Fla., local TV reporter Cameron Polom became a part of the story he was covering — the disappearance of 10-year-old Paul Ezekiel Fagan. He had been last seen the afternoon before, playing in his grandmother's yard. Paul's grandmother, Hazel Epps, who has custody of the boy and with whom he lives, called the authorities at 8 p.m. after unsuccessfully searching for him on her own. Officers scoured the neighborhood late into the rainy night and early morning looking for the boy.

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