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  • 8-Year-Old's 'Dirty Dancing' Goes Viral

    Emily Scharnhorst at Trending Now5 days ago

    Nobody puts Baby — we mean Charlie — in a corner! The 8-year-old boy from Knoxville, Tenn., has become a viral sensation after his mother posted a Facebook video of him dancing along with Patrick Swayze in her favorite movie, 1987's rom-com hit "Dirty Dancing." BuzzFeed chatted with Charlie's mother, who said he has seen that movie about 10 to 12 times at this point. And it's not just this classic that gets Charlie's hips moving. If anything has dancing and music, he just can't seem to stand still, she said. One day, if ever asked, Charlie may consider his greatest dancing influence to be Michael Jackson. The King of Pop died when Charlie was only 3 years old, but the boy had begun to watch all of his music videos and replicate his moves. Charlie's mother previously posted a video to YouTube for friends and family to check out his "Thriller" moves. Charlie's dance moves have now been seen by more people than most Broadway actors', with over 8 million views of the Facebook video. We really hope the nickname "Charlie Swayze" sticks with this kid.

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  • Video of Kangaroos Boxing in the Street is the Most Australian Thing You Will See Today

    Emily Scharnhorst at Trending Now13 days ago

    Looks like somebody has watched a few too many Mortal Kombat movies down under. In a video uploaded to Reddit, two male kangaroos have taken to duking it out in the streets of a suburban Australian neighborhood. We have a few questions. First, is a kangaroo boxing match an acceptable excuse for being late to work in Australia?  Second, what could have caused such a showdown? Were they fighting for the honor of a lady kangaroo? Was this a turf war? What legitimate kangaroo's turf is a suburban neighborhood?

    Well it seems that this display is just part of being a male 'roo during mating season. Known as "boomers," the males are prone to violence when other males show interest in the females they have been tracking.

    The strength of male kangaroos is extraordinarily impressive. The weapon of choice is their feet. They are able to crush the bone of their competitor with one swift kick. A favorite tactic is to use their paws to grab an opponent and then kick with their huge clawed hind feet. The fight gets a bit hypnotic, and a commenter on the video agreed writing, "This is oddly relaxing to watch."

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