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3 Sisters to Marry on Same Day in Triple Wedding After Terminally Ill Mother Given Grave Prognosis

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The Swales sisters of Snellville, Georgia, all recently got engaged around the same time. But the reason that they are all getting married on the same day is no coincidence. Their mother, Becky Swales, has been fighting breast cancer for the last four years. According to doctors, the fight may be soon over. The cancer has spread to her liver, and she was given the heartbreaking news that she may live for only a few more months.

So with the help of a very friendly community's donations, including the event venue, the sisters began planning a triple wedding with only weeks to spare, just to make sure that their mother could be there on the big day. All three sisters describe their mother as their best friend, so they can't imagine her not being able to see them walk down the aisle. Sarah Swales told Fox 5, "Honestly, this might be one of the last, biggest things we get to do with our mom. That's why we want to make it a really great time, so it's something that we'll all remember, and be able to look back on and be happy about."

The wedding for all three Swales sisters will take place on October 26.

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