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  • Boy Comically Protests Mother's Pregnancy News

    Richard Cazeau at Trending Now5 days ago

    One of the biggest events in the life of a family is the arrival of a new child. It's almost always a very big deal for the expectant mother, as well as the friends and family members around her. Usually the announcement of the pregnancy is met with congratulatory feedback. But in the case of Shanee Gibson Hart, from Fort Lewis, Washington, telling her young son, Tré, and toddler daughter, Amaya, was more of an ordeal than a big deal. Filming the announcement to her children in the privacy of a car, Hart broke the news, and her little man was none too happy yet quite hilarious.

    In the back-seat breakdown, Tré voices his unhappiness at having to share his parents' love with yet another sibling. His disgust even has him delivering big words, saying the idea is "exasperating." When was the last time you pulled out that word to describe anything, let alone sibling angst?

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