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  • Mother’s Day is almost here! So in addition to picking out the perfect gift and ordering flowers to show Mom that you love her, you can expect a few tear-jerking commercials to make the rounds. This one comes to us from the jewelry company Pandora. It brought in six mothers and blindfolded their precious little ones for an experiment. Would they know which woman was their mom, based on the way she felt and her touch alone? According to the heartfelt commercial, the answer is yes.

    The ad, titled “The Unique Connection,” has been viewed more than 5.3 million times on Pandora’s official YouTube page. Share your favorite Mother’s Day commercial with us on our Facebook page!

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  • You’ve probably never seen a photobomb that left you in happy tears. When Army Cpl. James Bass returned from duty in Kuwait, he came up with a creative way to surprise his son. Eight-year-old Joshua was having his photo taken for picture day at Pearsontown Elementary School in Durham, N.C. Joshua smiled for the camera while his father made a silly face behind him. Then, the photographer showed him the photo and pointed behind him. Joshua ran into the arms of his dad for a precious surprise reunion. A happy event with a photo that’s worth way more than a thousand words!

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  • Meet Mackenzie Moretter, a 10-year-old from Shakopee, Minn., who almost had a very lonely birthday party.

    When none of Mackenzie’s classmates RSVP’d to the invitation for her 10th-birthday party, Mackenzie’s mom, Jenny, decided to take a different approach to get people to attend.

    Jenny wrote a heartfelt Facebook post asking other moms of girls Mackenzie’s age to stop by the party or at least wish her a happy birthday. “She is incredibly loving and wants more than anything to have friends,” Jenny wrote. “As a mother, it is heartbreaking.”

    Within a few hours the post went viral, and suddenly hundreds of people were promising to come out for Mackenzie’s birthday party.  

    When Mackenzie was 1 year old, she was diagnosed with Sotos Syndrome (cerebral gigantism), a genetic disorder that causes excessive physical growth during the first two to three years and also delays social and intellectual skills. Her parents say this has made it harder for her to make friends.

    “Kids are friendly to her,

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  • If there are exceptions to the rule against reporters becoming part of the story, this is it.

    WCCO reporter Ashley Roberts was in the middle of a segment about wedding costs, when all of a sudden, her boyfriend walked on set and popped the question!

    Ashley’s This Morning co-workers were in on the proposal plan and started sharing their own engagement ring stories and discussing the cost of rings.

    “Guys are under a lot of pressure to treat the woman to a nice big rock,” Ashley responded.

    A fellow anchor then introduced a fashion expert to discuss ring styles further, and the expert turned out to be none other than Ashley’s boyfriend, Justin McCray.

    Ashley could barely contain her excitement, as Justin walked on set in a white suit, holding a ring box. She even did a happy dance when he got down on one knee.

    We are happy to report that Ashley said yes!

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  • We never thought we would laugh so hard at a grown man stuck in a seat belt, but a video going viral on YouTube and Facebook has proved us wrong. Clint Chadbourne from Maine was having a pretty difficult time with the safety device while pulled over at a rest stop on Interstate 95 on his way home from Massachusetts. In the video, Clint playfully calls his wife Bonnie “Mom” as she tries to assist him out of the seat belt which he appears to be stuck behind. The other voice and laughter heard in the video is Clint’s daughter, Kelly. While trapped in the constraints, Clint says “I’m getting hydrophobic.”

    Bonnie posted the video to Facebook, where it was shared more than 600,000 times. His wife also posted an update that, yes, Clint did in fact make it out of the seat belt. And, for the record Clint, hydrophobia is the fear of water, not getting stuck in a seat belt, which we don’t think is an actual clinical fear.

    The video was also posted to YouTube, where one commenter summed up how we

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