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  • This girl clearly couldn’t wait for her tooth to come out on its own.

    When one stubborn baby tooth just wouldn’t come out, Alexis Davidson decided to take matters into her own hands — and pretty extreme measures at that.

    The 11-year-old used a sling bow to remove the tooth in question. We definitely recommend not trying this method of tooth extraction on your own.

    Alexis’s dad, alligator wrestler Jason McDonald, was on hand and recorded the whole thing.

    “We were trying to think of a neat way to help her pull her last few remaining baby teeth,” McDonald said.  “Alexis is a special kid. She does a lot of crazy stuff with me, like walking the slack line over a pool of alligators.”

    Extreme tooth removal seems to be a trend — remember the dad who pulled out his daughter’s baby tooth with a javelin?

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  • We have tried to make libations a guilt-free pleasure for years, but the fact remains: Beer is just a bottle of empty calories.

    Luckily, HoneyMoon Brewing, in Santa Fe, N.M., is trying to provide a solution. A healthy beer alternative?

    HoneyMoon is working on perfecting a beer made from kombucha, which is a fermented tea thought by some to have health benefits. The beer will be a low-sugar and gluten-free option with an alcohol content of 5 to 6 percent. It is designed to be an innovative alcoholic beverage that will cater to the palates of both craft-beer drinkers and health-conscious consumers. Other brewers have experimented with kombucha as well, but the trend hasn’t spread much so far.

    HoneyMoon recently initiated a Kickstarter campaign to fund additional research and marketing. The Los Alamos National Laboratory, which is conducting research for the company, is where the first atomic bomb was built.

    Guess that’s the place to go to get “bombed.”

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  • There is never a dull moment when Shia LaBeouf is around.

    While visiting Mount Rushmore, Shia seemed to be overcome by a raging bout of patriotism.

    The shirtless, rat-tailed actor was seen running around the base of the monument screaming, “America!”

    Perhaps he was so overcome by the faces of presidents past, he felt the need to shout how much he loves America from the rooftops? We hope he knows that  presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln can't hear him.
    Shia just can’t stay under the Internet radar anymore. Earlier this week, a clip of the actor — once again shirtless — rapping freestyle also went viral.

    We can’t wait to see what he does next!

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  • Oh, Shia LaBeouf, what would the Internet ever do without you?

    A new video making the rounds online features Mr. “I’m not famous anymore” himself, and this time he isn’t screaming out motivational quotes, he’s freestyle rapping. Sans shirt, of course.

    While it is certainly entertaining, it turns out that not all of Shia’s rhymes are original.  

    One line raised some hackles: “The rare commodity, the quality is what it’s gotta be, and my philosophy is farther than what your eyes can see.”

    According to Pri the Honeydark of the group Anomalies, Shia ripped that line from her group’s 1999 song “Perfectionist.”

    “You can’t rip songs from my Anomalies crew, recite them in freestyle as your own, then not expect to be called out by ACTUAL MCs!… This is straight disrespect to lyricism,” she wrote on Instagram.

    Tsk tsk, Shia. Don’t you know plagiarizing is a no-no?

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  • Ever wonder what would happen if you tried to cut a watermelon with a sword? The correct answer is, nothing good.

    Ali decided to learn that lesson the hard way as he tried to demonstrate his sword-wielding abilities on a glass patio table.

    Instead of cutting the watermelon in half, Ali completely misses his target, shattering the tabletop.

    If you thought this was a drunken decision on Ali's part, think again. According to the YouTube description, he was sober.

    The best part is that the watermelon was unscathed.

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