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  • These snapshots might have been their last. Cellphones and the Web have been tracking the lives of the victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, shot down in eastern Ukraine last week:

    • Fifteen-year-old Gary Slok and his mother, Petra, were going on a dream vacation and snapped a photo before departure.

    Gary Slok and his motherGary Slok and his mother

    • In one video, there's audible preparation for liftoff from Amsterdam.

    • A picture of the Boeing 777 on the runway quickly went viral after it was uploaded to Facebook. Dutch musician Cor Pan joked about its possible disappearance, referencing missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. He and his florist girlfriend, Neeltje Tol, were supposed to go on a trip together. Friends and family had sent their well-wishes on the online post.

    Facebook photo uploaded right before takeoffFacebook photo uploaded right before takeoff

    Social media have also been active in the aftermath of the tragedy:

    • Vine videos document the mass destruction.

    • A soccer star had to apologize for posting a selfie on Twitter while on the same route to New Zealand but on a different day. Two fans of

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  • Lay's #dousaflavor campaign received 14 million entries. The most popular taste inspiration was bacon.

    The four finalists were revealed this week:

    • Cappuccino

    • Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese

    • Kettle Cooked Wasabi Ginger

    • Wavy Mango Salsa

    Chad Scott of Las Vegas came up with the cappuccino flavor. The sociologist is also a self-professed coffee lover who told Yahoo Trending that he was surprised he was chosen. Scott thinks he's in good culinary company but hopes that people support his flavor (#saveCappuccino), thinking of it as a breakfast or dessert chip. It does not contain caffeine.

    We enjoyed the smooth finish of the chip. As for the others, the bacon smell was intoxicating, the wasabi hit the spot, and the mango was sweet.

    All four flavors will be on store shelves in late July. The winner receives $1 million, so there are a lot of chips at stake! Go on and get social media active with the crowd-sourced chips by voting here.

    Last year, Cheesy Garlic Bread came out on top.

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  • Arturo the polar bear calls Argentina home. His address is the Mendoza Zoo, where he has a small pool to cool off. But he's out of his natural habitat in the Southern Hemisphere, where summer temperatures can get up to 90 degrees.

    Arturo is the last bear left in Argentina after his longtime companion, Pelusa, died at age 30 in 2012. They had been mates for two decades, and she had given birth to cubs, though none of them survived. Ever since, experts say he has become increasingly more "depressed." He's alone. He looks sad. And he appears uncomfortably hot.

    That doesn't sit well with online protesters, who are calling on Argentina's president to improve living conditions for the over 850-pound polar bear. So far more than 180,000 people have signed a petition to move Arturo to Canada.

    Cher has cried foul about Arturo's plight over Twitter, and even Newt Gingrich is raising awareness with his sad face on Instagram using #freearturo.


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  • Charlie Sheen is buzzing again on the interwebs after a video surfaced of him at a Taco Bell.

    As seen on cellphone video, Jayden and Tamara are waiting at a drive-through when they see the star of "Anger Management." He proceeds to stumble over to the car. Apparently, the admittedly and apologetically "hammered" Sheen (his words, not ours) asks if the two fans are fighting (they're not) before showing off his tattoos and saying goodbye.

    The video, posted Tuesday night, has gotten over 220,000 views on YouTube.

    While some say the actor seems sincere under the circumstances, others deem this the "Worst taco bell commercial ever."

    Seems celebrities are just like normal people, craving munchies after a late night. Remember David Hasselhoff downing a cheeseburger while sitting on the floor?

    If you've had a "winning" moment with a celebrity, share your story with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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  • Humpback whales and pontoon planes — they're both commonplace in Alaska. Their two worlds almost collided last week.

    Thomas Hamm captured this close call with nature last week when a whale off the remote island of Angoon almost became an accidental landing strip.

    If you look closely, the whale breaches the surfaces and clears its blowhole before a near collision with the seaplane.

    The video started gaining traction on the Web over the last few days as local and the national media outlets started sharing the don't-miss content.

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