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  • Losing your cool in public happens to the best of us. There are plenty of reasons to have a complete meltdown, but missing your ferry is typically not one of them. Well, don’t tell that to the star of today’s show. While ferry passenger Peter Flaatten was waiting at the Tsawwassen terminal in British Columbia, he recorded one woman’s epic freak-out when she discovered she missed the ferry by just five minutes. She is seen in the video screaming, “I am so mad! I am so mad! Five f***ing minutes. … You have no idea what it means to people, no f***ing idea! ... No feelings for people.”

    According to the comments section of Reddit, where the video picked up a lot of steam, the ferry she missed was from Vancouver to Vancouver Island — about a 90-minute trip. While most of the commenters on the Reddit post think the woman was acting like a spoiled child, a few cut her some slack — with one person writing, “You never know what someone is going through.” This video brings back fond memories of

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  • It’s time to break out the tissues because this viral engagement video is certainly a tearjerker.

    Singer Michael Franti popped the question to his longtime girlfriend, Sara Agah, and it is a proposal three years in the making.

    Franti created the engagement video using clips of Sara that he shot on his iPhone throughout their three years together, set to his 2013 song “Life Is Better With You.”

    In a 2013 interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Franti explained that Sara was his inspiration for the song. “I told [Sara] that even my worst day with her is better than any day I had before she was in my life, and out came the words, 'Life is better with you.' I picked up the guitar and wrote the song right then,” he said.
    The singer took to Facebook on Tuesday to announce his engagement and share the video.

    “At a surprise dinner I planned in Bali, I played her the song on acoustic guitar and then showed her the video.” Franti wrote in the Facebook post. “Needless to say she was quite moved and

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  • Roman Atwood is known for his various and hilarious pranks, but he may have pulled off the most epic one yet.

    While his wife, Brittney Smith, was away for the afternoon, the YouTube star and prankster decided to turn his house into one giant ball pit!

    Atwood has pulled some pretty horrible pranks on his wife in the past, but this epic prank may make up for them.

    With the help of family and friends, Atwood filled the first floor of his house with 250,000 plastic balls to create a sprawling 2-foot-high ball pit.

    Atwood staged it so that when Smith opened the garage doors, she would be greeted by tons of plastic balls spilling out.

    “Are you kidding me?” she asked after realizing her husband had pranked her.

    Once inside the house, Smith jumped into the ball pit/living room and started to play with her sons.

    The video has racked up more than 12 million views since it was first posted on January 18.

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  • You might think you’ve seen it all when it comes to daring art pieces, but you have to check out these masterpieces, which are unlike anything you have ever viewed before. Artist Insa combines graffiti artwork and GIFs that can only be seen online. He calls it GIF-iti. Here’s how he does it: He paints an already cool mural on a wall, photographs it, then repaints a slightly different mural on the same wall and photographs it again. Then, through the power of the GIF, it comes to life! If you think those look incredible, Insa took to the skies to create his most epic GIF-iti to date. He painted his trademark “Looking for Love” murals on the ground in Rio de Janeiro, and the outcome is the world’s largest GIF! This is actually satellite imagery taken from 431 miles above the Earth. You can take a look at how a team of 20 went to work to make the out-of-this-world GIF-iti happen in this YouTube video. His inspiration to flip the script on traditional art is simple. He says, “The Internet

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  • A news report out of London has gone viral and not for the story being reported.  As she was live from the St. Pancras station talking about the Eurotunnel closure that left thousands stranded, ITV correspondent Ria Chatterjee had no idea what was going on behind her at first.  As she commented on the chaos of the closure, a pedestrian was struck by a moped in the distance right on live TV. Chatterjee realized there was commotion behind and her quickly threw back to the anchor in the newsroom.  The cameraman filled her in on the accident that had just taken place.  
    Someone who did take notice was Vine user Lewis Eyley. His quick video snippet got more than 250,000 loops.  And in case you’re wondering the status of those involved, Ria tweeted “The pedestrian and motorcyclist who collided during my live broadcast at St Pancras Station are both fine.”  In an ITV blog post, Ria wrote “I'm not sure exactly how many live broadcasts I've done in my career. But, I'm quite certain that was the

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