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  • If there's one thing you can say about planet Earth, it's that the place never runs out of interesting vacation spots. Take, for example, Pyramid, an abandoned former Soviet coal-mining town that is 800 miles from the North Pole.

    One man lives on frozen deserted Russian island

    Located on Spitsbergen Island in the Arctic Ocean, Pyramid once boasted a population of 1,000 tough people who didn't mind the well-below-freezing temperatures and the fact that the sun rises a little earlier than you might be used to, at 4:30 a.m. But in 1998, seven years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, Russia pulled the plug on the place, leaving behind little more than the world's most northerly statue of former USSR premier Vladimir Lenin, old film reels, and snow boots.

    Prokofiev's belongings

    Now it's a ghost town with one permanent resident: Vladimir Prokofiev, a 33-year-old tour guide. Left to his own devices when there are no tourists to show around, and with no television, radio, or Internet and very weak cell phone signal available, Prokofiev passes the time by using the

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  • If you saw the movie Gravity with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, the thought of being in space and looking down at Earth might give you the chills. But now a time-lapse video released by NASA might calm your fears. It’s called ‘The World Outside My Window”, and it was all shot from the International Space Station.

    According to the description of the video on YouTube, the goal of the sequence was to bring more attention to the ISS, including the humans aboard it. It also points out exactly what part of the world each section of the footage is showing. Even though the video makes me a little dizzy, it’s still out of this world!

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  • For kids, Christmas can be a magical time of year, filled with both seasonal sights and sounds. A couple of men who portray Santa Claus are making sure that every kid, regardless of his or her disability, has a chance to experience this.

    In Fairfax, Va., the Fair Oaks Mall recently hosted a "Signing Santa Day." Santa Claus posed for photos and communicated with hearing-impaired children in sign language.

    Signing Santa at the Fair Oaks Mall in Virginia

    "I think it's very important because it means that she can be independent and go talk to Santa one-on-one instead of me trying to gesture or figure out what he's trying to say to her or telling her," a mother explained to WTTG. The Fox affiliate ran its story in mostly silence with subtitles.

    "Other people who use different languages can talk to Santa, so deaf and hard-of-hearing kids need to be able to talk to Santa too," the person dressed as Mr. Claus told the TV station.

    He isn't the only Jolly Old St. Nick catering to the hearing-impaired. Scott Powers in the metro Detroit area is

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  • With my first official week coming to a close, and no sign of anyone asking me not to return (yet), I figured it was time for a formal introduction. I’m Ralphie Aversa, and I’m the new host of “Trending Now” at Yahoo!


    I’m originally from Niagara Falls, NY. Don’t believe the press: Western New York is a great area to live in, and I enjoyed growing up there. I experienced all four seasons, ate some amazing food (not to mention my mom’s homemade sauce) and had a number of travel options at my fingertips if I so desired.

    Me in grade school

    The Bills and Sabres are hard to root for but because I grew up with them, the heartache they cause almost serves as a kinship between myself and other Western New Yorkers. Oh, and I call them chicken wings – not buffalo wings.  I also cheer for the Yankees, and yes I think we should have resigned Cano but not for that much money!

    Syracuse University is my alma mater. I dual majored in broadcast journalism and marketing. I’m still on the fence about attending the SU/Duke

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  • You hear all kinds of reasons why people want to lose weight. Some drop pounds for a loved one or for their health; others do it because they're about to go on vacation and simply want to look a little more fit in their swimsuit.

    Karyna Douglass shed 110 pounds in one year and three months. Her reason is a little different: The 23-year-old wanted to join the Army. Her hard work and dedication paid off, and Douglass will be sworn in on Dec. 12.

    The idea to join the Army started when the Portland, Ore., resident went on a whale-watching trip for her birthday.

    "The Coast Guard was out there," Douglass recalled to Fox affiliate KPTV. "Everyone in the boat was like, so awed at these men. I was just like, 'They're really idolized.'"

    But Douglass admitted to the TV station that to her, physical activity consisted of walking to the store to get candy. She changed her habits after linking up with a sergeant in Beaverton, Ore. Douglass worked out two to three times a day and ate healthier.

    Karyna Douglass' incredible weight loss

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