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  • Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is an easy target, to say the least. The elected official has found himself in the headlines for a number of alleged mishaps and, of course, that whole using crack cocaine "probably in one of my drunken stupors" admission.

    Tony Nappo, an actor in Toronto, perhaps wanted to send Ford a message that kids are paying attention to what he says. Nappo enlisted the help of Ron Murphy and his daughter Ella for a skit titled, "Rob Ford's Words in the Mouth of a Child."

    In the video, Nappo confronts his daughter (played by Ella) about a crack ... in the door. Ella denies causing the crack using Ford's own words when he denied using crack.

    "I did not do the crack, and I am not in the habit of making cracks," Ella says. "As for the video, I will not comment on a video that I have never seen or doesn't exist."

    In real life, that video was the smoking gun that forced the mayor's admission. In this skit, it is a minor speed bump for Ella. After telling her dad that he is not

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  • We have seen Facebook used for the ordinary: scheduling events, sharing stories, and keeping up with friends. We have also seen the social network used for the extraordinary: reuniting lost family members, raising large amounts of money for charity, and even organizing the birthday party of all birthday parties for 11-year-old Colin.

    But a story out of Arkansas is offering yet another use of the site: diagnosing illness.

    It started with a more ordinary application of Facebook: posting photos of your kids. That is all Tara Taylor did. She uploaded a picture of her 3-year-old daughter, Rylee. In the photo, Rylee's eye was glowing, but the effect was similar to what you would expect from the flash of a camera on a phone.

    Taylor's friends saw that it could potentially be something besides the flash.

    Those are pretty good friends!


    "They said, 'Hey, I'm sure it's nothing. It's probably the lighting, but your daughter's eye is glowing, and you might want to have it checked out because it's a sign there could be an

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  • On Monday, the cast of Australia's "The Lion King" musical redefined airline entertainment.

    Cast and crew from the production were flying on Virgin Airlines from Brisbane ¾ the musical's next destination in Australia ¾ back to Sydney, where they are currently performing. The announcement that the show was coming to Brisbane went over well.

    "After an amazing day at the official Brisbane launch announcement we felt elated enough to sing the Circle of Life," wrote cast member Toni Ann Stewart in the description of a video she uploaded Should to YouTube. "It was so much fun."

    And it sounded pretty awesome. The singers sat together and toward the front of the plane when they belted out the opening notes. For two minutes, the cast sang and clapped along to the classic Disney track. Passengers, who were still boarding the plane, were clearly surprised.

    Following the performance's completion, the group received a rousing applause from fellow passengers and acknowledgment from the flight

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  • The odds are stacked against Jim Zetz living long enough to witness the wedding of his 11-year-old daughter, Josie. But that did not stop one photographer from making sure that the 62-year-old father, who has advanced pancreatic cancer, could walk Josie down the aisle.

    A staged "wedding" in which Jim and Josie were pronounced "daddy and daughter" was the idea of Lindsey Villatoro. She met Jim and his wife, Grace, after snapping one of the family's last portraits together. Villatoro has been photographing terminally ill clients for two years. She did not charge the Zetzes for their photos.

    "One day [you] wake up and realize you're given the opportunity to changes someone's life for the better," Villatoro wrote in a description of the slideshow from the ceremony on Vimeo. "You get an idea, don't think twice and Run with it."

    About four days before the big event, Villatoro contacted Grace and told her about the plan. It was an idea that came to the mother of three after she walked by a

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  • According to Perry Clabbatz, there is a large Amish contingency in Spartansburg, Pa., a borough populated by just a few hundred people. Clabbatz actually lives right behind an Amish family. The house that his Amish neighbors live in measures about 24 by 36 feet.

    So you can imagine what was going through Clabbatz's mind when he looked out his window and saw about 80 people lifting the house from its foundation to place it in a new location.

    "I knew they were going to do it; the landlord told me ahead of time," Clabbatz explained to Trending Now in his first interview since a video of the house-moving went viral. "I just didn't realize it was going to happen so soon."

    Standing in his backyard, Clabbatz reacted predictably for this day and age: He took out his phone and hit "Record." Last weekend, he uploaded the footage to his Facebook page so he could share it with his family, particularly those that live in different parts of the country.

    "My Facebook is

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