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  • With seemingly only marginal increases in most pieces of technology, it's not often that you come across something that legitimately makes you say "wow." And we would've never expected to say that about a table. But leave it to the MIT Tangible Media Group at the MIT Media Lab to come up with something we've never seen before. It's called the inForm, and as Tangible explains, it can, "render 3D content physically, so users can interact with digital information in a tangible way." Basically, the table has a large network of pins, cabling, and actuators underneath, all hooked up to a computer.


    The computer takes info from a kinect camera, or from formulas for custom designs, and outputs the same shape, instantaneously, on top of the table. And the practical uses are pretty cool. The pins are so precise that they can move objects, or form custom shapes. They can even be controlled from the top.
    A diagram of how it works.

    The MIT team says that practical uses for the contraption could be 3D-mapping, advanced CT

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  • The devastating typhoon that hit the Philippines five days ago, killing thousands and displacing over 500,000 people, also separated countless families across the region. Power and phone lines are still down in much of the country, making it impossible for relatives to contact each other. One photographer is now trying to help survivors get word to their families and let them know they are alive. John Javellana from Manila is in Samar, one of the worst-hit provinces. He is posting heartbreaking images to his Facebook page, some with written details on the photo, and others with survivors holding a tablet with their names and a message. The hope is that someone will recognize the people in the photos and get word back to their relatives:

    Photo on John Javellana's Facebook page


    Photo on John Javellana's Facebook page


    Hopefully these images can help connect residents to relatives who we are sure are desperately looking for answers.

    Javellana has also been tweeting moving images showing what the area looks like now and how badly help is needed from around the world,

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  • Last year, Guy Fieri's Times Square behemoth, Guy's American Kitchen & Bar, opened in New York City. On Nov. 13, 2012, the New York Times published food critic Pete Wells's review of the restaurant, " As Not Seen on TV, " a scathing questionnaire lobbing insults at everything from the food to the design to the service. Wells called the Awesome Pretzel Chicken Tenders "very far from awesome" and the nachos "deeply unlovable," asking, "When you hung that sign by the entrance that says, 'Welcome to Flavor Town,' were you just messing with our heads?"

    The review is as negative as any the Times has ever published, and in part because of its abundance of derogatory superlatives, it went viral. It was heavily shared on social media and written about in countless blogs, with writers alternately praising it, questioning its purpose , or critiquing it. Luckily, unlike restaurateurs without national fame, Fieri was able to respond on as big a stage as "The Today Show." He gave a couple of

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  • A group of one of nature’s oddest creatures are the stars of a new video on YouTube. We are referring, of course, to meerkats. Their strange reactions to a common object will leave you laughing. The video was shot by an owner and keeper of meerkats, because that's apparently a thing. She goes by the username “Mammy Meerkat.” The mob of animals seem to be completely freaked out when a wicker basket is placed in their enclosure. Check it out:

    Mammy meerkat posts video about the animals to create awareness about meerkat welfare. She wrote in the description that the basket was placed there for the meerkats feast of mealworms to squirm in and out of. There’s just something about that wicker basket those meerkats just don't trust.

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  • Did you ever speak in a secret language as a kid? It's a notable childhood pastime to communicate with friends in languages like pig Latin, gibberish, and op. Well, one 10-year-old from Scotland might have those all beat. Meet Cameron Bissett. He speaks the English language fluently backward! Watch as his father records him using his mysterious talent — Cameron speaks backward into an iPad, and an app translates it forward into English:

    Cameron doesn't even seem to skip a beat as he spits out several sentences spoken to him by his parents to repeat backward. According to the description on the YouTube video, Cameron had been entertaining his friends at school with his backward language for months before letting his parents in on it. With more than 1.2 million views for the clip on YouTube so far, we don't think Cameron's parents will be telling him to quit the back talk from now on.

    Does your kid have a special talent? Share it with us on our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter at

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