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  • Chad Neidt is known for making quick work of familiar music. We last featured the YouTube user at the end of 2013 with his one-minute mashup of the year's most overplayed songs (according to him, at least). Neidt returns in 2014 with another medley, using his acoustic guitar to speed through some of the most popular video game themes around.

    If you played games as a kid, you can't help but feel nostalgic as Neidt segues from theme to theme, with the game's original artwork on screen. The guitarist plays 16 different songs — starting with classics such as Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros. and ending with more current games such as Skyrim and Red Dead Redemption. Personally, hearing Street Fighter II, Sonic 2, and Donkey Kong Country took me back to my childhood.

    "I decided to make this a classical guitar rendition because it felt like the right way to do the songs justice," Neidt wrote on the video's description. "I love games."

    The 27-year-old is creating more than just one-minute medleys

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  • On Tuesday we featured a video shot under water off the coast of Western Australia with a GoPro camera. The clip shows seas of fish, crab, a stingray, and a dolphin all swimming by Scott Murray’s bait. The 5-minute video has been viewed over 1.5 million times.

    Over on Trending Now’s Facebook page, Johnny Flynn posted some of his own GoPro underwater footage. The Ontario, Canada native uploaded a video shot in Stingray City, a part of Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands known for its friendliness to both tourists and stingrays.

    Flynn and other divers interact with a number of stingrays in the clip. The fish swim right up to the camera and the other humans below water. The stingrays even allow the divers to pet and even grab at their fins.

    Stingray City is filled with areas like the one Flynn filmed in. In the video’s description, he notes that they were all 12 feet under water.

    For the record, the video was uploaded in March and originally intended for Jimmy Kimmel. We’re not sure why, but

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  • If you didn't know any better, you might think the USS Enterprise landed in Quebec. A die-hard "Star Trek" fan in Canada recently renovated her basement to look like the starship. It set her back $30,000.

    When Line Rainville of Joliette, Quebec, realized she wanted to redesign her basement, she thought it would be cool to implement a theme of the original 1960s series. According to CNET, she initially consulted with a designer but ultimately created the design plans, including the measurements, on her own. So she spent over a year planning out the smallest details and scouring the Internet for the obscure props. The Trekkie's work led to the partial re-creation of the Enterprise bridge, transporter room, recreation room, and observation deck.

    The intricate elements of the room come in all sizes, from the panels surrounding her flat-screen TV to the multilevel chessboard. There is even a food replicator and other features that only a hardcore fan would notice, like the blanket placed on

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  • A Tokyo-born photographer is harnessing the power of her digital art skills to travel back to her childhood. Chino Otsuka places a current photograph of herself next to a younger photo in a new series titled, "Imagine Finding Me."

    Copyright: Chino Otsuka

    The visual artist left Japan for the United Kingdom at the age of 10. Photographs of Otsuka sightseeing across Asia and Europe date as far back as 1975.

    Copyright: Chino Otsuka

    "Becoming a tourist of your own history is my starting point," she says in a video on a page for her entry to win the AGO AIMIA Photography Prize in 2013. "Imagine Finding Me" was a finalist for the award from the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. "So each individual photograph, I take as a different scene."

    Copyright: Chino Otsuka

    The scenes provide viewers with a different retrospect on Otsuka's childhood. In each photo, a more recent shot of Otsuka is standing next to or with an older photo of herself. In some instances, the double self-portraits span over 30 years.

    "They're all in transitional places. ... So it's like bridges,

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  • Scott Murray went crabbing for a couple of days off the coast of Western Australia. He brought his GoPro camera along for the ride, and he shared the spectacular underwater footage on YouTube. Murray's exact location was off the coast of Busselton.

    The clip was filmed right before the New Year. Murray attached the camera to the crab net, along with the bait, and put it in the water. Almost immediately, fish swarm the submerged net. But the water creatures disperse when a crab arrives on the scene and begins grabbing at the bait. This is a recurring theme throughout the five-minute clip.

    But to some viewers' surprise, Murray's camera also captured the diversity underwater. In addition to the fish and crab, a stingray and a dolphin were both seen swimming near the net. Murray is surprised by not only what he filmed, but also how many people watched his clip. "I only uploaded it to YouTube because I couldn't email it to my dad," the 28-year-old told the Bunbury Mail. "When I went to bed

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