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  • We all know that the high-altitude peaks and valleys of Colorado become a winter wonderland this time of year. But along with that snowcapped majesty comes a lot of complaints. However, news anchor Kyle Clark of Denver's KUSA has a gripe unrelated to icy roads and frigid toes, and he devoted a special segment on a recent broadcast to airing it. In the segment, Clark implores viewers to stop sending in photos of their snowy patios. The station receives a multitude of pictures taken of people's patio furniture, and Clark spends more than two minutes proving it, with image after image of snow-laden tables, chairs and outdoor grills.Snowy patio, just like everyone else's But Clark's speech is not merely a message about frigid photography taken from the comfort of a living room or kitchen — it is a call to arms, an inspiring plea for KUSA's viewers to do better. He asks them to at least put props, like dogs or family members, into the photos, and it's all the better if the pictures are action shots.This action shot of a dog is at least acceptable, according to Clark He builds to a grand

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  • The EF-4 tornado that ripped through Illinois on November 17th left behind a path of destruction that can be seen in images and videos of the area. In cases like these you rarely see videos of the tornado actually hitting, especially shot by residents inside of their home. Marc Wells had his camera rolling from the confines of his Washington, IL home and his footage is absolutely terrifying. As you see the tornado approaching the Wells’ home through a window Marc calls for his daughter Josie to make sure she is okay. Then, there is a moment of darkness mixed with Josie’s screams as the tornado passes near their home. And just like that, it is gone. The family was lucky to only have structural damage and no serious injuries or loss of a life. An eerie moment of the video is when Marc sees what is left of his block for the first time.

    The view of a neighborhood in Washington, IL as seen from the Wells' home

    All the homes in the immediate area appear to be gone. Marc posted the video to YouTube where he wrote in the description, “Here is what my oldest daughterRead More »from Chilling Video Shows Tornado Destroying Family's Illinois Home
  • Reddit has been obsessed with actor Nicolas Cage for a while now. Really obsessed. Unhealthily so. And so perhaps it's understandable that user Toucantwist created the app, Feeling Cagey?

    The app is simple, but also intricately designed. It's a web app that basically takes your Instagram photos, and replaces faces seen within with Nicolas Cage's face.
    That's it. Of course, if you are tired of someone's constant selfies, you might see the advantage to having a chuckle when you see a cliche duckface photo plastered over with Cage's self-serious mug. According to the Daily Dot, the Reddit user, real name Josh, said, "I put the thing together in a weekend after having a discussion in the pub about face detection and then thinking what a great idea it would be to apply the world's best movie star to Instagram selfies through it." We can argue with that logic. Luckily, Josh works for a graphics company that uses face recognition, so he was able to put it together very quickly. So far, the

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  • Instagram released, to much fanfare, the ability to share videos on the service earlier this year. People have used the new tool to share some amazing clips, inventing and innovating social media along the way. But we've never quite seen anything as cool as the work of French filmmaker Thomas Jullien. Jullien collected 852 Instagram photos, many of them from famous landmarks. He arranged them, with all their various angles, to create a stop-motion walking tour of everywhere from the Arc de Triomphe in Paris to the Statue of Liberty in New York City. The result, especially with all the filters Instagram has to offer, is both trippy and stunning. It really does seem like walking by the Brandenburg Gate or on a multicolored path that a train would travel.

    And Jullien's reasoning? He wrote in the video's description, "Instagram is an incredible resource for all kinds of images. I wanted to create structure out of this chaos." Users on Vimeo, where the video was uploaded, are enthusiastic

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  • The YouTube prank group LAHWF is at it again! And this time, their stunt might make you cry. Just in time for Thanksgiving, Andrew Hales headed to Macey's supermarket in Pleasant Grove, Utah, to pick out a few customers to surprise by paying their entire grocery bill. A store employee delivered the message to the grateful shoppers.

    The idea for the generous stunt came thanks to the CEO of GungHo energy shots, who pitched the idea to LAHWF and picked up the tab for all of the groceries. Most commenters on YouTube were blown away by the random acts of kindness; one person wrote, "You've made their day ... I can see the shock, the happiness in their faces. You've just saved them a few hundred dollars that can be spent on something else." I didn't realize how emotional free groceries could be.

    GungHo is no stranger to the world of good deeds. They recently partnered with Give Back Films to treat a homeless family to a makeover and help with job-interview skills to aid them in their job

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