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  • A new Japanese public service announcement is warning of the dangers that come with texting and walking at the same time.

    Perhaps sending a text message while driving is not a big issue in Japan, or maybe texting and walking is simply a more prevalent problem. The video, created by mobile carrier NTT Docomo, states that 1 out of every 5 people who text and walk injure themselves or end up in an accident. The video, which clocks in at over two minutes, is an animation that illustrates what would happen if 1,500 people were all attempting to text and walk at the same time through Shibuya Crossing, the intersection in front of the Shibuya Station in Tokyo.

    Judging by the end result, it would get messy. However, the message's poignancy is altered by the animation itself. The 1,500 people are depicted as wooden dolls, with weird extremities and peculiar movements.

    Still, there is science behind the cellphone company's point. The statistics offered in the PSA are from a study conducted by

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  • A new video with hundreds of thousands of views is educating those of us who aren't science enthusiasts on a term in thermodynamics.

    In the clip, pressure is applied to a liquid in a large flask. The liquid transforms to a solid but then begins to boil while still appearing solid. Tom Enstone uploaded the video to YouTube on Sunday and asked, "The fluid simultaneously both boils and freezes? Would like some insight here ..."

    Turns out Enstone discovered the unknown liquid's triple point. In thermodynamics, a liquid's triple point is the temperature and pressure at which the substance can co-exist as a liquid, gas, and solid. Triple points also can be seen in a single state; for example, a substance can have multiple solid states and a triple point at which it reaches three of those phases simultaneously.

    Raresh Vlad Bunea, a YouTube user from Toronto, commented, "It's not often people outside a lab get to see what this looks like, because you need a vacuum pump and some chemistry kit

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  • You will be hard-pressed to let a typical Monday get you down after you watch the video of this two-legged dog enjoying his first trip to the beach.

    "Duncan Lou Who" is gaining a new level of Internet fame following a clip uploaded on March 22 to YouTube. The video, which was filmed with a GoPro camera, showcases the two-legged pet scurrying across the sand and playing with other humans and dogs. Duncan looks like the happiest pup of the bunch. YouTube viewers are huge fans. One wrote, "Raddest little dude," while another thought, "This video broke my heart and then put it back together again." 

    According to Panda Paws Rescue of Vancouver, Washington, Duncan is a 9-month-old Boxer "who was born abnormal." Due to a birth defect, his back legs were amputated. A custom wheelchair was built for the dog, but he did not like using it properly and the device ended up causing more stress on his body. The registered nonprofit rescue decided to simply let Duncan roam free, and he has been happy

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  • A Philadelphia woman’s collection of over 40,000 VHS and Betamax tapes will live on forever thanks to a group of volunteers and digitization.

    The Internet Archive is a San Francisco-based nonprofit that catalogues everything from websites to TV shows. Michael Metelits contacted the organization last fall after his mother, Marion Stokes, passed away. She left her family an incredible compilation of recorded television programs spanning almost four decades.

    Stokes began her collection in 1976. Tapes are as recent as 2012; she died that December from lung disease at the age of 83. Over the 36 years, Stokes recorded anything she thought might one day be important. Her son told The Daily Dot that the two events that prompted this were the Iran Hostage Crisis and the start of CNN, the first 24-hour cable news network.

    According to Fast Company, Stokes ran as many as eight recorders simultaneously and around the clock following the advent of cable news. The recording would start late at night

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  • Meet Leonardo, a boxer that is so protective of his territory that even the slightest nonthreatening thing can rile him up.

    According to the dog's owner, Leonardo was barking quite a bit the other day. So the person, YouTube user "Senyin," went to see what was wrong. Turns out a breeze was blowing around a leaf, singular, on a ledge and scaring the you-know-what out of Leonardo.

    Naturally, the owner took out her phone and recorded the incident. She uploaded it yesterday, and the 1:08-long clip has more than 50,000 views.

    To the delight of his owner, the moving leaf kept puzzling the boxer. But eventually Leonardo snatched it with his mouth and brought it hard to the ground. He discovered that the object was inanimate and, by his standards, edible. He showed that leaf who was boss.

    YouTube viewers are having fun with this clip. A quick sampling of the comments section yields such lines as, "I've never met a Boxer cursed with an overabundance of brains," "That leaf killed my parents...

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