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  • The oldest and second biggest zoo in Russia is home to an unlikely friendship between two animals.

    Employees at the Leningrad Zoo in St. Petersburg noticed that a stray calico was sneaking into the zoo in search of food. The cat would eventually make her way into the enclosure for a European lynx. However, instead of the calico and wildcat fighting, the two became buddies.

    According to the website Life With Cats, this happened in 2007. Yet to this date, the kinship is still strong. Such is evident in a video of the two animals posted to YouTube. Titled "The awesome friends in St. Petersburg Zoo," it was uploaded on June 7 and is approaching views. In the comments section of the video, viewers are arguing the merits of zoos in general and the behavior issues associated with lynxes.

    Both animals appear to be quite comfortable and affectionate with each other throughout the one-minute, 10-second clip. Because the friendship between the calico and lynx was going so well, the zoo decided to

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  • They say love can be magical, and for one couple visiting Las Vegas from Germany, that was almost literally the case.

    James Scholz and his girlfriend, Nicole, have been dating for three years. James wanted to ask her hand in marriage and figured out a unique way to do so. He decided to reach out to Las Vegas-based magician Rob Anderson. Nicole would be in Sin City on a preplanned trip with her girlfriends, and James thought it might provide the perfect opportunity for a one-of-a-kind proposal.

    "James actually wrote to me a few months ago and asked me to put together a surprise magical performance," Anderson said at the beginning of a video that documents the event. "It’s about to be a very special day."

    With that, the scene is set: Nicole’s friends take her shopping and decide to "randomly" watch a street magician, a role played by Anderson. He asks for a participant in the audience and chooses Nicole. The magician then begins to perform a trick where he places a ring on a ribbon. He

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  • Fans of indie rock outfit OK Go have grown accustomed to innovative music videos that differ visually from anything else online. The Chicago quartet does not stray from that trademark trait in its new piece for the song "The Writing's on the Wall."

    OK Go's latest music video premiered via Rolling Stone and was published to YouTube on Tuesday. The magazine reports that it was filmed over a three-week period in Brooklyn, needing 50 takes before it was finished.

    For four minutes and 17 seconds, the quartet moves through a set using a number of illusions. Boxes that look small and two-dimensional suddenly seem larger and shape into multiple dimensions; one band member appears to be riding a bike upside down on a ceiling; mirrors are used for people to enter and exit the camera view throughout the video.

    "It was important to me that we didn't add a layer of meaning that's not already there," lead singer Damian Kulash, who co-directed the video, explained to Rolling Stone. "We wanted to be

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  • French performer Luc Arbogast is redefining what it means for a singer to have range.

    For avid fans of France's version of "The Voice," Arbogast's voice might sound familiar. The 38-year-old from La Rochelle appeared in Season 2 of the competition and was eliminated via a fan vote. He went on to land a record label deal, and to date, he has released six albums. His latest, 2013's "Odysseus," debuted at No. 1 in France.

    But in a new video gaining massive popularity online, Arbogast is performing not in a sold-out venue or on television, but rather on the street. A crowd is gathered around the artist outside of Strasbourg Cathedral as he sings, "Cant del Matin" from his 2012 album "Canticum in Terra." Arbogast is known for using older instruments and has played this song before in the same spot outside of the cathedral.

    "He can switch from his normal voice to a female voice effortless (sic)," Lucas Fuchs, who published the video on YouTube, wrote in the description. "He is a great artist

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  • Spreading happiness is welcomed in any corner of the country, but especially in Newtown, Connecticut, where residents still cope with the traumatic Sandy Hook shootings of 2012.

    Kathy Holick is a lifelong resident of Sandy Hook. As a traffic guard, the woman known affectionately as Kat helps protect kids and direct cars in front of Newtown High School. But in addition to keeping safety and order, the 47-year-old grandmother is known to break out a dance move or three while on the job.

    "We've had our tragedy but that is not why I'm here," Holick told the Courant. "I'm doing this because this is who I am. I've always been a goofball. Nothing any different."

    And so Kat stands in the middle of Berkshire Road, directing traffic while grooving along to tunes. She said she added dancing to her repertoire because "it brought more laughter and smiles to people's faces."

    "I will dance to just about any kind of music there is," she said. "Big band is one of my favorites because you actually get a

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