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  • At first look you wouldn’t expect Molly Schuyler, a 120-pound mother of four, to finish off a 72-ounce steak at all, let alone in less than three minutes.

    But as the cliché goes: Don’t judge a book by its cover.

    Schuyler took the 72-ounce steak challenge at Sayler’s Old Country Kitchen in Portland, Ore. The challenge dates back to 1948. Sayler’s rules are fairly straightforward: You are served the steak, which can’t be cooked over medium rare, along with all of the fixings and a salad. If you can eat everything in an hour, without leaving your seat, you get the $65 meal for free.

    In addition to eating on the house, Schuyler shattered the world record for eating a 72-ounce steak by four minutes. She becomes the 11th woman of over 1,500 people who attempted the feat.

    Even more surprising: the steak didn’t completely satisfy the 34 year-old’s appetite. Schuyler ate a burger about an hour after finishing the challenge.

    “I was just born that way,” the Omaha, Neb., woman said to KPTV in Portland

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  • If you own a gym membership then you probably dread January. Fitness centers become flooded after the first of the year with ambitious exercisers attempting to fulfill their New Year’s resolution. In addition to longer wait times for machines and general crowding, you might also notice certain types of people in your gym for the first time.

    Dude Perfect is a comedy group comprised of five best friends from College Station, Texas. The quintet’s YouTube channel has two million subscribers and has accumulated over 195 million views. The reason? Videos like the one they released Monday. In “Stereotypes: Gym,” the guys act out almost every fathomable type of gym goer. From the guy who sweats everywhere and doesn’t wipe down the machine to the other guy who carries around a gallon of water throughout his workout, you’ll find yourself laughing throughout the video. Either that, or you’ll be doing some self-examining to find out if you’re that guy singing “Wrecking Ball” out loud as he

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  • Naturally the guy who wrote a book titled "The Geek Atlas" has created a Tumblr that attempts to decipher the various instances of computer code seen in TV and movies.

    John Graham-Cumming is a computer programmer by trade. His aforementioned book highlights "128 places where science and technology come alive." But his Tumblr page called "Source Code in TV and Films" shines a light on science and entertainment.

    On 'Elementary,' a rare coding language is used, and if run would read hello world!

    Using screen grabs from various scenes, Graham-Cumming displays the code and then attempts to decipher it. He also accepts user submissions and links to other sites that break down source code displayed on camera. Some of the code is authentic, while others translate to gibberish.

    Almost any instance of code appearing onscreen qualifies for the blog. Among some of the more recent posts: "plant code" from the TV series "Dilbert,"  source code from the movie "Superman II," and the obscure Malbolge code on the TV series "Elementary" that, when translated, says "Hello World!"

    Source code in 'Doctor Who' is taken from a random web page

    The blogger

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  • Chad Neidt is known for making quick work of familiar music. We last featured the YouTube user at the end of 2013 with his one-minute mashup of the year's most overplayed songs (according to him, at least). Neidt returns in 2014 with another medley, using his acoustic guitar to speed through some of the most popular video game themes around.

    If you played games as a kid, you can't help but feel nostalgic as Neidt segues from theme to theme, with the game's original artwork on screen. The guitarist plays 16 different songs — starting with classics such as Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros. and ending with more current games such as Skyrim and Red Dead Redemption. Personally, hearing Street Fighter II, Sonic 2, and Donkey Kong Country took me back to my childhood.

    "I decided to make this a classical guitar rendition because it felt like the right way to do the songs justice," Neidt wrote on the video's description. "I love games."

    The 27-year-old is creating more than just one-minute medleys

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  • On Tuesday we featured a video shot under water off the coast of Western Australia with a GoPro camera. The clip shows seas of fish, crab, a stingray, and a dolphin all swimming by Scott Murray’s bait. The 5-minute video has been viewed over 1.5 million times.

    Over on Trending Now’s Facebook page, Johnny Flynn posted some of his own GoPro underwater footage. The Ontario, Canada native uploaded a video shot in Stingray City, a part of Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands known for its friendliness to both tourists and stingrays.

    Flynn and other divers interact with a number of stingrays in the clip. The fish swim right up to the camera and the other humans below water. The stingrays even allow the divers to pet and even grab at their fins.

    Stingray City is filled with areas like the one Flynn filmed in. In the video’s description, he notes that they were all 12 feet under water.

    For the record, the video was uploaded in March and originally intended for Jimmy Kimmel. We’re not sure why, but

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