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  • The LGBT community has a lot to celebrate this week, thanks to two landmark Supreme Court rulings in favor of same-sex marriage and the beginning of Pride Month. As part of the celebration, YouTube has started highlighting inspirational videos, and it has even created one of its own. The YouTube video is a compilation of moving moments that include people coming out to family members, marriage proposals and historic events during the gay rights movement.

    YouTube has titled its celebratory collection of videos "Show Your Pride," and the website is encouraging others to do just that by using the hashtag #ProudToLove. Although the video came out just one day after the Supreme Court's decisions on DOMA and Proposition 8, YouTube says that its project's timing was just a coincidence: "We had always planned to launch #ProudToLove to coincide with the gay pride parades and celebrations in San Francisco, New York, London, Paris and other cities around the world during the weekend of June 28

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  • How many times has this happened to you? Someone grabs a camera and acts as if they're about to snap a picture of you, and you pose, holding still and smiling or making whatever cute or goofy face you want. Then you realize the person is still standing there pointing the camera at you, and instead of taking a picture, they're actually taking a video. Yes, it's an embarrassing moment because you realize you've been holding a pose for a still shot, but you can rebound from it.

    Seattle YouTube user Florin Merano decided to compile some of these kinds of moments into a video titled "Are You Taking a Video?" starring his friends. Their reactions are varied once they figure out what is actually going on. A few hold their poses for a while, and then get annoyed. Others just laugh it off.

    While Merano's friends seem to be over his photo fake-out prank, he has tons of fans who can't get enough of it. More than 500,000 views have been racked up on YouTube so far. One commenter wrote, "This video

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  • Online makeup tutorials have become a big hit on YouTube, as people look for DIY how-to tips for everything from cat-eyes to perfect lipstick application. Watching "Feminist Makeup Tutorial," you might think that it is simply another guide. But actually, the video mixes legitimate techniques with some very strong statements concerning women's empowerment. The combination has made it a hit, though its subject matter is the source of much debate in the comments section.

    The video contains wording like "Make sure you give every part of your face a fair and equal amount of representation, unlike the government and prime-time network television." The uploader, known as tadelesmith, added a disclaimer for the video once debate in the comments started picking up. In it, she made clear that "this video is supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek parody on some of society's crazy stereotypes of feminists."

    People on many sides of the issue of feminism have chimed in with varying levels of agreement,

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  • A couple of guys from Hawaii have taken daredevil surfing to a whole new level. Garrett McNamara and Kealii Mamala set out to surf a huge wave caused by a calving glacier in Cordova, Alaska. The duo waited for 20 hours a day over the course of a week for a 300-foot-tall glacier to create the icy wave. McNamara was on a surfboard and Mamala was on a personal watercraft, a practice known as tow-in surfing.

    When a chunk of ice finally broke off the glacier and created the massive wave, it was tremendous. Forty-five-year-old McNamara said of the experience, "It's the heaviest thing I've ever done in my life! ... It's like the Empire State Building about to come down on top of you. ... It was the closest I've ever come to death."

    The video of the pair's attempt to surf the wave was recorded by world-renowned surfing videographer Ryan Casey, who can be heard in the background yelling in disbelief at how massive the wave is. You can also hear Casey become anxious as he wonders if his friends

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  • I am not a fan of roller coasters, but that does not mean that I do not appreciate them. Even though physics was by far my worst subject in high school, I'm still in awe of how roller coasters seem to defy the laws of physics while embodying the very definition of those laws at the same time. All told, I think they're cool—from afar.

    A new video taking YouTube by storm gives viewers a stomach-turning, first-person view of Six Flags Magic Mountain's newest thrill ride, Full Throttle. The new coaster in Valencia, California, contains the tallest vertical loop in the world, topping out at a whopping 160 feet.

    When the coaster leaves the station, it accelerates from 0 to 70 miles per hour as it takes thrill-seekers into the loop. A little while later, it comes to a stop inside a tunnel, and some would suspect that the ride is over, but it is not. The coaster shoots backward, accelerating rapidly, and takes the riders back up a bit, and then forward through the tunnel and down a steep drop.

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