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  • There is a new workout craze that is going viral on YouTube. However, this one doesn't involve a 90-day routine or a six-month payment plan.

    Michael Stansbury uploaded a video of himself and his 6-month-old daughter, Lilly Ann, "working out." Lilly Ann is just a toddler, so by "working out" we mean she holds herself up in a "plank" and then drops into a "Superman" position. Add in Stansbury, who moves in sync with his daughter, and the video is just too adorable.

    According to Stansbury, Lilly Ann picked up the moves from watching a workout DVD that his wife does every day.

    "She started doing [the workout] and she would make these noises," Stansbury told us via telephone. "Then one day she got on the ground and I said, 'I'm going to do this workout with her.'"

    The father filmed it and uploaded it to his Facebook page, where it was shared about 70,000 times. On YouTube, it has more than half a million views.

    "That's very unexpected," he said of the video’s popularity "It's a cute, fun

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  • Steven Jay Schneider edited a book entitled “The 1,001 Movies You Must See (Before You Die).” If reading isn’t your thing, then Jonathan Keogh is at your service.

    The movie editor spent a year on the YouTube video of the same title as the book. Not only did he include all 1,001 in his 10-minute super-cut, but Keogh also added at least 215 more titles. He tells us that there are probably more than 1,216 in the final tally.

    Keogh is a supercut specialist. His IMDB Top 250 in 2 and a half minutes edit was viewed over 3.1 million times. Other popular uploads include an edit of 163 horror movies in 2 and a half minutes and “Top 50 Tarantino Characters (or THE WHOLE BLOODY AFFAIR).”

    For his latest project, Keogh estimates that he worked 40-plus hour weeks for the span of a year. At one point, headaches and other health complications forced him to slow down. Admittedly, the former film school student wasn’t spending much time in his day doing anything more than eating cereal and staring at a

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  • Not only is this sculpture in Los Angeles far from the average toy car set, it also may provide a peek into the future of automotive transportation.

    Artist Chris Burden created the piece, titled Metropolis II. In it, over 1,100 toy cars circulate across 18 different roadways, one of which is six lanes wide. The toys move around the buildings at a rate of 240 scale miles per hour, meaning they would be moving at 240 mph were the whole installation life-size. According to a press release from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the equivalent of 100,000 cars circulate every hour. The piece opened in 2011.

    “That’s about the speed they should be running,” Burden said of how fast the cars move. He talked about his piece in a short documentary by filmmakers Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, directors of the controversial "Catfish." “Not 23. 4 miles per hour, which is what my BMW says I average driving around L.A.”

    The sight of the cars moving in sync is fascinating enough, but Burden’s

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  • Sunday night at the Academy Awards, host Ellen DeGeneres joked about the rain that was depressing Southern California. There was probably one restaurant in Santa Barbara that didn’t find anything funny about the storm and the high surf that came with it.

    According to KNBC TV in Los Angeles and multiple YouTube videos, customers of Moby Dick Restaurant in Santa Barbara witnessed and filmed a scary incident Saturday. Due to the winter storm, a group of giant waves came up so strong that they smashed through the building’s windows.

    Forrest Buchanan was inside eating breakfast. He noticed the waves and figured the pier would be shut down.

    “The dining room was filled with the sound of glass shattering and people screaming as a wave of water rush over the dining room carpet,” Buchanan wrote in the description of a YouTube video he uploaded. “I then looked at the manager and asked, ‘Do you mine (sic) I don't pay for my breakfast and move on?’”

    Breakfast was on the house, or the ocean

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  • When we called Steve Fugate, he was organizing his materials in a friend’s garage. The 67-year-old is in the midst of his eighth walk across the United States. He started on March 23 of last year. Unlike previous treks, Fugate is  zigzagging across the lower 48, reaching both coasts while setting foot in every state. How much progress has he made so far? 21 down with 27 to go. The miles and stories he has accumulated are unfathomable yet have all actually happened.

    In 1999, Fugate lost his son to suicide. A few years later, his daughter died due to a drug overdose. The tragic events prompted the Vero Beach, Fl. resident to give up his business and begin walking across the country. It started as both a form of therapy and a means to raise awareness for depression and suicide. At one point, Fugate also set-up a non-profit organization. But 14 years and 34,000 miles later, any time someone attempts to post a PayPal link to help him, he asks for it to be removed. His journey has grown in

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