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  • Ashley Wagner knew that 2014 would be a whirlwind year. In February, she made her Winter Olympics debut in Sochi, Russia.  After a month stateside, Wagner jets to Tokyo this week for the World Figure Skating Championships. Following its conclusion, the 22-year-old heads back to the U.S. to perform in "Stars On Ice," which begins April 4 in Fort Myers, Florida.

    But in addition to training for competition and performance, Wagner also found herself preparing on the fly to handle celebrity status. A photo of the figure skater's reaction to the judges' scores of her first Olympic skate became an Internet meme; Wagner's expression suggested she was not a big fan of their opinions.

    "I had no idea that my face became a meme until one of my friends posted on my Facebook wall some BuzzFeed article about me," Wagner said via telephone. "So I think in this day and age, social media is crazy, and the doors it opens up for athletes is amazing."

    While Wagner did not expect Internet fame following

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  • Jose Ahonen is a Finnish magician who is racking up millions of YouTube views with a new video in which he pulls a "hidden-treat trick" on dogs. Yes, even puppies can fall for sleight of hand, and their reactions to Ahonen's antics are pretty hilarious.

    The premise is simple: Ahonen kneels down in front of each canine with a treat in his hands. But as soon as the dog moves to grab it, the biscuit suddenly disappears. From at least one angle, it looks as if Ahonen pulls the treat into his right sleeve. None of the pets notice this.

    Details of the trick itself though are insignificant. The driving force behind the 5 million views this video has received is the fashion in which the dogs react to Ahonen. Most dogs immediately look in each direction and then begin sniffing downward to see if they can find the hidden treat. A couple pets start walking around in circles. One pup barks at Ahonen, and another licks him. However Gado, one of the dogs, might have the funniest reaction. After the

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  • Nicolas Foubert missed his sister Cynthia's birthday last year because he was away from home. The Paris native spent 19 months and 15 days traveling the world. But this year, Nicolas decided to surprise Cynthia for her 19thbirthday with the help of YouTube and a GoPro camera.

    The video begins with Nicolas standing on a beach in Guatemala. He explains how life is easy and his habitat is paradise, but he expresses regret over not seeing his sister as she turned 18.

    "Last year I was not able to give you a proper gift due to the distance," he says in French, with English subtitles in the video. "This year I tried to do something better."

    First Nicolas heads into the village, where children create and wrap a bracelet for him to give to his sister. He jokingly tries to stick the present through to the camera and then says he will use "another way" to get it to her.

    With a GoPro 3 Black Edition, Nicolas then films his travels from Guatemala to Mexico and then over to Paris. Traveling via

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  • Bump photography has become a hot trend in the pregnancy world, or so I'm told. And one couple's clever way of recording their little one's growth is very, very cool. British singer and YouTube celebrity Tom Fletcher and his wife, Giovanna, took one photo every day for nine months, and then strung them together for this stop-motion video:

    Like the song? It's called "Something New," and as you might have guessed, Tom wrote it himself for his new baby boy, Buzz Michelangelo Fletcher. Little Buzz makes his debut at the end of the YouTube video, which has racked up more than 438,000 views so far. One commenter exclaims, "This is absolutely beautiful."

    The Fletchers are very popular on YouTube already, with their other viral video of the speech at their wedding garnering more than 12 million views. I bet Buzz will be appearing in a video or two in the near future.

    We are really glad the Fletchers chose such a decent way to show off their impending bundle of joy. As you may know, some

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  • We are fans of NBC's "The Voice" here at Trending Now. The interplay between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton is great, and they bring in some great talent. But after seeing one performance on Italy's version of the show, we feel as if we're missing out on something. That something is Sister Cristina Scuccia. Yes, sister. She's a nun from the Ursuline Sister of the Holy Family, and she sure can belt it out. On "The Voice of Italy," she performed a passionate, full-throated rendition of Alicia Keys's "No One" that kind of puts even Keys's version to shame.

    As Sister Cristina sang , fellow sisters watched and cheered from backstage. All four of the "Voice" judges almost immediately hit their buttons, and when their chairs turned, the looks on their faces were priceless. After all, it's not often that a nun is a contestant on a singing show and — more incredible — that she is so good. Shortly after her performance, the term #suorcristina, or "Sister Cristina" in Italian, was trending on

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