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  • First it was MySpace, then YouTube, and now the emerging trend is discovering new talent on the social network Vine. The six-second-video site's latest star has vocal chops that could rival most singers you hear on the radio, and he's only 13 years old. MySpace helped buoy the careers of Lily Allen, Colbie Caillat, Sean Kingston, and the Arctic Monkeys. Then musicians migrated to YouTube, where acts like the duo Karmin and the much-talked-about Justin Bieber were found.

    But while YouTube did not lose its coolness in the way MySpace did, the network has become saturated with aspiring musicians looking for their big break. This has forced a new movement of artists who use Vine's quick six-second clips to make a lasting impression on an audience.

    A precedent was set just this year when Michael and Carissa Alvarado became the first act to land a major record label deal through their work on Vine. The married couple, known as Us The Duo, gained over three million followers on the network

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  • Not everyone has the ability to draw in a photorealistic style, and it requires more than just the talent you're born with. It takes years of practice and a whole lot of patience. That's why the work of Heather Rooney is so amazing and also admirable.

    In a recent YouTube video, she completes a painstaking drawing of LeBron James using only colored pencils. The 5-minute, time-lapse video undoubtedly translates into many hours of work in real time. In the end, the piece is hard to distinguish from a photograph.

    The video has more than 697,300 views, and commenters are impressed, save for those NBA fans who happen to hate everything that LeBron James is even loosely associated with. One adoring commenter wrote, "I'm done. Lol i think I'm gonna resign from art. There is no way I could compete with this. Amazing!"

    Luckily for us, this latest post is just one of about 160 videos from Rooney. For those looking to be wowed by more of her work, she has posted on YouTube a whole host of drawings

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  • Flash mob videos are in some way all about one thing — surprising someone, or the world at large, with just how many people care about a given person, cause, or theme. It felt like perhaps the Web had seen them all, like the art form was getting stale.

    But then a video like "A Flash Mob for Amy!" comes along, and you are surprised that they can still be affecting, even deeply moving. Amy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012, and after treatment and surgery, she appeared to be in the clear. But last October, Amy received the tragic news from doctors that the cancer was back and this time was not responding to chemotherapy. Her diagnosis was that the disease would be terminal.

    While many people and their families would be justifiably devastated and find it difficult to enjoy life after such terrible news, Amy prefers a different path. One of her favorite phrases is (in Latin) "Dum vivimus vivamus," which means, "While we live, let us live." The spirit of this is evident in the

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  • An impromptu jam session in Dallas, Texas, has prompted a flurry of questions from truthers around the Web. Jaime Tatos Maldonado uploaded a video to his Facebook page of a scene he caught outside of a Kroger supermarket. It appears that all three men involved in the performance are complete strangers. As one man, local musician Jesse Rya, strums on his guitar, two other men join in and start singing a song, adding in their own words to make a beautiful harmony.

    And of course, Internet fame never comes without controversy. Commenters on the video are crying foul, writing things like: "Obviously staged, still good, just don't lie about it." and "So staged, can clearly see they practiced all the lyrics to the song never missed a word."

    Another person thought the third man’s entrance to the jam session seemed a little too choreographed. Rya took to Facebook to dispel the rumors, writing: "just for the record... It's not a Jimmy Kimmel setup and i do not know the other 2 gentlemen in the

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  • The newest celebrity on Vine might come as quite a surprise. Quincy the dog has become a huge hit on the video-sharing app for his special talent — singing. His Vine account, which boasts more than 20,000 followers, features clips of the pup belting out melodic barks along with his pal, Patrick Barnes, who happens to already be a pretty popular Vine star, with 286,000 followers.

    Quincy prefers to cover famous singers hits such as "All of Me" by John Legend, "You've Got a Friend in Me" by Randy Newman, and "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion. The videos are uploaded to his personal Vine account as well as Patrick's.

    The pup's other tricks include playing hide-and-seek, dancing, and howling like a wolf on demand. We would love to see your pet's hidden talents. Share a video on our Facebook page or tweet it to us at @YahooTrending.

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