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  • Idina Menzel’s “Let It Go” from the Disney movie “Frozen” won Best Original Song at The Academy Awards last weekend. We’ve seen everyone from kids to traffic reporters both cover and parody it. Jimmy Fallon and The Roots even gave it their trademark classroom instruments treatment, complete with Menzel singing.

    But short of John Travolta singing the song under the Adele Dazeem pseudonym, the parodies really should cease. It appears this whole thing has jumped the shark after a father posted a new parody pleading others to “Let It Go.”

    Musician Scott S. Kramer wrote “A Frozen Father” because as he wrote in the video‘s description, “he’s fed up with ‘Frozen’!” Joshua Elliot performs the parody.

    “It's in my head, it's in my dreams, this freaking song is haunting me,” he confesses to the tune of “Let It Go.” “I've had enough, this has to stop. Please make it stop.”

    With that he launches in to the chorus singing, “Let it go! Let it go! “Can't hear it one more time.”

    The parody has over

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  • Matthew Vandeputte captured a world’s first on a flight in Australia recently. Using a Canon 5D camera, the photographer snapped a sunset hyperlapse from the airplane. He then uploaded the stunning footage to YouTube in 4K quality.

    A hyperlapse is similar to a time-lapse but with a lot more movement. The footage was stabilized in Adobe After Effects.

    “Last week I was about to fly back from Coolangata airport (Gold Coast, Australia) to Sydney when I noticed the sun was about to set with some great cloud coverage,” Vandeputte wrote in a blog post published Tuesday. “Knowing that I'd have a big chance of shooting some great stills, I loaded up my Canon 5D MkIII with a fresh battery and two empty memory cards, ready to shoot.”

    The scene changed for the better after capturing the footage. About 20 minutes later, Vandeputte was 30,000 feet in the air with an even better perspective of the clouds and sun setting. The plane angled itself towards the setting sun.

    “Holding the camera very, very

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  • The sitcom “Seinfeld” continues to live on in a number of incarnations. However the latest involves transporting in to a virtual world.

    Developer Greg Miller is behind Jerry’s Place, a recreation of Jerry’s iconic Upper West Side apartment. Miller used the VR headset and platform Oculus Rift to bring the "Seinfeld" set back to life.

    “I started by scouring the Internet for screen shots of Jerry's apartment but that didn't yield much,” Miller wrote on “Eventually I resorted to screen-capping streaming episodes so I could get detailed images of the various items around the set.”

    Miller did not miss a lot of details. The framed Yankee Stadium photo, 12-cent checks on the table, the bike and the Superman figure are a few of the many details that avid fans will notice. Miller notes that there are at least 11 direct references to the show throughout his VR apartment.

    YouTube user Pancho Joshi owns an Oculus Rift and downloaded Jerry’s Place. In his video demo, he walks

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  • At Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans, even the police officers know how to have a good time.

    For years, partygoers have witnessed Detective Winston Harbin bust a move on the dance floor. According to The Times-Picayune, in 1990 cameras from a travel show caught the 17-year veteran dancing in front of a New Orleans hotel. Last year, a video uploaded to YouTube of the Detective dancing received over 36,000 views.

    But the latest clip of Winston partaking in the celebration is gaining national attention. Facebook user Ginger Morris filmed the dancing Detective doing “The Wobble,” a popular dance to a hip-hop song, and posted it on her page. More than 200,000 people have shared the clip. It also made its way to YouTube, where it has 370,000 hits.

    “I was raised in the 9th Ward and learned to dance at all the Halloween parties,” Detective Winston told the New Orleans newspaper of his dancing origins. “I'm subject to the Wobble at any moment. I was walking down the street… and the song

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  • A Finnish YouTube user might not know how to speak many languages, but she sure sounds like she can.

    In a video uploaded on Monday 19-year-old Sara mimics what different dialects sound like to her. As she moves from language to language, she makes absolutely no sense yet sounds as if she speaks it fluently.

    For full disclosure, I wouldn't be able to fact-check most of the languages she speaks anyway. It's only when she gets to her American-English impression that her talent is confirmed.

    "Yeah, I mean, uh," she starts in her American accent, sounding as if she's a native Californian (no offense California). She then drops some gibberish that sounds like, "Trevor-mis-underpairing-like-monin-fair. Follow me, like a pending friend-tricket. Balone-a-value precise-y. Hello?"

    Basically, she's ready for her own reality TV show.

    All kidding aside, a lot of people on YouTube are giving the 19-year-old credit for her dialect skills. Others are a bit offended that she would re-create their

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