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  • Have you ever thought someone said your name, but you weren’t entirely sure? You’re not positive that you actually heard something so you think twice about mentioning it out loud. After all, someone might pass judgment and think you’re crazy.

    These are clearly some of the thoughts going through people’s minds in the latest prank video from YouTube user Rahat. The magician has racked up almost three million subscribers with his drive-thru stunts and other optical illusions. Rahat’s latest piece is well on it’s way to millions of views; quickly gaining a half million hits since yesterday.

    The video is called, “Drive Thru Hearing Names Prank.” First, Rahat’s friend Trey drives up to the window and orders food. It’s key that Trey grabs the receipt, which has the attendant’s name printed on it. He then passes that information on to Rahat. The restaurant worker’s name is recorded in to an iPhone. When Rahat pulls up to the window, he plays the recording through a Bluetooth speaker hidden in

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  • Prepare yourself for two-and-a-half minutes of absolute cuteness as 15-month-old Kayden experiences rain for the first time.

    Kayden's sister Nicole Byon filmed the experience in December and uploaded the video to Vimeo on Jan. 30. It already has two million views. The piece is set to Jon Foreman's track "In My Arms."

    The video starts off with Kayden walking outside to her front lawn and then coming back to her family. Curious as to how the rain feels, Kayden returns to the lawn and driveway. For the remainder of the video, the toddler continuously holds her hands out to feel the rain while smiling, laughing, and exclaiming "Wow!"

    Nicole offers her little sister an umbrella, but Kayden clearly would rather just play in the rain. Nicole then tries to bring her inside, but to no avail: Kayden quickly turns around in the doorway and walks back outside.

    There are about a hundred comments on the video, and you can't scroll down without consistently seeing the words "cute" and "beautiful."

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  • Leave it to a mother who runs a dance studio and her son to choreograph one of the most epic wedding routines you’ll ever see.

    Blake Bunker married Laurel Mattingly last April at TPC Summerlin in Las Vegas. The golf course is home to the PGA’s Shriners Open in addition to hosting weddings and other events.

    After an outdoor ceremony, the wedding party moved indoors for the reception. Blake and his mother Kathy took center stage for what appeared to be a typical mother-son dance. The two started off in a slow waltz, swaying to the ballad “Unforgettable.”

    About a minute in to the dance, the music cuts off. Blake and Kathy look around and act surprised. Then, The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” hits the speakers, and the duo immediately breaks in to a rehearsed set of moves. The three-minute medley also includes M.C. Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” and LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem.” Yes, Blake and his mom even “shuffle.”

    “We decided to do this only a few weeks before the wedding,” Kathy tells us.

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  • A principal and drama teacher in Burlington, Kentucky, are making national headlines for their unique method of informing families that school is canceled.

    James Detwiler is the principal of Stephens Elementary School. He and teacher Chad Caddell uploaded a video Monday that now has almost a million views. In it, the duo reworks Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" with lyrics reflecting the school's snow day.

    "So, after several school closings due to snow and cold, we recorded this call to parents to see if we could make them laugh," they wrote in the video's description. "I think we succeeded."

    They did, and soon received national attention, media inquiries, and a donation from ePromos.

    Apparently the 900,000-plus views overwhelmed the school. Earlier today, Detwiler released a second and what he called a final video.

    "I'm going to turn this whole thing around to the most important people: the students," Detwiler explains in the clip. "But I wanted to challenge the students. What you saw Mr.

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  • OneRepublic’s song “Counting Stars” has received up placements with Bud Light and Jeep, racked up over 150 million YouTube views, and gained plenty of radio spins. But the hit just earned yet another interpretation thanks to a stuffed animal.

    Little Lamby must be a OneRepublic fan. The singing wind-up lamb made its YouTube debut on February 1 with a cover of “Counting Stars.” In addition to contributing the vocals for the track, “Lamby” stars in the music video. The premise involves a little girl who meets the lamb at Child's Play Toys in Portland, Ore. The girl puts the stuffed animal back on the shelf after her mom tells her that it’s time to leave. Looking to reunite, the lamb walks off of the toy shelf and attempts to leave the store in search of her.

    But the plan looks grim after a basketball accidentally knocks the lamb over and he loses his momentum. Undeterred, Little Lamby finds a way to make it out of the store and back in to the arms of the little girl.

    Ok, so she’s a

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