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  • Surveillance footage used to solve crimes usually comes from a stationary camera, perhaps mounted in the corner of a gas station, a shopping center, or an ATM. But even security cams have now gone mobile, as evidenced in a new YouTube clip filmed with a GoPro.

    Last Saturday, Malcolm Fox was finishing up a bike ride at Sir Lowry's Pass in the Western Cape province of South Africa. Fox fitted himself with a GoPro helmet for the trek. As the cyclist crossed a set of train tracks, he looked up and saw a man armed with a gun approach him.

    Fox immediately stopped, got off the bike, and raised both hands in the air. According to Fox, two accomplices then joined the suspect. The biker was cooperative, not putting up a fight as the robbers took his sunglasses, car keys, cellphone, and bike.

    They left Fox with just his helmet, with the GoPro camera still mounted to it and recording.

    The Citizen, a daily newspaper in South Africa, reports that police used the footage to arrest all three men; two

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  • People across the Internet are congratulating the senior class at Santa Barbara High School today. Yes, it happens to be the last day of school, and so the Class of 2014 will prepare for graduation and life after homerooms and lunch breaks. But the Web's hat tip probably has more to do with the prank the outgoing students played on their principal, John Becchio.

    On Tuesday Becchio arrived at the California high school to the welcome of a four-piece mariachi band. They started as soon as the principal walked into his office at 7:30 a.m.

    "The senior class hired the musicians to follow Principal Becchio for one hour as he walked the hallways and conducted school business," the school wrote on its website. "It was a senior prank that delighted students and staff."

    Administrators at the Santa Barbara Unified School District clearly have a good sense of humor. In addition to acknowledging the prank online, the district posted a 54-second clip of the mariachis to its YouTube page. While the

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  • As newspaper companies try to figure out ways to survive in the evolving world of media, one company is completely reinventing the way news is printed on paper.

    For that matter, even the paper itself is changing drastically.

    FCB Mexico, a division of the global advertising agency, teamed up with newspaper Máspormás for "Paper Towel Dispenser News." The device that enables this new outlet of print journalism is exactly what its name sounds.

    Start with your typical paper towel dispenser, as seen in a bathroom or around your office. Now connect that dispenser to the Internet via Wi-Fi, specifically to a Máspormás’ news feed. Then install a printer that uses special nonsmudge ink into the dispenser.

    The final product, as demonstrated on YouTube, is a mix between a paper towel dispenser and an up-to-the-minute news ticker. The dispenser uses the now-common technology of motion activation to begin the printing.

    But the device has objectives outside of simply keeping consumers updated on the

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  • An elaborate prank involving a dinosaur costume is scaring, or at least startling, unsuspecting passers-by in Barrington, R.I.

    Jay Lichtenberger and Brian Medeiros Jr. comprise the YouTube comedy duo The Prank Bros. Lichtenberger and Medeiros teamed up with New York-based KHA Entertainment for their most recent skit. The comedians placed a nest with fake eggs by a bike path in the New England town. When a walker, jogger, or biker would get too close to the eggs, a fake dinosaur popped out of a wooded area to scare the bejesus out of the mark.

    The first targets are two women walking their dogs. After the puppies walk over to inspect the eggs, the person dressed in the dinosaur costume comes roaring out of the trees. Both women scream, and one tries to shoo the T. rex away.

    Reactions vary from the very scared to "Are you kidding me?"

    "Is it April Fools'?" asks one woman who calmly walks by. "I thought it was Memorial Day."

    The video went live last Saturday and has almost 150,000 views.

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  • A Florida judge is stepping down from the bench after a courtroom incident in which he allegedly punched an attorney.

    Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Chief Judge John M. Harris said in a statement Tuesday that Judge John Murphy "has agreed to seek anger management counseling and treatment during a temporary leave of absence." On Monday, video of an altercation between Judge Murphy and Assistant Public Defender Andrew Weinstock went viral online.

    "This isolated event in no way reflects the typical manner that courtrooms in Brevard and Seminole Counties are managed by the hardworking and conscientious judges in this circuit," Judge Harris wrote in his statement. "People come to court seeking justice and a peaceful resolution to their conflicts and they have the right to expect a much higher standard of behavior from our judges than was exhibited in court yesterday."

    The argument began when the assistant public defender refused to waive his client's right to a speedy trial.

    "You know, if I

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