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  • The Internet is a great place to showcase people's oddest talents. Take, for example, Swedish group the Tumba Ping Pong Show. Since 2012 its channel on YouTube has featured insane Ping-Pong-related tricks that leave viewers scratching their heads. And one of their latest videos pushes the envelope. This one, involving knife throwing, has people talking and gasping. Check it out here.

    Now if you watched that clip and thought, "That is unbelievable," you are not alone. Folks on Reddit's video forum are calling the group's bluff. Hundreds of commenters in the forum studied the video frame by frame trying to dismantle its authenticity. One commenter pointed out that at the 17-second mark you can already see a knife attached to the girl's paddle even before the knife reaches it. Another thinks the trick to achieve the illusion was to layer two videos over each other. Oh, and about that awesome catch of the Ping-Pong ball in the girl's mouth? Reddit detectives claim she spat it out and it

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  • The Web is occasionally peculiar in the way it connects people, even unknowingly. You can look at a group of people who have never met and see similar themes to what they do, sometimes even identical behaviors. See, for example, what the Daily Mail calls "twipping." Death and Taxes Mag originally did the search on Twitter for terms such as "fell down stairs." And it turns out that taking pictures of yourself or others about to tumble down the stairs, falling down the stairs, or lying in a heap at the bottom is quite a trend. Most of these pictures are presumed to be real, because it isn't something people celebrate or seek out when taking a photo. But the reasons are clear — poking fun at yourself or friends, or giving evidence of what is a potentially dangerous activity. This could become the next "planking" - but most people hope it stops before it becomes a bona fide trend. Commenters on a couple of stories summed up many people's sentiment nicely, writing, "No please just... no,"

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  • Kanye West either courts controversy or is just preternaturally good at remaining in the public eye without trying to. After his feud with Jimmy Kimmel, he seemed to want to tamp downhis reputation as an angry guy by praising French paparazzi for remaining at a distance while he was on vacation. Another attempt at reaching out to paparazzi was made on video, but this time the ending of it was what got attention. A woman approaches Kanye and asks the cameraman who he is. The cameraman asks West if it's OK if he tells her. West gives her a quick handshake and enters the building he was headed to. But commenters on YouTube have said that his behavior suggests he is perturbed by her lack of knowledge or even heartbroken because of it. Of course, others say that the woman was a plant sent by the paparazzito rile West up. Many commenters compared the video to one from last year, in which fellow hip-hop artist Jay Z makes the acquaintance of Ellen Grossman, a New York artist who is

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  • "Pranking" doesn't usually inspire feelings of warmth and charity. But apparently, as YouTube prankster Stuart Edge demonstrates in a new video, it can do so at times. Edge recently caught heat for an ill-advised video in which he "sweeps girls off their feet." It received criticism because it showed Edge invading random women's personal space. But his latest video, in which he employs some magic to surprise pizza deliverers, is a welcome change, and one only need look at the reactions of the delivery people themselves to know that's true.

    The trick itself is rather simple and can be learned here. Commenters were complimentary about Edge's "prank." Edge himself noted in the description that "when I found out pizza deliverers can make as little as $4.00 an hour in Utah, I wanted to help out." It looks as if it worked.

    Seen any heartwarming deeds in your neck of the woods? Done any yourself? Tell us on Facebook or @YahooTrending.

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  • Have you seen Jimmy Fallon’s wildly popular celebrity lip sync competitions? Our favorite so far was Joseph Gordon Levitt's rendition of NIcki Minaj's "Super Bass.'" The battles left us laughing and wanting more. We figured why should Jimmy have all the fun? So we present to you our first and possibly only lip sync competition, with Yahoo employees as contestants. Be sure to vote using the contestant's number in the comments section below.


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