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  • Have you seen Jimmy Fallon’s wildly popular celebrity lip sync competitions? Our favorite so far was Joseph Gordon Levitt's rendition of NIcki Minaj's "Super Bass.'" The battles left us laughing and wanting more. We figured why should Jimmy have all the fun? So we present to you our first and possibly only lip sync competition, with Yahoo employees as contestants. Be sure to vote using the contestant's number in the comments section below.

  • A lot of children pretend to be superheroes for fun, but thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation, one boy  got to be one for real for a day. Seven-year-old Alex Lelenoa, from Orange County, California, has leukemia. He loves watching "Batman" and playing Batman video games, and his wish was to be Batman's pal, Robin. The Anaheim Police Department teamed up with the Make-A-Wish foundation to make it happen. After getting sworn in by the police at the station, Alex got to ride around in the Batmobile to Knott's Berry Farm and then on to the Pirates Dinner Adventure, where he helped the Caped Crusader catch some bad guys. He then got to ride in a helicopter to Angel Stadium. Alex said of the incredible experience, "I feel really thankful for the foundation; I feel thankful for everything." His mom, Elizabeth Stoffer, was filled with joy — "I'm beyond emotional, my heart's gonna pop out of my chest I'm so excited."

    What do you think of Alex's wish coming true? Tell us on our Facebook page or

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  • We all know cuties like Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub can make a big splash on Instagram. But there are always challengers to the throne of the Internet's most adorable animal, and Yogurt the Pirate Dog is racking up followers and superlatives from Instagram's masses.

    The account began in May, although Yogurt's human companion did not post any photos for a good five months afterwards. Perhaps after realizing he or she had a star on their hands, the frequency of posting pictures has increased in the past few days. Now you can see the one-eyed, long-tongued mini beast sporting outfits, running around with a bunny, and getting all cranky thanks to a vet appointment.

    The swashbuckling 5-year-old Chihuahua calls Bangkok her home port, and has nearly 5,000 followers. And to call them enthusiastic would be an understatement. One person wrote on a photo, "I'm so happy to know that this little sweetie has such a good owner who loves her so much and who will never leave her. Yogurt is the happiest

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  • If you've ever been amazed by a dog skydiving with a soldier, you know that dogs have a storied history of serving essential functions for the military. During the Civil War, dogs were used for sending messages, and in World War I, they were used for everything from appearing on propaganda posters to detecting poisonous gas attacks. Even Rin Tin Tin can be considered a war dog, as he was rescued by American soldier Lee Duncan in the French countryside during World War I. As the military grew more complex, so did the roles of dogs deployed with our troops, such as doing guard duty and detecting explosives.

    But what happens to the dogs when their tours are over? Most military dogs, being specially trained, are integrated into K-9 units in police departments across the country. Others are adopted by their military trainers or a civilian caretaker and retire to the quiet life, where they can learn all sorts of new things and just be regular dogs.

    One such dog is Chef, who over five years

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  • Even though it used to be spoken throughout most of Europe and Asia, the Proto-Indo-European (PIE) language is no longer spoken by anyone. That is partly because it was in use mainly between 4,500 and 2,500 B.C., and also because in the modern era we simply haven't known how to pronounce ancient languages correctly. But thanks to decades of research, there is now an audio example of how the language might have sounded.

    Andrew Byrd, from the Linguistics Department at the University of Kentucky, recorded himself reading a parable written in PIE and published it to SoundCloud. We gotta say, it sounds at once weird and a tiny bit familiar. And it should sound familiar — it is the common language that birthed English, Farsi, and many other world languages. The speech was taken from a written example that German linguist August Schleicher created in 1868 as an experiment with writing in PIE. The text tells a parable of sheep and horses, appropriate material for 4,500-plus years ago.


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