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  • A beloved fast-food restaurant employee has fallen on hard times and is receiving help from the students he once served.

    Ishmael Mohammed Jr. was more commonly known as “Junior” or “The Wendy’s Guy” when he worked on the campus of the University of Texas. For a guy who took people’s orders at the cash register of a Wendy’s, he was relatively well-known.

    If you had the chance to witness Junior in action, you immediately saw why. With an infectious personality, funny catch phrases and lightening quick keystrokes, Mohammed became popular with the student body. During his run from 1998 to 2012, the Wendy’s employee broke the world record for most fast-food transactions in 30 minutes. Mohammed rang up 246 transactions from noon to 12:30 one day.

    “Junior puts the fast in fast food,” he said in a documentary produced by a UT alumnus about him and his record-setting day. “Even my job, I go home and I dream about it. That’s how much I love my job.”

    But in 2012, Junior left his job to move back

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  • The Superman franchise is rich in history and supported by a passionate fan base. Consequently, any movie that features the superhero will be criticized and scrutinized heavily, judged against the high standards set by its predecessors.

    When the film “Man of Steel” hit the silver screen in 2013, it fell into this category. The movie received mixed reviews at best, despite global box office revenues over $660 million. However, as far as this 16-month-old boy is concerned, the production was a hit.

    A video titled “Man of Steel From a Baby's Perspective” was uploaded to the Internet on Saturday. In it, the son of YouTube user lribbit watches Superman’s first flight sequence from the movie with his father. You will be hard-pressed not to smile at his reaction.

    As soon as the music picks up and Superman, played by Henry Cahill, touches his fist to the ground, the toddler gasps. Then Superman takes off into the sky and the boy immediately throws both hands into the air, cheering along.


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  • The photos credited to Russian stunt enthusiast Kirill Oreshkin depict both dangerous scenes and breathtaking landscapes.

    The pictures have surfaced on Oreshkin’s VK profile, which is similar to Facebook but primarily used in Russia. The shots are also uploaded to the website In each picture, Oreshkin is either standing on or dangling from a ledge that appears to be very high in the air. All of the pictures are taken in or around Moscow. Some are so ridiculously positioned that they might be difficult to look at.

    A photo from the series that seems to be very popular depicts Oreshkin taking a selfie while standing on top of a tower. He is positioned on the star which above the main building at Moscow State University. When the building was constructed, it was the tallest in the world outside of New York City. The University claims that the MSU main building is the tallest educational facility in the world.

    The central tower is 36 stories high, yet Oreshkin looks as if he is

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  • Kenny Thompson is known as a mentor and tutor to students at Valley Oaks Elementary School in Houston, Texas. But Thompson is also gaining national recognition for going above and beyond the call of duty.

    The volunteer learned that more than 60 students with delinquent meal accounts were receiving smaller lunches of cold cheese sandwiches. Upset, he wiped away their negative balances with $465 of his own money.

    Thompson has worked with the school for 10 years. He told a local TV station that he would not have thought to check for these negative balances until he read a story about a school in Utah . Uintah Elementary School in Salt Lake City found itself in the headlines last month for throwing away the lunches of students whose meal payments were delinquent. Parents and politicians alike took to the airwaves and social networks in outrage.

    "They don't need to be worried about finances," Thompson said to NBC affiliate KPRC TV about the elementary schoolchildren. "They need to be

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  • Just when you think you've seen every type of crazy Japanese TV show, another premise surfaces. The latest involves one of the scariest pranks you'll ever see.

    The stunt aired on a special called "Dokkiri Award." According to Kotaku, "dokkiri" translates to "being surprised" in English. Comedian Toshiaki Kasuga was the mark. After having a few alcoholic beverages with his work crew to keep warm one night, Kasuga fell asleep in a cabin at the foot of Mt. Fuji. The comedian must have been sound asleep, because he allegedly didn't hear two cranes moving into place or notice co-workers strapping him to his bed with bungee cords.

    Kasuga woke the following morning to the sound of firecrackers. Then the cranes launched him and his bed through the roof of the cabin and 150 feet into the air.

    In the video, the 34-year-old comedian is screaming as he is sent airborne. Meanwhile, the camera cuts to onlookers, who find the stunt hysterical. Slow-motion replays from multiple angles also show the

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