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  • Just in time for Veterans Day, a Michigan charity transformed the physical appearance of a deserving homeless vet. Two months ago, Degage Ministries, which aims to help veterans who have fallen on hard times after returning from service, gave U.S. Army veteran Jim Wolf a makeover. Wolf has struggled with poverty, alcoholism, and homelessness for decades. Watch as Wolf receives a haircut, a beard trim, and more, as he is literally transformed in this incredible time-lapse video:

    Of course, a new haircut and a suit will not fix all of his problems, but as the video points out, Wolf started attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and now has housing. It seems that he is on the right path. The idea for dramatic transformation came from Rob Bliss, who is known for pulling off viral stunts like letting 100,000 paper airplanes loose in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

    Bliss said of Wolf's makeover, "For me, personally, I've been trying to get more into doing things for a better purpose."


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  • The letter "e" is the most commonly used Scrabble letter, and in this sentence alone, it is used 15 times. So you might imagine that a medium that is all about words, hip-hop, would be hard-pressed to go through an entire song without using it once. But Andrew Huang, who is famous already for his impressive performances on YouTube, decided to give it a shot, and the result is mind-boggling. Aside from being an expert wordsmith, Huang is also a talented rapper, stringing together such lyrics as "Do you kids miss this stiff fifth glyph?" and "Violin gigs, absurd paid shindigs, and Thursdays." Not only does the song not contain an "e" in it, but the song is even about not using an "e." And Huang's fans are loving it. Commenters have written things like, "These are some of my favorite lyrics you've written so far. Sick flow." It's at 12,000 views on YouTube right now but is sure to gain more purely for those skills.

    And as our special guests on the show mentioned, you can check out "The

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  • Rock climbing looks hard and pretty dangerous to begin with, but a super talented climber in Thailand is taking the dangerous sport to the next level. Watch as he freestyle climbs a cliff with nothing but his bare hands and feet:

    Travel guide John Early shot the video while on Thailand’s Pranang Beach in Railay in early October. The climber’s name is Neu, but goes by the nickname "Monkey Man." You can see crowds gathering near the cliff and enjoying Neu’s stunts. John Early told Storyful “The entire beach was captivated. Even the monkeys were mystified.”

  • It's a seemingly confusing question, until you see the GIF. Where did the soda go? Upon seeing it, you instantly understand the context, as well as the reason for naming an entire subreddit after it. There are subreddits dedicated to a gigantic variety of subjects, but few contain as many user-submitted pieces of gold as r/wheredidthesodago. Infomercials exist on various spectrums. There's products that look really cool, and ones that look ridiculous. But what most if not all of them contain are moments of pure camp, a tactic that imprints itself into people's minds, and almost certainly is intentional. If you remove the context, snippets of them are hilarious, and perfect for GIF format. It's why infomercials are so shareable. Luckily for us, redditors are hard at work night and day submitting to the subreddit, and for that we can be grateful. So if you are in need of a spoon that doesn't work, finding out what a wrench is, or seeing a dog carried around in a shoulder bag, check out Read More »from Ridiculous GIFs from Infomercials, Lovingly Chronicled
  • A little boy who dressed up as a tiger for Halloween got to visit a real live tiger at the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Wash. Two-year-old Marshall Shaffer's parents brought him to the zoo to hang out with Kali the Sumatran tiger cub — through a thick glass panel, of course. Check out their playdate:

    After playing a game of tiger tag, 6-month-old Kali got tired and lay down. Kids will be kids, no matter what mammal species they are!

    The fun video reminded us of a similar scene back in 2011 when a 1-year-old named Trent visited a 400-pound lioness named Angie at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. However, instead of Angie wanting to play with Trent, it appeared that she was more interested in having him for lunch. It might have had something to do with Trent's striped sweater resembling the stripes of a zebra:

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