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  • The tornadoes that ripped through the Midwest on Sunday, leveling neighborhoods and killing at least six, were preceded by alerts from news stations trying to warn people of the danger and explain how to take precautions. But a pair of meteorologists from NBC affiliate WEEK in Peoria, Ill., found themselves in the middle of the story when, during a live broadcast, they were forced to take cover.

    Outgoing New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter posted a snippet of the video to his YouTube page, where it has been viewed more than 175,000 times. In the video's description, Stelter explains that seven minutes after the broadcast, weather anchors Sandy Gallant and Chuck Collins came back and said, "We just had a very scary situation to report. WEEK's TV studio was hit by what appears to be a tornado. We could hear the sound of a train right outside of our station." The anchors said there was damage to the northwest section of the station's property.

    This is not the first time a news team

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  • Gamers everywhere (myself included) were thrilled to pick up their PS4 systems over the weekend. We all immediately set to work hunkering down for the weekend, pretending to be soldiers, Footballers, or futuristic rebels. But I'll bet you didn't know that humans aren't the only ones excited. Danielle Sanford's bengal cat, for one, was thrilled with the purchase, and showed affection only rivaled by the nerdiest of PS4 gamer fans. In a flurry of purrs, collar bell-ringing, and roll-arounds, the bengal shows his appreciation for the new purchase. It's either that, or like many cats, he is a big fan of boxes. And tell us, are you considering the purchase of a next-gen system? Going to pick up a Xbox One or PS4? Think consoles are silly because you are a PC-gamer? Tell us all about it on Facebook, or Twitter.

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  • Toddlers and puppies — both adorable creatures, but we're not sure if anyone has ever combined the two in a better way than ‘Theo and Beau.’ Jessica Shyba, a dentist, mom of three, and blogger at the site, recently went through an extensive adoption process to bring Theo, a mixed-breed puppy, into her family. They were all immediately taken with the pup and began the work of training him. The attempts to crate train the dog were unsuccessful — Theo's howling was too pitiful for Jessica and her husband to take, so they let him run free. It's a good thing they did, because thanks to Theo's predilection for cuddling, he and Jessica's son Beau are now a Web sensation.

    On the dog's third day at home, Beau was falling asleep for a nap and Theo joined in, quickly passing out. As Jessica says, "The following day, Theo met us up in my room for the nap time ritual, and so began what I can only describe as the most organic and beautiful friendship I have ever witnessed." The Read More »from 'Theo and Beau' Captures Naptime Between a Toddler and His Puppy
  • You might think that it's not very nice for parents to pull pranks on their kids, but then again, you haven't seen Dinovember. It's a project of Refe Tuma and his wife, and it is really creative and adorable. At night, the parents set up their kids' toy dinosaurs in a variety of different scenes and activities.

    Medieval Dinovember In the morning, the children find them in the midst of activities from the night previous— drawing, painting, recording albums, or even making mischief.
    Dino Drawing
    To the kids, the toys are a source of inspiration but also, funnily enough, sometimes mild worry. Once, after the dinosaurs had made a mess with some food, Tuma heard his two daughters whispering, "Uh-oh. Mom and Dad aren't going to like this."
    dinovember food mess
    But the band of plastic partiers has also been found scrubbing up a mess, which is certainly not a bad lesson for the kids.
    Outside of the Dinovember house, people on social media are huge fans of the project. Tuma's Twitter account is overrun with people raving about what an amazingly Read More »from Parents Make Kids' Dino Toys Come Alive in 'Dinovember'
  • It's that wonderful time of the year, I’m referring of course to football season. With that comes plays of the day, week, and month, but our story today should be labeled the play of the year! It happened at Mandeville Junior High School in Louisiana. Senior Simon Roussel who was born with Down Syndrome, has been an assistant coach for the school’s football team for 6 years. During his last game before graduation, Simon suited up and took the pitch as a starter for the very first time. Watch as his teammates for blocking wall to escort him all the way to the end zone:

    That was a touchdown for Simon and for our faith in humanity. Nice job guys. Have you heard of high school students going above and beyond for a deserving classmate? Share their story with us on our Facebook page or on Twitter at @YahooTrending.

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