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  • "Pulp Fiction" might be one of Samuel L. Jackson's most memorable performances. He sure hasn't forgotten it.

    The actor appeared as a guest Friday on BBC One's "The Graham Norton Show" in England. Norton asked Jackson if he remembered the famous "Ezekiel" speech from "Pulp Fiction." Without hesitating, Jackson said he did. The TV host then presented a scenario to the audience: You are 17 or 18 and you're heading to the Jackson residence to pick up the actor's daughter, Zoe. Her father answers the door.

    The lights dim, and Jackson looks directly into the camera. He then flawlessly delivers the speech, 20 years after the movie's release. When he finishes, the studio audience erupts into applause.

    "That was smooth," said actress Keira Knightley, who was also a guest on the show and sitting right next to Jackson as he recited the speech. "That was so smooth."

    "That's amazing, even if it was rehearsed, which I'm not saying it was," commented Kyle Schlapkohl on YouTube. "Not only did he get

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  • Just in time for Father's Day, a U.S. Marine returned home and surprised his two children.

    Marine Master Sgt. Christopher Willenbecher spent the past nine months in Afghanistan. It was his seventh and last deployment before he retires later this year. Willenbecher's sons, Cole, 10, and Cade, 5, didn't think their father would be back in the U.S. for Father's Day.

    What the boys did not know was that their parents, along with the military's public affairs office and "Today" show producers, were working to change that. Willenbecher was allowed to leave two weeks early, and the staff from the NBC morning show helped coordinate a reunion that played out on live TV. The boys' mother brought them to Camp Pendleton, a major Marine Corps base located in Southern California. There, Willenbecher walked into a room where his unsuspecting sons were waiting.

    "Baseball stars, huh?" the Marine sergeant asked as soon as he saw them. The older brother, Cole, screamed, "Daddy!" and sprinted to him as

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  • If you have the land, time, parts, and river to spare, you might have new plans this weekend after watching a video showcasing Derek Salamanca's latest project.

    The Petersburgh, New York, native built a water slide to the tune of 300 feet in length. The homemade slip 'n' slide features a jump, wall ride, and drop-off into a river. After devising the plan and creating the luge, Salamanca filmed a combo first-person ride/how-to video with a GoPro camera.

    "First off, I only spent $65 on this," Salamanca reveals. "It took me and my friends 40 hours."

    And Salamanca, who has uploaded a number of videos documenting his DIY and adventurous exploits, says he could have finished it in a day with a little more help.

    As for the money figure, a combination of crafty thinking and generous people helped keep his cost low. The only supply he paid for was a 100-foot roll of plastic. From there, he found ways to obtain cardboard, palettes, and other items for free. His mom chipped in with a few rakes

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  • The San Diego Zoo Safari Park put a baby cheetah and a puppy together, and the scene on camera is about as adorable as you might expect.

    A 6-week-old cheetah cub named Ruuxa arrived in the care of the zoo after his mother rejected him. According to the zoo's blog, Ruuxa was born alone instead of as part of a litter, which is usually three to five cubs. In lieu of his mom, the baby cheetah had to be hand-raised by keepers.

    Now with the San Diego Zoo, the cub will be raised with a 7-week-old Rhodesian ridgeback puppy named Raina.

    "Because the cheetah was by himself and did not have any siblings we wanted him to have a companion immediately," animal training manager Susie Ekard said in the blog post. "They definitely like to play, and when they take naps together, they often will snuggle up together for that warmth and closeness."

    The pair's bond is evident in a video the zoo posted on its YouTube channel. The cub and puppy casually roll around together, sneaking in a quick kiss or sniff

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  • We've seen the better halves of coaching families advocate for a number of issues that affect others. But in this instance, Sarah Harbaugh's platform is to "Stop Dad Pants," or ill-fitting bottoms that fathers are known to wear. Now the wife of San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim is taking her message to a broader audience in a hilarious new PSA.

    The tale of Harbaugh's pants actually dates back to January. After defeating the Carolina Panthers to advance to the NFC championship game, the head coach told reporters, "These Dickies cost $23. They were on sale, though."

    Then in a radio interview, Sarah expressed her disdain for her husband's pleated khakis while also disputing the cost.

    "I've thrown [his pants] away many of times," Mrs. Harbaugh told KMVQ-FM. "I threw them out, and when he went to the [NFL Scouting] Combine, he found a Walmart. They were $8. $8!"

    During that same chat, however, Mrs. Harbaugh may have forecasted what was to come.

    "I still love him," she noted. "But he did

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