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  • Bridget Carr will never forget her third birthday.

    The Carr family decided that for her “birthday present,” Bridget would open a wrapped box on the family’s front porch in St. Louis, Mo. With her younger sister Mackenna watching, the three-year old started ripping off the paper from an old appliance box. Bridget assumed that the box might contain a bike.

    As soon as Bridget finished unwrapping the box, out came the present. It was her father Joshua, who had just returned from Afghanistan. Joshua works for the Department of Defense.

    Bridget screams and puts her hands over her mouth as soon as she sees her father. The three-year old then jumps in to his arms and gives him a kiss.

    Joshua returned home last September and uploaded the video to his Facebook page. However the video went viral this week, thanks in part to Reddit. The original post has been shared over 325,000 times. Carr also put the video on YouTube, where it has over 200,000 views.

    The Carr’s have shared a number of different

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  • A new advertisement for GoPro video cameras not only showcases the device’s capabilities but also displays the kindness of a few Minnesotans.

    KAAL TV, the ABC affiliate in southeastern Minnesota, posted a story on Facebook about a couple of deer stranded on ice covering Albert Lea Lake in Freeborn County. One of James Kenison’s friends “tagged” him in the thread. Kenison’s family business is MedCity Hovercraft. The company specializes in all things hovercraft: from lessons and tours to sales and rescue missions.

    “I knew right where it was,” Kenison told HLN TV of when he saw the story. “It’s kind of an hour west of where I live. My dad actually lives in Albert Lea there.”

    Kenison and his father headed out to the lake and expected the worse, as the deer were on the lake for a few days. But when they arrived, the animals were simply laying flat on the ice.

    Wearing an HD Hero 3 camera, Kenison recorded the rescue mission that he and his father embarked on. The duo rode their hovercrafts

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  • A video of a parent secretly filming kids slipping and falling outside of a middle school is drawing mixed reactions.

    In the clip, a father identified as "Alan" films students walking over an icy patch on a sidewalk at Indianola Middle School in Indianola, Iowa. He records almost six minutes of video. Every time a kid approaches the ice, he begins to predict if he or she will fall. It happens most of the time, and when the kid hits the sidewalk, the dad begins to laugh.

    "OK, we've got another kid coming. He's going a little fast," the parent explains in the video, almost giving play-by-play and color commentary of the situation. "If he turns here, he's going to drill it."

    Sure enough, down goes the kid, and the parent in his car finds it hysterical.

    Some kids manage to hit the ice without falling, and no one seems to be seriously injured. A few kids definitely appear to fall harder than others, though.

    About three minutes into the clip, a girl who is presumably his daughter jumps in

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  • A concertgoer in Madison, Wis. found himself ejected from a show earlier this month thanks in part to the performer on stage.

    Jason Isbell is an alt-country music singer and songwriter. He’s known as the once lead singer of the Drive-By Truckers and for his solo work. The Green Hill, Ala.-born artist released his fourth solo album, Southeastern, last June. The LP was recorded after a stint in rehab and was met with favorable reviews.

    Isbell is now touring the country in support of his latest project. He performed inside the Barrymore Theatre in Madison on February 7. About 30 seconds in to a Drive-By Truckers song, “Never Gonna Change,” he abruptly stops the performance.

    “Hey! Cut that s--- out!” he yells in to the microphone at a group of fans who are presumably fighting. “You don’t come to a show and fight people!”

    The people in the crowd that Isbell called out attempt to explain the situation from the seats. Isbell is having none of it.

    “I’m about to get all ya’ll thrown out,” he

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  • If you're a bit squeamish when it comes to airplanes and bad landings, take a dose of Dramamine before watching this footage.

    At Birmingham Airport in England, video was shot of a Boeing 767 landing amid turbulence. Winds were gusting at 40 miles per hour as the jet touched down. As it gets close to landing, the pilot does a good job of keeping the plane steady. Still, the wings are visibly swaying back and forth as the aircraft reaches the runway. Due to the crosswinds, the pilot seems to be forcing the plane down in almost a straight line as opposed to the normal gradual descent.

    The plane eventually hits the ground and literally bounces off the pavement. Weather conditions clearly alter the 120-ton Boeing's landing, but the pilot skillfully keeps everything on track.

    The video is titled "landing gear banged to its limits." It was uploaded on Sunday to YouTube by user flugsnug and has amassed over 1.5 million views.

    "What is impressive is how the pilot landed that beast dead

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