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  • Dennis the dachshund may look like your typical happy pup, but his story wasn’t always so cheery.

    This is what Dennis used to look like:

    Dennis the dachshundDennis the dachshund

    That was back in 2013, when he weighed a whopping 56 pounds. Luckily, Dennis was adopted by Brooklyn Burton, of Columbus, Ohio. Her late uncle was his first owner. He was a hoarder who, for years, had been feeding Dennis table food — like White Castle burgers and pizza.  

    Burton, with the help of Dennis’s veterinarian, who practices at the Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital, helped the 6-year-old get down to a healthy 12 pounds. How did he lose the weight? Dennis was put on a strict diet of dry dog food, given an exercise plan, and had skin-removal surgery, thanks to donations raised through a GoFundMe page. All this came just in the nick of time. The vet said he would not have made it through another month at Burton’s uncle’s house.

    Burton told WSYX-TV that Dennis can now can go up and down the steps. “He was never able to do that,” she said,

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  • A baby in Belfast, Northern Ireland, might be new to this world, but he already has something to say. At just 7 weeks old, Cillian McCann shocked his parents by perfectly repeating the word “hello.” Don’t believe it? Watch this:

    Most babies start to speak after about 18 months, but mom Toni McCann noticed that Cillian was trying to communicate verbally very early on. She said, “He was trying to talk, I thought, the whole day … and I thought, ‘Is he trying to speak to me?’” She posted the video to her Facebook page, where it quickly went viral.

    Got a little baby genius on your hands? Share a video of your baby with us on our Facebook page.  

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  • A greeter at Costco is someone who makes customers’ days a little brighter with a warm smile and friendly hello. But the tables were turned on one greeter from the San Ramon Costco in California who’s been working at the same location for 22 years. His name is Arlie Smith. When loyal customers found out that he is battling kidney cancer that is spreading through his bones, they got together to think of a way to show Smith how much he is appreciated. Headed up by Bridgette Loughnane, a group that calls itself Arlie’s Angels pitched in to raise money to send Smith and his wife on a beach vacation. In all, Arlie’s Angels raised $2,500. When the group surprised Smith and his wife, Shari, with the vacation he said, “I have a priceless wonderful life. You can’t put a price tag on these people, on all of this.”

    Even though Smith is fighting cancer himself, his goal is to be the top fundraiser for an Oakland Children’s Hospital benefit in May. He told KGO-TV, “My goal is to be number one and

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  • For most people, a good tip in a restaurant is 20 percent, but one patron in Wichita, Kan., went above and beyond the normal gratuity guidelines.
    Fred Boettcher, a lawyer from Oklahoma, was in town eating at the Doo-Dah Diner and had Brian Maixner as a waiter. He was struck not only by how proud Brian was of his job but also by the fact that the hard-working waiter was in need of dental work. Maixner says he could never afford to fix his teeth. “It started out as I got a chipped tooth, and then it spread, and then after that I just couldn’t keep up with them.”

    Boettcher pulled Brian’s boss aside and told her he would like to pay in full to have Brian’s teeth fixed. “He carried himself with such kindness and confidence with a mouth that looked painful,” Boettcher said.  “I was struck by that.” When Maixner heard about the generous offer, he cried.
    A month after Boettcher’s offer, Brian showed off his new set of teeth. The before-and-after photos speak for themselves:

    And Fred Boettcher,

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  • If your child is dealing with a bully at school, there’s a little girl you should introduce them to. She’s a 4-year-old featured in a video that’s going viral. In it, a woman behind the camera asks what happened at school. The girl replies, “Little boy said I look ugly. … I said I didn’t come here to make fashion statements. I came here to learn, not look pretty.” She goes on to explain that “the little boy said I look bad, and I said did you look in the mirror lately? Buh-bye, see you later.”
    Now, that’s how you shut down a hater. Bravo! If you’ve got a story about how your child has dealt with bullies at school, share it with us on our Facebook page!

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