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  • There's no shortage of tear-jerking commercials on the Web, and the two ads we are featuring are no different. The theme today is motherhood, both before and after a baby is born.

    The first stars real-life celebrity couple Dax Shepard and a pregnant Kristen Bell in an ad for Samsung's Galaxy Tab S. The spot shows that you can go about your daily life without stepping away from the precious tablet. But the real reason to love the spot is that it shows the adorable relationship between Shepard and Bell. It's gotten more than 9 million views on YouTube so far, and we can't stop watching it over and over again.

    Next up is a Pampers commercial out of Japan. In it, new moms are seen bringing their 1-year-old bundles of joy to the doctor for their one-year checkup. The moms, who don't look as if they know they are being filmed, share their concerns and questions with the doctor. (Hint: If you don't speak Japanese, turn on the closed-captioning option on the YouTube page.)

    Then, while they are

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  • Litter is an eyesore that most people would rather live without. It's especially galling to see someone in broad daylight toss a piece of trash on the ground. Apparently, this occurrence happens often enough in Russia that one GoPro-toting citizen decided to become a vigilante, of sorts.

    In a video shot using her helmet cam, a woman on a motorcycle rides around city streets sticking it to litterbugs — literally. She spots one person throwing a bit of trash out a car window. The woman picks up the trash, swiftly catches up with the person, and delivers the item back, which is usually greeted with fury from the driver. The video is called, naturally, "Elusive Girl on a Motorcycle Against Debris."

    Some of the recipients of her ire fare better than others. While one person is covered in mostly solid garbage, another gets a lapful of liquid, after which he indicates his displeasure. Commenters have expressed varied reactions, from being outraged to loving her actions, and some have called

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  • If you're a fan of Uber as well as of electronic dance music, we have just the story for you. The wildly popular driver-on-demand app has taken over the world (it's in more than 205 cities), and one of its newest drivers got a lot of attention recently. Seen in a video on Uber's YouTube page, superfamous electric house music producer Deadmau5 got behind the wheel of his $300,000 McLaren 650S and spent the night picking up fans in Toronto to promote the app's low-cost alternative UberX service.

    Most people would probably recognize DeadMau5, whose real name is Joel Zimmerman, in his typical mouse-head ensemble. When lucky riders got DeadMau5 as their driver, his famous symbol popped up on their app. On Sept. 10 he tweeted to his fans that he was working for Uber in downtown Toronto, and the rest is history. A pretty ingenious marketing move — we can't wait to see which celeb gets behind the Uber wheel next. Jerry Seinfeld would be a good pick, and he has a lot of cars to choose from.

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  • Never in the history of peekaboo has the outcome been so dramatic. One toddler learned the hard way that the fun game does not always end well. 

    In a new YouTube video, Bradley Bailey covers his face with a towel and has his adorable daughter look for him under it a few times. His wife catches the cuteness on camera.

    Then Bailey steps away, secretly shaving off his beard, and comes back to continue the peekaboo fun. But it isn't so fun for his little one — when the tot lifts up the towel this time, she finds a barefaced man she doesn't seem to recognize.

    It looks like she's thinking, "Who the heck is this guy?" before beginning to wail. Well, kid, beard or no beard, that's your father. The video was posted to YouTube on Sept. 11 and has been viewed more than 820,000 times. Some commenters think the trick was a cruel move on the part of the girl's parents, with one person writing, "It should be a crime to upload sick videos like this, poor girl. You KNEW that she liked the facial hair,

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  • Diagnosed with essential tremor 20 years ago, classical violinist Naomi Elishuv would shake uncontrollably while she played her string instrument. Essential tremor is a disorder that affects the nervous system and causes rhythmic shaking. Unfortunately, over time the rate of tremors increased to the point that they interfered with her ability to perform, forcing the musician to quit her job playing for the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra.

    On a brighter note, Elishuv on Tuesday had brain surgery in Israel to suppress her tremors, and the unusual medical operation was captured on video and posted online. During the procedure, surgeons inserted electrodes into her brain that produce impulses, which help to suppress her shakes. To ensure the electrodes were positioned properly and that the operation was progressing in the right direction, Elishuv was kept conscious but under a local anesthetic. The operating staff also asked her to play her beloved violin. Her music of choice was a

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