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  • A Canadian rock band figured out a way for a music video to go viral without twerking, breaking the law, or hiring models.

    Young Rival just released the video for its single “Black Is Good.” Apparently Magic Eye is even better. Remember the 90’s phenomenon? There were books of Magic Eye illustrations, which challenged viewers to see a hidden picture or message through a pattern.

    That is exactly what the indie rock band is attempting to do in its new video. In the YouTube description, Young Rival breaks down the techniques behind the process.

    “A stereogram is an image which, when viewed with two eyes, using one of several different techniques, produces the illusion of depth perception,” writes the band. “Some of you will already be familiar with the autostereogram, which was popularized by the Magic Eye book series in the 1990s. These are made on computers, and use subtle changes in a repeating pattern to combine depth information for both eyes into one single image.”

    The trio,

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  • Throughout the years, many advances in technology have made life easier. Look at everything you can accomplish from that device in your hand that used to only make phone calls? A tag on our windshield allows us to breeze through toll lanes. You can now completely shop during the holidays without leaving your house and braving the masses.

    Yet despite all of this, there are a few things that simply have not changed. For one, the way we dispense our ketchup with takeout meals now is the exact same from when I was a kid. You search at the bottom of the bag, hoping the person that prepared your order left a few packets in there. Once you find the packets, the struggle is far from over. You try to find the best method of opening the ketchup packet so you can maximize what you get out of it without creating a large mess. More than likely one packet will not be enough, so you’re left repeating these steps until your food is practically cold.

    Ok, so maybe dispensing the ketchup won’t take that

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  • If parallel parking were an Olympic sport in Sochi this winter, Russia would have a good chance of keeping the gold at home.

    In a new clip, a motorist in Moscow is shown parking a car in the most dangerous fashion: by slamming on the brakes, cutting across multiple lanes, and landing perfectly in a spot by the curb. Luckily, no one was injured.

    The 10-second dashcam video begins with a typical day of driving in Moscow. Suddenly on the driver's side, a white Ford Ka passes. The driver swerves, slams on the brakes, and slices across four lanes of oncoming traffic. Eventually the Ka stops, facing the opposite direction but neatly in line with the curb and in front of another parked car.

    From the perspective of the video, at least three different cars were as close as inches away from an accident. Somehow, the driver of the Ka avoided all of the traffic en route to its graceful stop.

    YouTube commenters are chiming in with thoughts like, "Ace Ventura is proud of you!" and "In Soviet Russia

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  • ABC 7 in Sarasota, Fla. is uncovering local fraud during its “scam awareness month.” But in a weird twist, a person allegedly involved in a rental property scam decided to give the news station a different theft to report on. She stole its vehicle.

    Reporter Josh Taylor went looking for answers after a 91 year-old woman claimed a rental company didn’t deliver on its promises. The woman rented an 11-bedroom house from the landlord for a family reunion. Turns out there were only five bedrooms due to code violations. According to the contract the woman signed, she was entitled to receive a refund. The landlord did not oblige.

    Taylor sought out the landlord for an interview. The property is owned by Dr. Craig Siegal, who told ABC 7 that Jean Price doesn’t work for him; she just looks out for the home. Regardless, it was Price who Taylor confronted, and she was having none of it.

    “You can just leave. Are you invited here by the owner?” Price asks Taylor as he tried to film an interview, but

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  • As someone who spends his evenings talking and playing songs on the radio, I know the impact that the medium can have on a track. The airplay of a single can transform everything from the song's meaning to the career trajectory of the artists performing it.

    Look no further than the band A Great Big World to see the latest example of this. Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino met at New York University eight years ago. The duo wrote "Say Something" about four years ago. After the song had key placements in 2013 on "So You Think You Can Dance?" and "The Voice," a remix of it featuring Epic Records label mate Christina Aguilera began airing on the radio. The ballad is now becoming inescapable.

    As the last part of that equation takes place, a song ingrains itself in pop culture. That process usually yields reaction to and interpretation of the single from unlikely sources. In this instance, that source is a 4-year-old. Mark Blitch of Plano, Texas, uploaded this clip of his son Jackson listening to

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