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  • Meet Leonardo, a boxer that is so protective of his territory that even the slightest nonthreatening thing can rile him up.

    According to the dog's owner, Leonardo was barking quite a bit the other day. So the person, YouTube user "Senyin," went to see what was wrong. Turns out a breeze was blowing around a leaf, singular, on a ledge and scaring the you-know-what out of Leonardo.

    Naturally, the owner took out her phone and recorded the incident. She uploaded it yesterday, and the 1:08-long clip has more than 50,000 views.

    To the delight of his owner, the moving leaf kept puzzling the boxer. But eventually Leonardo snatched it with his mouth and brought it hard to the ground. He discovered that the object was inanimate and, by his standards, edible. He showed that leaf who was boss.

    YouTube viewers are having fun with this clip. A quick sampling of the comments section yields such lines as, "I've never met a Boxer cursed with an overabundance of brains," "That leaf killed my parents...

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  • A 39-year-old woman is hearing sound for the first time after receiving a set of cochlear implants.

    Joanne Milne of Gateshead in the U.K. was born deaf because of Usher syndrome. It also made her lose her sight when she was in her late-20s. She is now legally blind.

    But thanks to doctors at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, Milne regained one sense. About four weeks ago, she underwent surgery for cochlear implants. This past week, Milne returned to the hospital to have the implants turned on. She brought a friend, Tremayne Crossley, along to film the moment.

    In the video that Crossley shot, Milne is sitting across from a hospital employee who cautions that her new sense of hearing might be overwhelming at first. As the worker begins to recite the days of the week, Milne is moved to tears. The employee also warns that everything may sound high-pitched at first, but eventually her brain will readjust and everything will sound normal.

    "It's a big, big life-changing day today," she

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  • The conditions in Nova Scotia on Wednesday were equivalent to a level 3 hurricane. Wind gusts of 100 mph and 19.5 inches of snow marked the strongest nor'easter of the year. But all of that did not stop two dedicated meteorologists from at least trying to report on the storm, even if they were knocked down in the process.

    Chris Scott and Mark Robinson work for the Weather Network, Canada's equivalent to the Weather Channel in the U.S. The two men were in Grand Etang, Nova Scotia, reporting amid heavy snow and winds so audible that they were barely able to stand and speak out loud.

    With the cameraman rolling tape inside the news van, Scott and Robinson offered a play-by-play of the conditions as they experienced them firsthand. Scott compared it to having "the sunroof down or a window down, going down the highway at a buck-20."

    The comparison seemed accurate. The only issue for the two meteorologists is that they did not have the luxury of sitting in a car.

    About a minute in to their

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  • Greg Benson has mastered the art of cell phone crashing. The 46-year-old comedian sits next to someone talking loudly on the phone and begins responding to whatever they say. Back in December, we covered a video of Benson pulling this off at Los Angeles International Airport. That clip has since been viewed over 8 million times.

    On Wednesday, Benson uploaded a new edition of cell phone crashing to YouTube. This time he took his talents to Disneyland.

    "Yeah, we're gonna say hi to Pluto. You want to say hi to Pluto?" asks a woman, who is within earshot of the Disney character and right next to Benson. The comedian does not miss a beat, leaning in towards the cartoon dog and saying, "OK. Hi, Pluto! OK. Anything else?"

    The woman's reaction is priceless. However like most people in the video, she eventually laughs along with the prank.

    "I never want to make anyone mad or unhappy," Benson told us of his intentions. "Actually the opposite; I like to have a good time, and I hope the people

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  • Thanks to YouTube, families across the world can share that moment of exuberance when a soldier returns home from overseas. Martin Miller decided to multiply that moment by three, surprising his dad, sister, and mother in succession. His friend Scott Kelley, also a veteran, filmed all of the emotional reunions and uploaded them online.

    Miller is from Phoenix, Ariz. and was deployed to Afghanistan a year ago. He planned the surprises with Kelley, who lives next door to the Miller’s. Kelley witnessed Miller’s dismissal and drove him to the hospital where Mason’s father Bernie works. Inside, Mason knocked on his dad’s office door and interrupted a meeting. The elder Mason clearly did not mind.

    “For God’s sake!” Bernie said through tears as he hugged his son. “I can’t believe you!”

    But Mason was just getting started. With father in tow, the three men then visited his sister at work. She also could not stop hugging him.

    “Mason! Oh my God!” she exclaimed when she saw her brother. “Oh she’s

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