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  • A serious social issue in Saudi Arabia is getting some more attention thanks to a viral YouTube video. In light of the recent buzz surrounding Saudi women rebelling against the country’s ban on females driving, 26-year-old Saudi comedian Hisham Fageeh released a parody music video titled “No Woman, No Drive”, a clever take on Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry.” The spoof video was produced with the help of Fageeh’s musician friends Fahad Albutairi and Alaa Wardi. Lyrics include: “In this bright future, you can’t forget your past, so put your car key away.” The video was uploaded to YouTube where it has already been viewed more than 3.8 million times so far. Fageeh says the idea for the video came to him while he was in the shower singing the Bob Marley classic in his head.

    The “No Woman, No Drive” video was released with Arabic subtitles on October 26th to coincide with the day planned for women to take the wheel and protest the ban. About 60 women ended up participating, however many of

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  • "Grandpa Bill" has spent the last 15 years building an incredibly ornate and humongous model train town in his house. His grandson, Ryan Crets, a.k.a. Redditor Im_Not_Batman, wanted to see what the place would look like from the POV of one of the town's trains. So Crets strapped a GoPro camera to the front of a locomotive and sent it around the track. The resulting footage is entrancing, and oddly convincing in a way that makes you think you might be traveling around a real town. The post became a hit on Reddit, and the views of the YouTube video of the trip soon surpassed 200,000. Commenters had high praise, such as, "That's crazy dedicated, nice job." People even remixed it with audio from things like the "Thomas the Tank Engine" theme song to put a different spin on it. Crets also posted another video featuring his family surrounding the village, which really highlights the difference in size between the town and actual humans. It's heartwarming to know that for Grandpa Bill, the

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  • When Brandon Curtis found out his father was dying, he and his family thought of an awesome way to bring some happiness to him in his last days. Back in April 2012, 63-year-old Brian Curtis was given just months to live, following a battle with lung cancer and Parkinson's. The Curtis family launched the online campaign Sky Blue Pink, named after Brian's favorite color and describing the shade of the sky at sunrise and sunset. The project launched on the Web to "help fill his life with love, support and #SKYBLUEPINK" by sending a card, tweeting a note, or sharing a photo on Instagram. The goal of the project was to fill Brian's hospice room walls in Harvard, Nebraska, with images and drawings of pink and blue skies. Any photo tagged with #sky blue pink was printed out by the family.

    They hoped for a large response, and happily, that is exactly what they got. More than 3,500 people from more than 100 countries responded to the call for "sky blue pink" images. On August 13 Brian Curtis

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  • There are plenty of humans who can jam out pretty well on a variety of musical instruments, but a recent video proves that the talent might be open to more species than we originally thought. Gary Jackson's cockatoo is featured in the video, gamely shaking a tambourine along with a cover of The Hives' "Walk Idiot Walk." Jackson told Storyful, "I was mixing and he was having all kinds of fun making noise on my tambourine and dancing." Put some more birds together, and you got a band my friend.

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  • Dogs cost money to own, but Cindy Molzer-Aranguren never knew how literal that would become. She left the house to go to the grocery store one day, puttingher two dogs in her bedroom and planning to feed them after she got home. Unable to wait, however, was her dog Misty, who found a tin filled with cash and then began an impromptu and unappetizing feast. Upon discovering the cash was gone, Molzer-Aranguren took Misty to the vet, who took an X-ray showing the mass of cash in the dog's belly. The vet administered medicine that would induce vomiting, and they wound up with $18. Some time later, all the cash would be returned to Molzer-Aranguren — and in pretty good condition. As for why Misty ate the cash, the veterinarian believes it must have had something appetizing on it to entice the dog into eating it. Misty, for her part, is recovering well, but she's $54 poorer.

    What weird thing has your pet eaten? Tell us on Facebook or on Twitter @YahooTrending.

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