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  • The Grammy Award-winning rock song "Seven Nation Army" has been covered by other bands, mashed up with hip-hop vocals, and used as the soundtrack for celebrations at sporting events across the globe. From nightclubs to workouts, the single has seen its share of diverse applications.

    Yet over the weekend, a new rendition of the song became popular thanks to a cruise ship's horns.

    The MSC Magnifica sailed into Germany's Port of Hamburg on Friday to mark the harbor's 825th anniversary. To make the ship's presence known, the captain used its horns to play the famous bassline of the ubiquitous track. Although it was a tad slower than the version recorded by the White Stripes and released in 2003, the gathered crowd seemed to enjoy the performance.

    The horn-honking cruise ship is also popular online. A video of the musical cruise liner has gotten more than 700,000 views since it was uploaded Saturday.

    According to MSC Cruises' website, the ship boasts three swimming pools, five

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  • It is a 33-second video. It was uploaded to YouTube on Friday. It already has 6.6 million views — and that number is rapidly climbing.

    It is a video of a bunny eating raspberries. That's all.

    Canadian country music radio station 92.9 The Bull usually posts videos of its DJs interviewing music stars or scenes from station events. However, the aforementioned video of a rabbit chowing down raspberries is a departure. Because of the fruit's red color and the way in which the bunny nibbles on it, the animal appears to be wearing red lipstick throughout the clip.

    "If anyone knows who's bunny it is, let us know (sic)," the station posted on its Facebook page. "This was sent to us via an anonymous e-mail and we couldn't find it online anywhere! We'll be happy to give credit where it's due."

    While popular among viewers, the video elicited various opinions.

    YouTube user "Melancholy" simply said, "the best video ever recorded." Meanwhile, user "austi2345" commented, "I find it odd (and funny)

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  • Ibrahim Hamato has no hands, yet he finds a way to play pingpong at a competitive level.

    "I had an accident when I was 10 years old, but I loved table tennis," he said in a video produced by the International Table Tennis Federation. "Three years after my accident I wanted to play again holding the racket under my arm, but it didn't work out."

    Hamato then taught himself to hit the ball by holding the paddle in his mouth. He can now volley with the best of them. In the video, which was released on Friday by the ITTF, the Egyptian-born player goes head-to-head with some of the world's best.

    "My best achievement in life is divided into two parts," Hamato said. "The best thing in my life is my wife, who is everything to me. The second part is table tennis, where I find my biggest success being able to enjoy every point I win."

    The video was filmed in Tokyo, where the ZEN-NOH 2014 World Team Table Tennis Championships took place this week. ITTF President Adham Sharara invited Hamato to the

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  • The University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts is saying thank you to moms around the world with a new video shot entirely on Google Glass.

    Titled "Seeds," the two-and-a-half-minute piece follows Aneesh Chaganty as he travels from San Francisco to Los Angeles, overseas to Tokyo and eventually India. The short took 10 days to film but is cut to make the journey appear as one seamless trip.

    Chaganty begins the film by packing a bag and receiving an envelope from his wife, played by Hina Khan. He then hops in a cab, heads to a BART station, and boards a train en route to San Francisco International Airport. His connections land him in Los Angeles and Tokyo before his final destination, India.

    The traveling is far from finished. Through his first-person camera on Glass, we see Chaganty move along via another cab, a train, a bicycle carriage and a boat. He never says a word on camera and holds that envelope his wife gave him the entire time, almost forgetting it in the cab

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  • The covers of "Let It Go" and "Love Is an Open Door" that have been uploaded to YouTube seem endless. If you have children, perhaps they have forced you to listen to the soundtrack for weeks on end. And of course thanks to John Travolta, "Adele Nazeem" is now part of the pop culture lexicon.

    But the popularity of Disney's animated movie "Frozen" continues to grow, and it appears that the Internet is not yet ready to move on to a new muse. The latest example came Monday, when Bobby Burns posted a trailer edited to turn "Frozen" into a horror film.

    No, it was not an infinite loop of "Let It Go." Burns carefully rearranged clips of the musical to tell the story of a Princess Elsa that others are fearful of. Perhaps the most noticeable changes are the music and the meticulously close-up and slow-motion effects. Burns added a very dramatic soundtrack that builds with the video. He also chose certain facial expressions to zoom in on and motions to slow down.

    "It's amazing what a simple

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