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  • A rural United States Postal Service carrier who refused to get out of his car to deliver a package is creating quite a stir on the Internet.

    In a video filmed Monday and uploaded Tuesday by YouTube user "eDude76," a USPS worker pulls into the user's driveway in a minivan, rolls down the window, and tosses a box at the garage door. Inside the package was a hard drive, and naturally the recipient was a little upset.

    "Hey USPS employees, is this an accepted delivery method?" he posted on Reddit under a different alias. "Tired of damaged equipment and dents in my garage door."

    The video sparked a discussion on Reddit about awful delivery experiences by USPS as well as FedEx and UPS.

    "In this specific instance, I don't think there was any damage caused by this drop (having trouble with the drive, but hopefully not related), but it wouldn't be the first time something got damaged," the video's description reads. "If you watch carefully, you can see the door being pushed in."

    The clip

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  • Andrew Maxwell-Parish wants to make it clear that he is not a fan of handshakes.

    "Handshakes just make me feel dirty," he said on a website that gives instructions for how to create a device he invented called the high-five camera. "It's too impersonal. It's a gesture with no soul and reeks of a corporate entity."

    Maxwell-Parish created the camera to drive his point home. The device automatically films a short clip every time he slaps palms with someone. While the camera is intriguing, the reactions from complete strangers are a bit surprising. Who knew that a random high-five could put a smile on someone's face?

    There are two pieces of technology behind the contraption: a GoPro camera and a device called an Arduino Yun. The latter is a microcontroller board that tells the camera when to record and stop.

    With the high-five camera mounted on his helmet, Maxwell-Parish put it into action and uploaded the footage to Vimeo. The device works exactly as advertised, and people seem to get a

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  • Adam Fisk thought he might be in store for a leisurely Sunday fishing jaunt; he just did not realize that a hammerhead shark would be handling the driving.

    As a member of "Team Rebel Fishing," the Florida resident is accustomed to encounters with all types of fish, including sharks. But even Fisk was taken aback when a shark decided to take his bait - and consequently, his kayak - along for a ride. The hammerhead ended up dragging Fisk's kayak for more than two hours. By the time the shark was done, Fisk was two cities over from where he started.

    The fisherman is fine, and somehow amid the struggle, he managed to film part of the incident with a GoPro camera. The footage is relatively calm until about 3 minutes and 50 seconds in. Fisk dips the camera in the water, and there is the shark, clear as day, leading the kayak along.

    "Shark turned out to be about 11 feet," Fisk wrote on the video's LiveLeak description. "It charged me a few times when I had the camera off."

    The fish did not

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  • If you call Pittsburgh Paragliding, you instantly hear a voicemail greeting recorded by co-founder Jon Potter saying that he is away on a trip. Turns out Potter is overseas and parachuting from the Great Wall of China. He claims to be the first person to speed-fly off the wall.

    In a new video he posted Tuesday morning, Potter takes flight from the wall and travels downhill for about 19 seconds before safely landing among shrubs. In all, the video is a minute and 30 seconds long.

    "Hey!" he shouts to a person watching off camera, who screams in reply. Potter is out of breath but seems ecstatic that he has pulled off the stunt. Apparently, he did not receive permission for his quick flight. At the end of the clip, he says, "The guards are laughing. We're good!"

    Potter started Pittsburgh Paragliding with Matt Philips in 2012. On the company's website, Potter reveals that he is a record-holding speed flyer. He also notes that he is the first person to fly off of two world wonders – not

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  • March Madness is not solely about office bracket pools and school allegiances. The 64-team NCAA Tournament is an annual celebration of sports and the student-athlete. This is all embodied in a viral video of a 1-year-old taking in the action with his dad.

    Dustin Sandoval is a big UCLA fan and must be thrilled that the Bruins reached the Sweet 16 for the first time in six seasons. But his "One Shining Moment" came while watching the New Mexico State-San Diego State game with his son, Wesley. It was a tight game, especially in a 4-13 seed matchup, but the higher-ranked Aztecs prevailed. Young Wesley obviously enjoyed the madness.

    Throughout the 46-second clip, the 1-year-old claps his hands, cheers, and screams "Ooh!" at the TV as the game progresses. His father is right by his side to point out the action, and Wesley happily reacts to each dribble, pass, and shot.

    As if the video could not be any cuter, Wesley is wearing a shirt that reads "Be Awesome Today" and stands on the bed next

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