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  • A Temple University student is making the rounds on the Internet after posting a video in which he claims to be Conan O'Brien's illegitimate son. But in an interview with Trending Now, it was revealed that the whole thing might just be a ploy for some attention and possible face time with the talk show host.

    Someone is using YouTube for the purpose of gaining attention? We were just as dumbfounded.

    Greg Keating is from Verona, New Jersey. According to a YouTube video he uploaded on Jan. 8, Keating's mom worked at NBC News in the early '90s, a mere three floors above the "Late Night" studio at 30 Rock. The redheaded student claims his mom was fired shortly after becoming pregnant, and strongly hints that O’Brien is the father.

    Speaking with us via Skype, Keating would not confirm whether his mother actually worked at NBC. He did say that his real parents are getting a kick out of all this.

    "People in my family are just eating it up," he said. "They've been waiting for me to do something

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  • On a flight from Des Moines, Iowa, to Denver, Colo., two announcements were made over the intercom. The first asked if anyone on the plane had medical experience. The second asked if any passenger had flight experience.

    This story could have had a very tragic ending. But, instead, two nurses came to the rescue of the fallen pilot. Meanwhile, his co-pilot safely landed the plane in Omaha.

    "He was sick and mumbling and kind of incoherent," registered nurse Linda Alweiss recalled to KTLA-TV. The Camarillo, Calif., native was one of two nurses aboard the flight who attended to the pilot. She was flying home to California through Denver. "I turned to the co-pilot, and I asked her, 'You know how to land the plane, right?' And she said, 'Yes.'"

    Paramedics were waiting on the tarmac when United Airlines flight 1637 touched down in Omaha.

    "We just jumped," Amy Sorenson told ABC News of her and Alweiss' reaction. Sorenson, a nurse from Wyoming, helped administer an IV and set up a diagnostic

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  • A video of a toddler meeting her father's identical twin brother for the first time has racked up over a million views on YouTube.

    The video starts with the girl and her dad walking into her uncle's house. As soon as she sets eyes on "Uncle Herbie," her eyes immediately grow wide. She then looks back and forth at her dad and uncle standing next to each other.

    "There's two of us, huh?" the man identified as Herbie asks his niece. "You confused, ain't you?"

    The look of disbelief on her face has the room, and surely many more YouTube viewers, laughing along. Perhaps the highlight of the video is 35 seconds in, when the toddler offers a quick double take between her father and uncle.

    But in the end, the girl seems to come to terms with the situation. She allows Uncle Herbie to hold her. After her father takes her back into his arms, she gives her uncle a small high-five and fist bump.

    A version of the video popped up on the Internet in December, and another copy of it went viral over the

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  • A dog is said to be man's best friend. Let's face it: Sometimes our friends think they're helping us out, when really they are not. That idea is illustrated in a new video that features a savvy pet and has been viewed over 1.2 million times.

    The clip was uploaded to YouTube over the weekend by user 'A1994B3'. In the description, he says that he is in the process of moving; thus, boxes are everywhere and the alarm clock is on the floor. Lately he's been waking up late and couldn't figure out why. It turns out his pet boxer, Kermit, heard the alarm and figured out that if he held his paw on the snooze button, the noise would stop.

    The video is a mere 14 seconds long. It takes Kermit acouple of tries, but eventually he figures out where the button is, presses it, and moves along as if nothing happened.  

    Despite the impressive alarm clock skills exhibited by the dog, some YouTube users are commenting about the user's house, alarm volume, and décor. The user explained that he is moving

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  • A ventriloquist’s recent subway show could even put the grumpiest commuters in a better mood.

    Nigel Dunkley took his puppet and hopped on the D train heading downtown. The Hempstead, NY native walked on to the train with the doll in a suitcase, and as soon as he sat down, the act began.

    First the ventriloquist makes the puppet act like he is trying to break out of the luggage. Then Dunkley interchanges between his voice and the voice he uses for the doll, all while interacting with passengers on the train.

    The video is entitled, “Ventriloquist Picking Up Girls On The Subway,” and is quickly gaining popularity. The five-minute skit has 360,000 views on YouTube.

    And as the video title states, Dunkley does get a couple of numbers from women riding on the subway during his act. During the skit, we get to see most of the exchange with a woman named Kaitlin. When the puppet hands off Dunkley’s phone to her, she isn’t sure what to do.

    “Your number, stupid!” Dunkley replies – through the puppet of

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