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  • It doesn’t get much more random than this: a Los Angeles man uses Google Glass to film himself granting Christmas wishes to the homeless.

    The person, who has not revealed his identity, simply goes by the username “The Random Altruist.” His video “Christmas Gifts For The Homeless” is his only YouTube video at the moment, and it has over 120,000 views.

    In the video’s description, the person writes, “Instead of shopping for people who already have a lot... I decided to spend my money shopping for people who don't have much at all.”

    With that, the man begins asking homeless people throughout Los Angeles what they would like for Christmas. The responses range from hamburgers, Frosted Flakes, and Starbucks gift cards to phone chargers, clothes, and Army blankets.

    You then see the man enter various stores to buy the items. In the last two and a half minutes of the five-minute piece, the person hands out the gifts. The reactions will have you misty-eyed at least. The woman who simply requested a

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  • Customers at a Starbucks drive-thru in Newington, Conn. are passing along the holiday cheer this week by paying it forward to the person behind them – in astonishing numbers.

    It started on the morning of Christmas Eve, when the coffee drinkers began footing the bill for the order of the customer behind them. Customers continued to pay for the next person’s order through the day after Christmas. In all, over 950 people “paid it forward.”

    The number is still growing and one Starbucks employee at the Berlin Turnpike store tells Yahoo! News that the goal is now 1,000 orders.

    “I thought it was very cool," Harry Evert told WFSB TV in Hartford. “(The Starbucks barista) told me there had been hundreds, asked me if I wanted to pay it forward for the guy behind me, so I said absolutely.”

    This is not the first time an act of charity like this has been reported, although it may be the largest. Consumerist notes that this could be a new record. The previous titleholder belonged to a Tim Horton’s in

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  • An unlikely scenario played out before Christmas: A man assumed the role of Santa Claus for a 5-year-old whom he had never met.

    The story began on Tuesday morning at Saint Rose of Lima School in Chula Vista, Calif. A group of 23 students wrote letters to Santa, attached the letters to red and green balloons, and sent them off into the sky. The goal was for the letters to reach the North Pole.

    Instead, the letter from 5-year-old Joie reached Terry Hardin, a few miles away in downtown San Diego. Hardin was leaving his job when the red balloon traveled toward him and landed in a parking garage. Intrigued, he walked toward the balloon and found the attached letter.

    "Dear Santa, I would like to have a mermaid doll with a bow for Christmas. Thank you, Love, Joie," the letter read.

    Hardin's mother was also named Joie. She passed away in August 2012. The defense contract negotiator admitted that when she died, the two weren't on great terms.

    "It put a chill up my spine," Hardin told NBC 7 San

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  • I've been told that new parents often get bored staying inside with their precious new bundle. Well, Lilly and Leon Mackie found a perfect and pretty awesome way to deal with it. Not only had the pair just welcomed their new baby, Orson, into their lives, but also they had accumulated a bunch of cardboard boxes from their recent move from New Zealand to Australia. So, instead of just throwing the boxes out, they turned them into something wonderful and started the blog Cardboard Box Office. Lilly and Leon have been setting up famous movie scenes starring their favorite male lead character, baby Orson.

    Here's "Jaws"...


    "The Dark Knight"...

    "Dark Knight"


    This supercreative rendition of "Jurassic Park"...

    "Jurassic Park"


    Lilly told Buzzfeed, "For 'Apollo 13,' Leon had to set the five-second timer, run around the cardboard space capsule, grab my legs, and pull me into a headstand position before quickly getting himself into position," she said. "We had to do this about six or seven times. … We're avoiding any more space

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  • Marcus Malone, or "Marcus the Magnificent," played drums for Carlos Santana's band in the 60's, adding an African rhythm to what made the band's Latin fusion so special. In 1969, just before the band's explosion of popularity at Woodstock, Malone went to San Quentin Prison, never to rejoin the band. He has had a hard life ever since. Reporter Stanley Roberts found him living on the streets of Oakland, and at first was skeptical of his claim to fame. When Santana saw the report, however, he knew it was legitimate. Santana got in touch with Roberts, and the two found Malone. All that was left was the touching reunion between the two former bandmates. They exchange a hug, with Malone saying, "you don't know how hard I prayed to get to see you."

    The video of their reunion now has more than 230,000 views, and commenters are loving it. One wrote, "This is touching. That smile on his face was real. Real from the heart." Some were suspicious, though, about what exactly a reunion is worth.

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