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  • People go to crazy lengths to get famous on the Web, but sometimes just a simple act will do it. Chris Cox became a sensation overnight, after simply mowing the lawn. Well, it wasn't just any lawn . Cox spent part of Wednesday, lawn mower and chainsaw in hand, doing upkeep on areas of the National Mall that had overgrown in the 10 days since the government shut down. Cox mowed the lawn outside the Lincoln Memorial and then used his chainsaw to cut up a large tree branch that had fallen onto a pathway. Park police let him work for a while but asked him to stop after a few hours for liability reasons. Cox said he wasn't doing the work for political reasons. He was trying to spruce up the area in preparation for this weekend's Million Vet March. Regardless of the intent, he has become a sensation on the Web. Commenters said of him, "I would vote him into Congress," with others calling him a "true patriot."

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  • DJ Matt Howes was in a near-death traffic accident on the island of Crete in 2011. He would have died, but gravel and dirt from the road kept his artery from bleeding out. Unfortunately though, the injury still caused him to have to have his right arm amputated. Arms, for a DJ, are very important to the craft, so the incident could have potentially ruined his career as well. But Howes returned to do a set two weeks later, in front of over 1,000 people. He knocked it out of the park, and continues to wow in increasingly popular DJ sets. He also does work to promote 'The Limbless Association,' a charity that works to help people who have gone through what he did.

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  • Technology has really changed the dating world. To prove that point, look no further than "Starbucks Drake Hands," the Web's latest and I think greatest meme. Here's the lowdown: Piper Kennedy, a model in Los Angeles, met a barista named Brody Curtis in Starbucks and gave him her number. The next day she received a selfie video from him. The video was so hilarious to Kennedy's friend DJ Ben Roc that he uploaded it to his Instagram account. Not only did Brody get Kennedy's attention, but after the Instagram video was posted, a viral meme was born, as well as the hashtag #StarbucksDrakeHands, as the song being played in the background is Drake's hit "Hold On, We're Going Home." One commenter on Roc's video wrote "This guy is hot but yet so strange. Will never hear Drake coming home the same again." Parodies are popping up everywhere — here is one of our favorites.

    Starbucks Drake Hands now has its own Instagram and Twitter accounts. And as for Brody, he says the video was an attempt to

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  • The Internet is saturated with cute animals, all vying for a piece of viral fame — call it dog-eat-dog or a catfight if you wish. But every once in a whilea new challenger really impresses. With that in mind, check out Snoopybabe. He's a cat in China who is taking the Internet by storm, and boy oh boy, is he adorable. Snoopybabe has actually already become quite a star in China, gaining hundreds of thousands of followerson the Chinese version of Twitter, Weibo. Thanks to the site, he was able to gain a couple hundred thousand Instagram followers. And that's when his fame traveled stateside. He can be seen wearing all manner ofoutfits and even jewelry, and his owner, Miss Ning, does not shy away from posting dozens of pictures a month on social media. In other words, Snoopybabe is hungry for fame. For her part, Miss Ning suggests her cat's fame comes from his "pie face" and from his droopy eyes that make him look permanently innocent. So watch out, Internet, Snoopybabe's coming for you.

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  • Are you having a bad day at work today? As bad as it might be, there's no way your day is as bad as the day that an employee in our video had. Security-camera footage posted to Reddit shows the interior of a liquor store. An employee appears to be stocking the shelves as customers browse for booze. All of a sudden, the shelves containing what we estimate to be thousands of bottles come crashing down. Before appearing on Reddit, the clip was posted to LiveLeak, a video-sharing site, where it has been viewed more than a million times! One Redditor commented that the store was able to clean up the mess pretty quickly, attaching this cleverly edited GIF. Thank you, Internet — we can always count on you to turn a bad day around.

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