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  • Nobody puts Baby — we mean Charlie — in a corner!

    The 8-year-old boy from Knoxville, Tenn., has become a viral sensation after his mother posted a Facebook video of him dancing along with Patrick Swayze in her favorite movie, 1987's rom-com hit "Dirty Dancing."

    BuzzFeed chatted with Charlie's mother, who said he has seen that movie about 10 to 12 times at this point.

    And it's not just this classic that gets Charlie's hips moving. If anything has dancing and music, he just can't seem to stand still, she said.

    One day, if ever asked, Charlie may consider his greatest dancing influence to be Michael Jackson. The King of Pop died when Charlie was only 3 years old, but the boy had begun to watch all of his music videos and replicate his moves.

    Charlie's mother previously posted a video to YouTube for friends and family to check out his "Thriller" moves.

    Charlie's dance moves have now been seen by more people than most Broadway actors', with over 8 million views of the Facebook video.


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  • Brendan Jordan does not know the meaning of the term camera-shy. The Las Vegas 15-year-old stole the show during a live newscast last week and raised the bar for videobombers everywhere by dancing like everyone should be watching him.
    During a local KLAS broadcast, Brendan decided to unleash his moves behind anchors reporting on the long-awaited opening of the Summerlin Mall.
    Brendan's self-assured moves and his face with attitude have drawn attention from around the Web. Many are talking about him on social media, showing their admiration for the teen's self-confidence. Bravo's Andy Cohen of "Watch What Happens Live" has even mentioned the video.
    Patranya Bhoolsuwan, the anchor who was caught between Brendan and his spotlight, seems to be supportive of the news-crash.
    Bhoolsuwan told Yahoo News, "This kid was supersweet.... [He] asked to take a [picture] with me, then says all he wants to do is be on TV. I have been news-crashed plenty of times before, but this one was by far the

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  • Sometimes we all need a little reminder to take baby steps. Little Lucy Turner's father documented a reminder for her, of her first baby steps and her journey toward walking, in a very heartwarming time-lapse video shared on YouTube. Like all of us, Lucy stumbles and tumbles and even gets pushed down a few times … but with practice, she learns more and more each day.

    In the video, Lucy's family members cheer her on — holding her hand when she needs it and letting go when she is ready. A great part of the video is when they take time to appreciate a small triumph: They applaud Lucy when she learns to stand and clap — at the same time! Finally, Lucy figures it out, like we all do, and her father shows how her walking progressed into running into the world. Dad made sure to end the video on a reminder for Lucy that her big sister Alice will always be there to keep her in check. We have a feeling that with a family like hers, Lucy's footsteps will lead her in the right direction.

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  • Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably witnessed or heard about the incredible talent of dancer Taylor Hatala. The 11-year-old is known for impressively strutting her stuff with choreographer Laurence Kaiwai in a video that went viral on YouTube a few weeks ago in which she breaks it down to a remixed version of Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda."

    That YouTube video is currently at over 8 million views.  Taylor even got to perform her famous dance steps on the "Ellen" show, where DeGeneres exclaimed, "They're amazing. I love that so much. That girl is so good. Give anything to dance like that ever in my life." Taylor was blown away by the experience, saying, "It was a dream come true. I'm so blessed."
    Now Taylor is back giving her fans what they want -- a fresh dance routine. In a new video featuring a different choreography partner, Matt Steffanina, the tiny dancer breaks it down to a remix of Meghan Trainor's catchy hit "All About That Bass." The new video has been viewed

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  • Dr. Martens, plaid shirts tied around the waist, a "Boy Meets World" reboot ... it's official: The '90s are back, and so is the popular Rock the Vote campaign, which left a lasting impact on pop culture and the way youth participates in electoral politics.
    This time, the get-out-the-vote campaign is using an updated anthem to call a new generation of young voters to the polls for the upcoming midterm elections. Everything about the campaign mirrors the way this new generation operates.
    Rapper Lil Jon (the name on his ballot is Jonathan Smith) has repurposed his 2013 summer anthem "Turn Down for What" into a celebrity-filled parody music video, "#TURNOUTFORWHAT," appropriately employing a hashtag to encourage millennials to post, tweet, and share the video with their peers.
    The video begins with Lil Jon on the phone with his "aunt" Whoopi Goldberg, whom millennials may know only as one of the voices from "The Lion King."
    Lil John tells Aunt Whoopi that no, he is not watching "Dancing

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