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  • You know the old saying "Imitation is the highest form of flattery"? Well, if that's true, then Stevie Wonder will be extremely flattered by an 18-year-old crooner on YouTube. Jacob Collier is a talented vocalist from London who has released several videos featuring him performing all six parts of the vocal track, as well as the instrumentals. His latest hit "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing" has Wonder fans singing his praises. Check it out here.

    Any of you doubters out there should know that Collier says absolutely no Auto-Tune is used in his videos. "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing" was uploaded Sunday and already has more than 80,000 views. But that's nothing compared to Collier's other viral video hit from last year, "Isn't She Lovely," which racked up over 400,000 views. Jacob also recorded a video titled "The Road Not Taken," based on the Robert Frost poem. Keep them coming, Jacob — your work is beautiful!

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  • Living simply can be thought of as a virtue. Dan Price practices this virtue in a rather extreme way, living on $5,000 a year, mostly in a self-described "hobbit hole" near Joseph, Oregon. For more than 20 years, Price has been living in the small underground structure that he built from mostly found materials on the horse pasture where it lies.

    Once a photojournalist with a wife and two kids, he moved from Kentucky to his native Oregon to live a simple life after reading Harlan Hubbard's book "Payne Hollow," in which the author describes moving to a meager cottage in Ohio. In addition to the hobbit hole, Price made himself a bathhouse and sauna, a workshop, and a garage for his TerraTrike, a three-wheeled off-road bicycle that he uses to get around.

    During the warm months of the year, Price lives on the horse pasture where his shelter is, paying the landowners $100 a month. In the colder months, he surfs in Hawaii. In addition to odd jobs around town, Price sells a zine called

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  • In recent years, a lot of large-scale events, including concerts and speeches, have added American Sign Language interpreters to help those with hearing impairments have a better experience. The work that they do is intricate and heartfelt, and it also looks really cool. So it's perhaps no wonder that the work of ASL interpretation has birthed a few stars. Take Lydia Callis, Mayor Michael Bloomberg's interpreter at the time of Superstorm Sandy a year ago.She was heralded for her enthusiasm and ability. In that vibrant spirit comes Amber Galloway-Gallego, who can teach you a thing or two about rap lyrics, or at least how they look in ASL. She has over 300 concerts under her belt, and it's perhaps this experience that gives her authority to interpret phrases from the mildly racy to the outright smutty. And people love it. Vines and Instagram videos made their way around the Web these past two weekends, as Galloway-Gallego was interpreting for a Kendrick Lamar performance at the Austin

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  • Since you’re reading Trending Now on your computer, there’s a good chance that you appreciate a good cute cat photo. Am I right? Well two sisters from New York City have released a music video telling you how to capitalize on that theory. It’s called ‘Cat Pictures’ and it was uploaded to YouTube by Rachael and Eliza Hurwitz.

    The video has been viewed more than 6,000 times, but we think that number will skyrocket, because who doesn’t want to get paid in cat pictures? Well...I dont!

  • Being stuck behind a drawbridge that's opening when you are in a rush can really put a damper on your day, but what about getting stuck on an opening drawbridge? That seems far worse, but that's exactly what happened in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to a 55-year-old woman on Saturday. From about 22 feet in the air, she clung to the bridge, waiting to be rescued, as onlookers called 911. Once the fire department did arrive, it used a 24-foot ladder to bring her down to the cheering crowd. The woman had reportedly just finished a walk against breast cancer when she crossed the bridge, which began going up with her on it. The bridge is not for pedestrians and has a No Trespassing sign in front of it.

    Most of the first reports on this story broke on Twitter, where bystanders shared images of the scene. The woman walked away from the ordeal unharmed, but the city of Fort Lauderdale is not happy. It released a statement saying her bridge crossing was "an unfortunate poor choice that endangered

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