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  • Greg Benson has mastered the art of cell phone crashing. The 46-year-old comedian sits next to someone talking loudly on the phone and begins responding to whatever they say. Back in December, we covered a video of Benson pulling this off at Los Angeles International Airport. That clip has since been viewed over 8 million times.

    On Wednesday, Benson uploaded a new edition of cell phone crashing to YouTube. This time he took his talents to Disneyland.

    "Yeah, we're gonna say hi to Pluto. You want to say hi to Pluto?" asks a woman, who is within earshot of the Disney character and right next to Benson. The comedian does not miss a beat, leaning in towards the cartoon dog and saying, "OK. Hi, Pluto! OK. Anything else?"

    The woman's reaction is priceless. However like most people in the video, she eventually laughs along with the prank.

    "I never want to make anyone mad or unhappy," Benson told us of his intentions. "Actually the opposite; I like to have a good time, and I hope the people

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  • Thanks to YouTube, families across the world can share that moment of exuberance when a soldier returns home from overseas. Martin Miller decided to multiply that moment by three, surprising his dad, sister, and mother in succession. His friend Scott Kelley, also a veteran, filmed all of the emotional reunions and uploaded them online.

    Miller is from Phoenix, Ariz. and was deployed to Afghanistan a year ago. He planned the surprises with Kelley, who lives next door to the Miller’s. Kelley witnessed Miller’s dismissal and drove him to the hospital where Mason’s father Bernie works. Inside, Mason knocked on his dad’s office door and interrupted a meeting. The elder Mason clearly did not mind.

    “For God’s sake!” Bernie said through tears as he hugged his son. “I can’t believe you!”

    But Mason was just getting started. With father in tow, the three men then visited his sister at work. She also could not stop hugging him.

    “Mason! Oh my God!” she exclaimed when she saw her brother. “Oh she’s

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  • Amid the devastation after a deadly landslide last weekend in Oso, Wash., man's best friend provided a small glimmer of hope. While searching for survivors, rescue workers were able to recover a dog from the debris.

    On Saturday, the Kuntz family decided to attend their son Quinton's baseball game. It was a routine activity that saved their lives. Shortly after the family left for the game, a mudslide plowed through their house, wiping out about 30 other homes in the process. The Kuntzes returned to find their house 150 feet away from its original location. Yet they were among the lucky ones. Linda McPherson, who lived next door, was killed in the disaster.

    "We have lost a great, great sister, but we're a strong family and we're going to get through this," McPherson's sister, Irene Kuntz, told KOMO News. McPherson's husband survived the mudslide.

    The Kuntzes, who left their dog and cat at home, assumed both were gone. But when they returned home to witness the devastation, they heard a

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  • A rural United States Postal Service carrier who refused to get out of his car to deliver a package is creating quite a stir on the Internet.

    In a video filmed Monday and uploaded Tuesday by YouTube user "eDude76," a USPS worker pulls into the user's driveway in a minivan, rolls down the window, and tosses a box at the garage door. Inside the package was a hard drive, and naturally the recipient was a little upset.

    "Hey USPS employees, is this an accepted delivery method?" he posted on Reddit under a different alias. "Tired of damaged equipment and dents in my garage door."

    The video sparked a discussion on Reddit about awful delivery experiences by USPS as well as FedEx and UPS.

    "In this specific instance, I don't think there was any damage caused by this drop (having trouble with the drive, but hopefully not related), but it wouldn't be the first time something got damaged," the video's description reads. "If you watch carefully, you can see the door being pushed in."

    The clip

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  • Andrew Maxwell-Parish wants to make it clear that he is not a fan of handshakes.

    "Handshakes just make me feel dirty," he said on a website that gives instructions for how to create a device he invented called the high-five camera. "It's too impersonal. It's a gesture with no soul and reeks of a corporate entity."

    Maxwell-Parish created the camera to drive his point home. The device automatically films a short clip every time he slaps palms with someone. While the camera is intriguing, the reactions from complete strangers are a bit surprising. Who knew that a random high-five could put a smile on someone's face?

    There are two pieces of technology behind the contraption: a GoPro camera and a device called an Arduino Yun. The latter is a microcontroller board that tells the camera when to record and stop.

    With the high-five camera mounted on his helmet, Maxwell-Parish put it into action and uploaded the footage to Vimeo. The device works exactly as advertised, and people seem to get a

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