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  • We are fans of NBC's "The Voice" here at Trending Now. The interplay between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton is great, and they bring in some great talent. But after seeing one performance on Italy's version of the show, we feel as if we're missing out on something. That something is Sister Cristina Scuccia. Yes, sister. She's a nun from the Ursuline Sister of the Holy Family, and she sure can belt it out. On "The Voice of Italy," she performed a passionate, full-throated rendition of Alicia Keys's "No One" that kind of puts even Keys's version to shame.

    As Sister Cristina sang , fellow sisters watched and cheered from backstage. All four of the "Voice" judges almost immediately hit their buttons, and when their chairs turned, the looks on their faces were priceless. After all, it's not often that a nun is a contestant on a singing show and — more incredible — that she is so good. Shortly after her performance, the term #suorcristina, or "Sister Cristina" in Italian, was trending on

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  • If you were to drop by the Yahoo Studios office in New York City, you would notice employees playing the hottest, new computer game sweeping the nation (on our downtime of course). It's known simply as 2048. In case you have never heard of it, here's how you play. There's a square grid with 16 tiles. You have to keep combining the like numbers together using the arrow keys until a tile reaches 2048, hence the name of the game. The downside is that it seems so impossible to ever reach that number, but that won't stop you from trying at least 10,000 times.

    Dr. Who 2048 Game

    You really have to play it to understand how addictive it is. And if you start to experience signs of a 2048 obsession, you have a 19-year-old Web developer from Italy to thank. Gabriele Cirulli created the game and released it on March 9. He says of 2048's boost to fame, "I have yet to hear stories about people fighting, breaking up, or getting fired due to my game, which is good I guess." 

    If you think Cirulli is rolling in the

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  • We can hashtag today's show #MattressSaves. Sure, they can be soft and comfortable, and some apparently let you jump on them with glasses of red wine just feet away. But it's rare that in the span of a couple of days, mattresses play hero in two separate stories.

    First, we have one unlucky cyclist whose unfortunate run-in with a speeding truck ended a lot better than it could have. Not much is known about the video, but it was taken from the security camera of a driving school. It portrays the view of a normal street, until one sees a cyclist come into view. Immediately, he's sideswiped by a truck. You would think that was just the beginning of the pain, but then something amazing happens. A poorly attached mattress flies off the truck, buttressing the fall of the cyclist and giving him quite a nice landing pad. In the aftermath, he's able to stand and walk away, and it even looks like his bicycle is OK.

    A couple days later in Burbank, California, this time it was a box spring that

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  • March Madness has arrived. Take a break from attempting to compile that perfect bracket to watch Brodie Smith make some trick shots on the basketball court with a Frisbee.

    In the trickster's latest YouTube video, he heads to Butler University's Hinkle Fieldhouse. What school embodies the craziness of the NCAA tournament more than Butler? In 2010, the Bulldogs became the smallest school to play in the national championship tournament since it was expanded to a field of 64. Butler lost that year to Duke. Then-head coach Brad Stevens led his team back to the finals against Connecticut in the following season, where they again fell short.

    The 10,000-seat venue was home to a Bulldog team that debuted in the Big East conference this year with a 14-17 record. It also served as a cool site for Smith to execute a bunch of ridiculous Frisbee throws.

    Smith starts the video with a no-look toss from about 20 feet out that rattles home. He then bounces a basketball from half court, in front of two

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  • The latest daredevil whose stunt has gone viral is admitting it was “the most stupid thing I've ever done.”

    Alex Thomson is known for his sailing. The British yachtsman has sailed professionally for 16 years. Designer Hugo Boss sponsors his race team and provided quite the backdrop and attire for a feat the company has called “#mastwalk.” For it, Thomson runs up the mast of his yacht as it cruises through the ocean. the mast slanted to a 60-degree angle. He calmly collects himself, throws his sunglasses into the pocket of his black suit, and dives about 30 meters (nearly 100 feet) down into the ocean.

    The stunt was performed near Cadiz, Spain. Video of the event has been viewed more than a million times since Thomson's YouTube channel posted it on March 3.

    "I was appreciating perhaps it wasn't safe at all, and there were some hairy moments when we were practicing,” he told CNN. The 37-year-old practiced with a stunt coordinator for two days. “I remember one time I was halfway up when

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