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  • You've seen them before. Couples, out on dates or hanging out at home or, you know, wherever, snapping photos of each other with sweet captions. And don't get me wrong, it can be sweet and cute — but sometimes it inspires groans, or even downright jealousy from single folks. For the envious out there, one Instagram user has the perfect, and possibly creepiest, solution. Keisuke Jinushi has mastered the art of making what is essentially a selfie look like a photo of someone spending time with the one he or she loves.

    Jinushi's technique is basic but pretty hilarious. He puts light foundation on his right hand, paints his nails, and puts a frilly scrunchy on his wrist. Voilà, instant female hand. Then, inserting that hand into the selfies he is taking, he is able to create the illusion of someone feeding him treats, pinching his cheeks, and drawing on him in his sleep. He even details how he achieves these photos on his blog[YI2] . Check out his Instagram account yourself if you want a

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  • You've heard of the legend of Atlantis, a lost island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean mentioned in the writings of Plato. But now, thanks to an underwater archaeologist, a real lost city has been discovered. Frank Goddio unearthed a 1,600-year-old city originally called Heracleion by the Greeks but named Thonis by the ancient Egyptians. About 1,200 years ago, the city vanished. For the past 13 years, Goddio and his team from the European Institute for Underwater Archaeology searched for the forgotten city. And then they found it, 30 feet under the Mediterranean Sea, four miles off the coast of Alexandria in Egypt.

    Goddio and his team have begun bringing the remains of the ancient city to the surface, piecing together the story of Thonis/Heracleion. So far, some of the artifacts found during the excavation — such as gold coins, stone ledgers, and weights — support the theory that it was a port city bustling with commerce and transactions. Goddio's revelation is being called one of

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  • Anyone who has ever been unemployed knows how enticing it would be to keep an envelope you found full of cash on the ground. When Shannon Baker came across an envelope containing $4,000 outside of a vitamin store in Merrillville, Indiana, however, she decided she would do the right thing. Baker and husband could certainly have used the money. Their car needs repairs, and she was eight months pregnant at the time. Instead, she turned it in at the local police station, hoping that the rightful owner would claim it.

    So why the good deed? It may be due in part to the company Baker was keeping that day. She was with her young daughter, and she knew that in addition to it being the right thing to do, turning in the envelope would also be an important lesson in honesty. Baker told WLS-TV, "My kid was standing right there when I found it. So basically I taught my daughter how to be honest. And for me that was fine."

    Even the police were surprised that she turned in the money, saying that it

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  • So imagine you hopped in a taxi and to your surprise the driver was President Barack Obama. Well, that’s sort of what happened in Oslo when taxi passengers were shocked to discover their country’s prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg, behind the wheel.

    The social experiment came out just as the Labour Party leader is in the middle of his campaign for re-election. It didn’t take long for passengers to recognize him. One rider told him his eyes looked just like Stoltenberg’s before figuring it out. Then riders got down to business, giving him their opinions. When one woman complained about the high salaries of corporate leaders, Stoltenberg tried to say it was a hard thing to stop. She fired back by saying, “But you are the prime minister.”

    Stoltenberg said of the stunt, “As prime minister, it is important to listen to people's opinions. And if there's one place people say what they really mean, it's in the taxi." He added that he wanted to hear real voters' opinions before the election

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  • Seeing yoga-enthusiasts engage in limb-bending feats of strength and balance sometimes make the practice look easy. But any novice who has tried it out can tell you that it's really very difficult, and you might end up a sweaty, embarrassed heap lying on the floor. That is what is so dispiriting about seeing Panchino, the yogi-dog, doing his yoga, or perhaps 'doga,' poses with such ease. His owner is an Italian-speaking yoga-instructor, so one can understand where he has learned all of his skills.

    Panchino follows his owner perfectly, transitioning from (appropriately) down-dog, to child's pose, to cobra. His ability to mimic exactly what his owner does is really something, and though it goes without saying, adorable.

    The video has crossed 650,000 views on YouTube since last week, with viewers loving not only the tiny chihuahua, but also his owner. Some compared the man's looks to those of Ryan Gosling, while another said "super cute and amazing." An amateur chihuahua-biologist rang in

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