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  • There are lots of things to look forward to this time of year: the start of football, new fashions, and pumpkin-flavored everything to name a few. If you're an aficionado of deep-fried foods, you'll certainly have a chance to whet your appetite during fair season. From Oreos to Twinkies to meatballs, it seems no type of food is too taboo to submerge in oil.

    Isaac Rousso knows this. The cook has been serving up Cuban sandwiches at the Texas state fair for the past six years. On Monday, he took home the Best Taste nod at the fair's Big Tex Choice Awards for his deep-fried Cuban roll. The ingredients are what you would expect for the type of sandwich: ham, roasted pork, pickles, Swiss cheese, and special sauce. The roll is served with mojo sauce made of olive oil, garlic, and citrus flavoring. Roll it up and fry it, and you have an award-winning fair dish fit for a Texas-sized appetite. He had some pretty steep competition including deep-fried Nutella, chicken-fried meatloaf, and

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  • Remember science class? Sure, there were the parts where you had to learn Punnett squares and figure out how many electrons hydrogen gives to oxygen (or is it the other way around?). But there were also those awesome moments when you got to see science in action — the kind of mind-blowing experiments that were featured on "Bill Nye the Science Guy." Perhaps realizing that this is an appealing entry point for kids interested in the field, GE came up with the idea for a weeklong "#6SecondScience Fair.

     The company called for submissions from users on Vine, the social media app in which people share 6-second videos that loop endlessly. Using the hashtag #6SecondScience, users uploaded all manner of clever submissions, ranging from a fake frog dissection to some seriously trippy experiments with magnetism. Check them out yourself. GE then compiled its favorites into a video called "How Much Science Can You Fit Into 6 Seconds?" And the result is a really cool montage jam-packed with oohs

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  • Technology has changed socializing a lot. After meeting someone, you can Facebook-stalk them to your heart's content, and get some background on who this person is. You also have the power to be connected to the rest of the world at a moment's notice. But the change that is most visible has to be the complete takeover of people's hands and pockets by phones. In a new, very viral video, Charlene deGuzman laments what has happened to our social lives, thanks to phones. And it looks super bleak.

    In the video, titled "I Forgot My Phone,' we see embellished scenes of what would otherwise be exciting activities for their own sake turning into ones of boredom, alienation, or downright silliness, thanks to phone use. DeGuzman herself stars as the often-miffed individual who isn't glued to a brightly lit screen. Her voice gets ignored. Her strikes in bowling are never noticed. People focus more on taking photos of a birthday party than enjoying the party itself. And her day begins how it ends —

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  • Sir Patrick Stewart is known for playing strong, wise characters in movies, on television and onstage. In a recent video on YouTube, however, he plays the part of acting teacher and teaches a technique that might not even exist: the quadruple take.

    Stewart begins by saying that we have all seen single takes, double takes, and triple takes, but he is here to teach something new and a little different. He then goes on to demonstrate the move, using a bawdy phrase as a trigger. His finale is not quite perfect — I count five takes — but it is strangely endearing.

    The video was recorded by Stewart's fiancée and posted to YouTube last night. Her feet are even prominently featured, adding to the unusual nature of theclip. Some in the media have suggested that perhaps illicit substances were involved in its creation. But those online, even on YouTube, where comments often take a turn for the offensive, were in awe of the performance.

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  • Dean Zimmer is a talented drummer who plays in a band that has opened for the likes of Styx, Kansas, and Thin Lizzy over the years. He was also born with a rare disorder, called Arthrogryposis, that affects the joints. That might make a weaker person give up on a career doing the most physically demanding job in music. But Zimmer rocks. He has been playing for 30 years, and has only gotten better with time.

    Other musicians laud his talent. But he knows how skeptical people were at first. A short video, made by Ross Harris and Stanley Gonzales, is called 'Drummer Wanted,' after the ads that Zimmer would respond to for auditions. Whenever he showed up to an audition, he says, people looked at him "like [he] had three heads."

    His style is unusual, but it works. Zimmer stresses that his disability does not affect him, saying, "I wasn't disabled: I just couldn't walk real good." His bandmate, Rick Abbott, says of his ability, that when people go to see him, they might be circumspect, but

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