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  • We have covered both of Jose Ahonen's "Magic for Dogs" videos released over the past month on YouTube, each to a solid amount of fanfare. But if you browsed the comments on these videos, you might have noticed people wondering and hypothesizing about trying to perform magic on cats. Would they have the same animated reactions as dogs or would they simply not care?

    For those who need a visual answer, they now have it thanks to magician Rick Lax. The Las Vegas native uploaded "Magic For Cats" on Friday. The two-minute clip has over 124,000 views.

    "I spend a day performing magic tricks for cats to see their reaction," Lax wrote to Yahoo on Facebook. "VERY different (from dogs)."

    Unlike Ahonen, Lax does not use any food or treats for his props. Still, every cat in the video disregards him. Some walk away. Others stare blankly. None seems to care about what Lax has to offer.

    "It worked!" one viewer joked on YouTube. "Cat disappeared every time!"

    Meanwhile, other commenters defended the

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  • The premise of Vine is repetition: 6-second videos on an indefinite loop. So it makes sense that a father would use the social network to showcase how his Saturday mornings can play out like in "Groundhog Day."

    Tony Serafini, a father of two in Central Massachusetts, uploads videos to Vine under the username "Bottlerocket." The 38-year-old has attracted over 322,000 followers on the site with clips of him and his family simply joking around. But now his popularity has transferred to YouTube, as a compilation of Vines that he recorded over a three-month period has gone viral.

    "We started our Saturday morning Vines right around Christmas time," Serafini said in an email. "My wife brings my oldest daughter, 7, to dance class, and I have an hour before my youngest daughter, 4, goes to dance class. My kids have a Spotify playlist, and they make me play it while they dance and play, usually starting at 8 in the morning!"

    The playlist has songs you would expect to hear on pop radio by artists

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  • Claire Diaz-Ortiz welcomed a daughter, Lucia, to the world on Saturday. We know this because the Twitter employee used the social network to live-tweet her birth.

    If you work with social media, you understand the difficulty of live-tweeting an event. The process involves a person giving a running account of events in real time on Twitter. Usually, a bit of editorializing is added to the online play-by-play. Most of the time, live-tweeting happens during big television events, such as professional sports and award shows.

    Claire Diaz Ortiz

    But there was no red carpet commentary or real-time account of a basketball game on Diaz-Ortiz's timeline on Saturday. Rather there was a tweet at 4:31 a.m. that questioned whether her water had just broke, tagged with "#labor."

    That hashtag soon changed to "#inlabor." Diaz-Ortiz, wearing a Twitter jacket with her "@claire" handle embroidered on the back, was off to the hospital with her husband. Naturally, the ride was far from smooth.

    "Speed bumps on road and

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  • A reporter's brush with a protester made for some interesting live TV … on the competition's newscast.

    CBS Chicago chief correspondent Jay Levine was reporting outside of a fundraiser that President Obama was attending. During the live broadcast, a man barged in to the shot, grabbed Levine's microphone, and yelled, "Obama is a war criminal!" The station immediately cut to a recorded package.

    But the action continued. NBC Chicago's Mary Ann Ahern was also live outside of the event and stood just a few feet away from Levine. You can hear the protester shouting as she talks about the president's visit. The camera then pans to the left and catches Levine swinging at the protester. A CBS employee, Dennis Williams, brought the man to the ground and held him there as a police officer walked over to the scene.

    The CBS station posted raw video of the debacle on its website. In the video, you can see Levine swung his arm in an attempt to free himself from the protester's grip.

    The station notes

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  • A FedEx driver's rough morning has led to a viral video but, thankfully, no injuries.

    Surveillance camera footage uploaded to YouTube on Thursday shows a FedEx van driving down a street and out of the camera frame. Moments later, the truck rolls back in to the shot, with the driver frantically chasing it down the street. Miraculously, the delivery van narrowly misses a house before coming to a halt. From the video, it appears that some combination of a tree and its roots redirected the vehicle away from the home.

    In a statement to Trending Now, a spokesperson for FedEx said, "While this video shows an unfortunate situation for the driver, safety is our top priority, and we are relieved no one was hurt."

    The person who uploaded the video shed more details on the situation.

    "There was damage to the vehicle. The driver is safe," a person who goes by "JW" told us. "I did not speak to him directly but did speak to the officer on the scene afterwards and everyone — except for a wooden

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