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  • Ever since Rebecca Black's crazy song "Friday" went viral, the world has been waiting for a music video they love to hate. And we are happy—and sort of mortified—to announce that it is here! Tay Allyn, who calls herself a BMI-affiliated recording artist, released the video for her single "Mass Text" on YouTube. So far it has been viewed more than 145,000 times, but critics are not singing along.

    Most comments on YouTube have been negative. One user wrote, "Wow, this sucks." Others are accusing Allyn of being an Internet troll, or someone who tries to upset people online. But we believe that Allyn's video is nothing more than a joke. First, the YouTube description of "Mass Text" says Allyn was chosen by Justin Timberlake as a top upcoming artist of 2013. Also, there's a brunette "Funny or Die" uploader named "Taylor Allyn" who put out a music video featuring the same "Mass Text" song in 2011.

    OK, very funny, Tay Allyn, you got us for a minute.

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  • Making a truly awesome display of dominoes requires attention, patience, and an ease with the fleeting nature of the work you are creating. You spend hours, sometimes days, making intricate lines, structures, and shapes that will hopefully fall down in a smooth, wavelike motion. And for this, you get only a few minutes to actually see the thing in action. Of course, this task becomes a lot easier when you know that you might end up with a Guinness World Record when it's all said and done. That is exactly what happened for the Sinners Domino Entertainment team in Germany.

    Over eight days, a team of 12 builders set up "Enjoy Your Life," the record-breaking display. The setup consists of several themed areas, including ones devoted to travel and to sports. In each, different structures, like pyramids, or even shelves, are employed to elevate the fall of dominoes to more than just one plane of existence. The main event is the world's largest domino spiral, though. Containing over 55,000

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  • Grammy-winning composer Eric Whitacre became a big deal on YouTube when he realized he could combine the voices of 250 singers, recorded individually, to make one awesome version of the piece, "Lux Arumque." Whitacre used social media to recruit the singers, sent them sheet music and then assembled the video to make it look as if he were conducting them while they sat in their respective houses. Whitacre is now conducting a similar experiment, but this time he has upped the ante to a staggering 5,900 singers.

    In "Fly to Paradise," Whitacre has combined 5,900 submissions to form a choir made up of sopranos, altos, tenors and basses. The video projects the faces of the volunteers onto virtual buildings to show just how massive this collective is. Besides the sheer number of volunteers, the demographics of the singers are also considerable: They consist of people from 101 countries, aged 6 to 98. Aside from the dozen people who helped Whitacre and what he calls a "small army of

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  • Our story today seems more like a Jason Bourne movie plot than a real-life account. Michael Boatwright was found unconscious at a Motel 6 in Palm Springs back in February. When he awoke, he did not know his name, recognize himself in the mirror, or remember how to speak English. Luckily, he had identification and a few personal items on him, including five tennis rackets, a change of clothing, two cell phones, and photos of family and friends. Boatwright's records show that he served in the U.S. Navy from 1971 to 1973.

    One important clue to the mystery is that he taught English in Japan for 10 years and in China for 4. Boatwright flew from Hong Kong to California on February 24, the date on which his Chinese visa expired. He was taken to Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs and on March 13 was diagnosed with transient global amnesia. Now doctors at the hospital are desperately trying to find out more about him. His parents lived in Florida but according to records are both

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  • Immediately after the jury's not-guilty verdict was announced in the George Zimmerman trial, people were already wondering what the nation's reaction would be. The saga, which began with the death of Trayvon Martin in February 2012, became a charged national debate covering a multitude of controversial issues, including race, gun control, and self-defense laws. Many were worried that the not-guilty verdict would bring with it not just anger, but also violence. As is expected these days, people were able to get up-to-the-minute news, thanks to social media.

    The reaction to the verdict was filled with pieces of original content made for the Internet, as well as photographic evidence from the protests that sprang up around the country. One such piece that made a big splash was an image of Martin Luther King Jr., altered to be wearing a hoodie, which became the lightning-rod clothing item that activists used to show their support for Trayvon Martin. It was created by artist Nikkolas

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