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  • A Tokyo-born photographer is harnessing the power of her digital art skills to travel back to her childhood. Chino Otsuka places a current photograph of herself next to a younger photo in a new series titled, "Imagine Finding Me."

    Copyright: Chino Otsuka

    The visual artist left Japan for the United Kingdom at the age of 10. Photographs of Otsuka sightseeing across Asia and Europe date as far back as 1975.

    Copyright: Chino Otsuka

    "Becoming a tourist of your own history is my starting point," she says in a video on a page for her entry to win the AGO AIMIA Photography Prize in 2013. "Imagine Finding Me" was a finalist for the award from the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. "So each individual photograph, I take as a different scene."

    Copyright: Chino Otsuka

    The scenes provide viewers with a different retrospect on Otsuka's childhood. In each photo, a more recent shot of Otsuka is standing next to or with an older photo of herself. In some instances, the double self-portraits span over 30 years.

    "They're all in transitional places. ... So it's like bridges,

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  • Scott Murray went crabbing for a couple of days off the coast of Western Australia. He brought his GoPro camera along for the ride, and he shared the spectacular underwater footage on YouTube. Murray's exact location was off the coast of Busselton.

    The clip was filmed right before the New Year. Murray attached the camera to the crab net, along with the bait, and put it in the water. Almost immediately, fish swarm the submerged net. But the water creatures disperse when a crab arrives on the scene and begins grabbing at the bait. This is a recurring theme throughout the five-minute clip.

    But to some viewers' surprise, Murray's camera also captured the diversity underwater. In addition to the fish and crab, a stingray and a dolphin were both seen swimming near the net. Murray is surprised by not only what he filmed, but also how many people watched his clip. "I only uploaded it to YouTube because I couldn't email it to my dad," the 28-year-old told the Bunbury Mail. "When I went to bed

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  • Some people only like the cold when it’s convenient for them and conducive to great landscapes and fun outdoor activities. That is not the case for Henry Reich. He loves winter, seemingly regardless of its incarnation, and is showing the world in a new YouTube clip.

    Reich uploaded a video called, “What To Do When It's Really Cold Outside.” He filmed the clip when it was 17 degrees below zero in Hayward, Wis. During the three-minute film Reich is seen shoveling snow with a broom, listening to the snow crunch as he steps on it, and skiing down a path.

    But the video is climbing over 120,000 views because of a couple of other activities that are showcased. Towards the beginning of the video, Reich hops in to a lake wearing only shoes, gloves, and a bathing suit. He clarifies that it is in fact a hole in the ice, not a hot tub. Reich also is seen blowing bubbles and tossing boiling water in to the air, watching it evaporate as it hits the cold.

    On Twitter, Reich revealed to us how he prepared

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  • On Tuesday, parts of the U.S. will deal with some of the coldest temperatures in two decades. Perhaps because of that, the last place you would think to vacation is Quebec, more specifically, Hôtel de Glace. It translates to "the Ice Hotel" and is exactly that: a hotel made of ice and snow.

    The tourist destination, which opened in 2001, welcomes visitors from January to March of each year. Noah Maynard uploaded to Reddit photos from a recent visit. The pictures depict an ice wonderland: entryways carved out of ice, art engraved in snow-covered walls, and regular hotel amenities such as a spa and bar made out of ice.

    "It's actually quite warm to sleep in," notes another Reddit user. "Usually, guests will sleep a few hours, then get up and spend some time in the hot tubs that are set up near the rooms."

    The hotel provides sleeping bags on top of box springs that are carved out of, you guessed it, ice. According to the hotel's website, rooms stay between 23 to 27 degrees Fahrenheit,

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  • Meet Peeps, a duck that hatched from a batch of eggs. Several things make Peeps different from his duckling counterparts. For one, the man who cared for the eggs Peeps came from was initially attempting to hatch chickens. For another, Peeps did not have any other ducks to socialize with.


    That man is a Reddit user who goes by "Spongi." His series of photos has the online community calling him "the real Duck Commander," but you could also compare him to animal-lover Radagast from "The Hobbit." With a lone duck and no mother to care for it, the farmer Spongi came to the rescue. He raised Peeps in a bed next to his and cared for the duckling with his beard in lieu of a mother's wing.

    Spongi tells his fellow redditors the duck's living arrangement will change with the weather.

    "Once it's spring Peeps will be a free range duck," he wrote. "I'll provide grains, water and a shelter, but that's it other than socialization of course. My chickens are practically no work."

    The man also elaborated on

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