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  • Hal Douglas, a voice artist who helped usher in a new generation of movie trailers, died last week. His daughter Sarah told the New York Times that the cause was complications from pancreatic cancer. Douglas was 89.

    The phrase, “In A World…” was often associated with another voiceover icon, Don LaFontaine, who passed away in 2008. But this particular style of reading copy could also be attributed to Douglas. Over a career that spanned almost four decades, the actor voiced thousands of movie trailers, television promos, and commercials. His trademark deep tone could range from dramatic to comedic, earning him placements on everything from trailers for “Lethal Weapon” and “Philadelphia” to commercials for pharmaceutical products.

    “I even did the (commercials for) condoms way back when just the mention of the word ‘Trojans’ was horrifying,” Douglas told Casimir Nozkowski in a digital short entitled, “A Great Voice.” “I was also doing Chevrolet I think at the time, and they requested that

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  • The aborted takeoff of a flight heading from Philadelphia to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., is just the latest example of how social media is shaping the way that news breaks.

    A tweet that read "so my plane just crashed ..." — accompanied by a picture of the scene — is how this story began online. The photo was taken by Hannah Udren, 18, who goes by "skip" on Twitter. She followed the first tweet with a "selfie" that perfectly frames her and the downed jet. The text with the photo she took of herself simply says, "so yup."

    About 4,000 retweets later, a debate is growing about the intersection between social networks, civilians, and journalists. For her part, "skip" notes that she posted the photo "for my friends and family." She simply wanted to show them that she was OK.

    In addition to the tweet, social media also contributed to ABC News coverage of the crash. The network obtained footage from the crash site via Facebook. Another passenger, Dennis Fee, filmed a clip from the ground of people

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  • Fans of a minor-league hockey team believed that the price of beer at the arena was a rip-off. But unlike other sporting enthusiasts who might feel the same way, they actually conducted an investigation and confirmed what they thought. Now, the president of the arena has issued an apology as other fans file a lawsuit.

    Heath Forsey and Gwen Gibbs cheer on the Idaho Steelheads, the ECHL affiliate of the NHL’s Dallas Stars. The Steelheads play at Centurylink Arena in Boise. Inside of the venue, small 16-ounce beers cost $4 and large 20-ounce brews cost $7.

    But in a video posted by Forsey and Gibbs to YouTube on Sunday, the same amount of beer in a large cup fits in to a small one. The difference in the cups is in their shape, not size. The arena’s concessions are also open during NBDL Idaho Stampede games, concerts, and other events.

    On Monday, the lead story in Boise made international headlines. Eric Trapp, President of the Steelheads and Centurylink Arena, took to Facebook to explain

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  • Viral social media memes such as "planking" and "Tebowing" are a distant memory. "LeBroning" is so two months ago. The latest Internet craze doesn't involve standing still, nor does it play off a popular athlete. Instead, a rather large mammal inspired this meme.

    "Whaling" is what the kids on Vine are calling it. The exact term for the surfacing of the whale above water is "breaching," but clearly that doesn't sound as cool. However, the social network references that in its definition of the action. The "whaling" page on Vine reads, "to dive backwards with one's body in a public or unusual place like a whale breaching the surface of the ocean."

    Videos are popping up all over the Internet of people leaping above a barrier and back below it. "Whaling" can apparently happen anywhere you have a bit of space, from the produce section of grocery stores to a booth in a restaurant. It clearly does not seem fit for someone with a bad back.

    If you're shaking your head in dismay at the latest

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  • Gloria Campos affected many lives over her 30-year career at the anchor desk of WFAA TV in Dallas, Texas. In a touching moment during her final week on the job, one of those people returned to say thanks .

    Ke'onte Cook is 14. In 2007, Campos featured Ke'onte in a weekly segment she hosts called "Wednesday's Child." The feature aims to place children up for adoption in loving homes. Campos reconnected with Ke'onte two years later, after a failed adoption. This time, Carol and Scott Cook were watching the news and saw Ke'onte.

    "He just spoke to us through the video," Scott Cook told the TV station. "It just seemed like he was talking to us."

    The Cook family adopted Ke'onte. The teenager is physically active and has a new interest in studying journalism. And he already knows his way around a news desk.

    Last Wednesday, during Campos's final week on the job, WFAA revisited some of the highlights of her career. After airing an update on Ke'onte's story, the 14-year-old walked on-set and

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