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  • Taylor Swift spent Saturday evening in New York City. With her friend and former tourmate Ed Sheeran performing on "Saturday Night Live," Swift was not only in attendance but also made a cameo during host Seth Rogan's opening monologue.

    But if you pegged the 24-year-old to stick around Sunday for a trendy brunch in the West Village, think again. Instead the songstress hopped aboard a plane, flew to Columbus, Ohio, and surprised a fan during her bridal shower.

    "There's this girl named Gena who's been coming to my shows for years, and she's been really, really dedicated and very loyal," Swift explained in a video diary she posted about the trip on her YouTube channel. "I was at the management office the other day, and we were going through fan mail and invitations and stuff. And I got this wedding invitation, and I noticed I couldn't make it to the wedding. But in the wedding invitation, there was a bridal shower invitation. And I've never been to a bridal shower. So we're going to

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  • The Cannonball Loop was as talked about by New Jersey residents as the theme park it could be found in. Now, rare footage of the slide has park-goers recollecting past visits.

    Visitors to the theme park referred to the place by a litany of nicknames: Friction Park, Class Action Park, and Accident Park to name a few. Chances are if you grew up in northern New Jersey, you have heard of or paid a visit to Action Park. The Vernon, N.J., attraction was one of America's first water parks. Welcoming patrons from Memorial Day to Labor Day, it opened its doors in 1978 and first closed in 1996.

    The theme park was the brainchild of Eugene Muhville. He sold the attraction in 1998 but repurchased it with a group of investors in 2010. They reopened it under the name Mountain Creek. Muhville passed away in 2012; his son, Andrew, now runs the park. The current iteration doesn't have the safety problems of its predecessor.

    Many people who grew up during the original Action Park era fondly recall the

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  • If you read this blog regularly, you know that we love ourselves a GoPro video or three. Close encounters with animals, daredevil stunts, and one-of-a-kind perspectives all contribute to the large number of viral videos filmed with the small high-definition camera.

    Homeless GoPro is a project that aims to build "empathy through firsthand perspective." It is certainly a one-of-a-kind point of view, but it does not involve a helmet or skateboard mount. Kevin Adler, 29, was inspired by his uncle Mark to start this endeavor.

    "Mark was also homeless," he wrote on the Homeless GoPro website. "He suffered from schizophrenia, and spent 30 years on and off the streets and in and out of halfway houses."

    Adler visited Mark's gravesite for the first time in almost 10 years, and it sparked his interest in people who live on the streets and are forgotten or ignored daily.

    GoPro donated a Hero3+ Silver Edition to Adler's cause. Adler found a volunteer to wear the camera in Adam Reichart. The 44

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  • Avon High School in Avon, Ind., is raising money for a local hospital and having a lot of fun in the process.

    The 2,700 students united for a video in which they lip sync to some of the most popular songs from last year. Athletes, drama students and everyone in between participated in the lip dub to "Pop Danthology 2013." Daniel Kim created the audio mashup, which features 68 songs ranging from Taylor Swift to Justin Timberlake to Bruno Mars.

    The video is impressive in many ways, one being that the mix is 6 and a half minutes long and the school needed only one take to film it. Throughout the piece, a camera weaves in and out of hallways and classrooms as students lip sync and dance along to the track. Some students are in sports uniforms, others wear shirts from the clubs they belong to, and a few are even in costume for the performance.

    In the video's grand finale, the camera makes its way into the gymnasium, where the entire student body is screaming and dancing.

    Credit Avon High's

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  • And you thought picking a block out of the Jenga tower with your in-laws watching was nerve-wracking.

    In a new ad campaign titled "Built For It," Caterpillar Inc. decided to supersize its own version of the popular game so it could show off the precision of its excavators. Game aficionados and fans of Cat's large machines can appreciate the excavators and telehandlers moving 27 blocks that weigh 600 pounds each!

    In a behind-the-scenes video released by Caterpillar, workers are shown planning how the game will work. A team of designers and managers used regular-sized Jenga blocks and toy cars to map out the process.

    "I was hesitant but yet pretty excited to be apart of it," said Chad Cremeens, a field operations supervisor for Caterpillar. "It was amazing to me to see what everyone was able to do with these videos. Seeing it live, and then seeing it via the video; it was just amazing."

    It took two weeks to conceptualize and film the game. The final piece was shot in Edwards, Ill.

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