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  • If you began to question your single life when Charles Manson got engaged while in prison, well, we want to prepare you … robots are now getting married.

    On Saturday, a robot groom named Frois and a robot bride named Yukirin tied the knot in Tokyo in front of 100 of their closest robot friends and family.

    There were invitations, party decorations, a wedding cake and even an orchestra.

    The ceremony was officiated by a humanoid robot named Pepper, and the two even shared a kiss to formalize the marriage.

    The event was organized by Maywa Denki, which produces electronic accessories. Regardless, prepare for the texts from your mother.


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  • Move over Stacy’s mom… There is a new mom in town: Chelsea’s mom, aka Hillary Clinton.

    The music video “Chelsea’s Mom” was created by the singing string quartet Well-Strung and parodies the 2003 Fountains of Wayne hit “Stacy’s Mom.”

    The song features hilarious lyrics like, “But now she’s much more than the FLOTUS that she used to be/The nation needs a champion, and it’s time for Hill-a-ry.” And “Chelsea’s mom has got it going on, she’s all we want and we’ve waited for so long. From sea to shining sea, she’ll fight for liberty.”

    “Since this election is so important and relevant, Well-Strung wanted to put their own spin on a classic pop song to show their support of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 race,” the group’s manager, Mark Cortale, told the International Business Times. “The guys recorded this song as an unabashed love letter to Hillary, with no expectations or agenda. That said, they would certainly love the opportunity to perform for her.”

    Any doubts that Hillary is less than flattered

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    A new travel company called Docastaway specializes in vacations on remote desert islands all around the world. You can now pay to be stranded on a desert island and act out your  “Lost” or “Castaway” dreams.
    In this promotional video, the company enlisted the talents of a man named Ian Argus Stuart, a 64-year-old millionaire. He added an additional challenge by going to the island, Hunga Tonga, in the nation of Tonga, with only a machete and a few other items. He survived 11 nights by eating eggs, squid and a cabbage.

    As vacation enthusists we wouldnt mind checking out this new kind of “all-inclusive”.  

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    One dad has turned a medical necessity into a beautiful ritual and future memory for his daughter.

    Layla Grubb has a small cataract in her left eye, and doctors have instructed her to wear an eye patch for two hours daily, to encourage healthy development. She's been wearing them since she was 8 months old.

    Each day, her loving father, Geof, draws fun artwork on her patch to make it more exciting. He snaps a photo of his daughter wearing his latest patch, and chronicles their journey on Instagram.

    Grubb’s eye-patch artwork features many of his favorite childhood characters, which he enjoys sharing with his daughter.

    Layla is now 18 months old, and may have to continue wearing the patches until she is 5. She doesn’t love wearing them, but luckily she has a dad who works to make the experience more meaningful.

    See more Instagram pictures of Layla's eye-patch

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    It’s summer time and the livin’ is easy. Well, that is unless someone behind you is in a rush on the diving board.

     A tot caught in front of an impatient diver, in this viral video, surely knows this.

    A little girl is stuck behind a friend, who slowly evaluates the water and rightfully takes her time walking to the end of a diving board. The spunky little gal in swimmies just isn’t having it. It is summertime after all and the sunshine clock is ticking! She gets impatient and finally looks to say, “Get goin’!” as she decisively encourages, some would say pushes, her friend into the pool so she can have her turn.

    Sometimes it is hard to take a leap but all you need is a little push to make a splash, even at your local pool.

    Head to for full video

    Tell us about some other summer fun videos in the comments!


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