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  • Students who attend Durham Academy in Durham, N.C. do not have school today due to the winter weather hitting the east coast. In what appears to be a growing trend, they were given the news via YouTube.

    Head of School Michael Ulku-Steiner and Assistant Head of School/Upper School Director Lee Hark teamed up to announce school’s cancellation by covering Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby.”

    After starting with the obvious, “Stop! Collaborate and listen!” the duo put their own spin on the 90’s hit.

    “Ice is back and the roads will glisten,” rapped Ulku-Steiner, who began his tenure in July of last year. “Polar vortex has ahold of us tightly. Wind like a hawk boom, daily and nightly.”

    The school administrators then trade lines before reaching the chorus and announcing, “No school kids!”

    Durham Academy also announced the closing in a more traditional fashion on its website. A link to the video was posted with the message that pops up on the homepage.

    “Yep! The best snow school-closing announcement

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  • John Cena is not just the champion of the squared circle. The athlete is also a champ when it comes to making kids’ wishes come true.

    “We would like to thank John Cena for his commitment to Make-A-Wish, and congratulate him on being the first celebrity to grant 400 wishes!” the foundation wrote on its website this week. Make-A-Wish also noted that Cena’s 300th wish came in June of 2013. The foundation helps grant wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses.

    Mark, 9 years old, met Cena with his family before a World Wrestling Entertainment event at Los Angeles’ Staples Center. The meeting marked the 400th wish granted, more than anyone in the charity’s history. According to the WWE’s website, Cena is Make-A-Wish’s most requested celebrity wish granted.

    “I think it boils down to the fact that John connects with children in a really special way,” Josh deBerge, a spokesperson for Make-A-Wish, told us regarding Cena’s popularity. “I think that (the kids) have seen not only how he

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  • A Brooklyn, N.Y. bride is so distraught over her wedding video that she is suing the company that filmed it for six figures.

    Monica Nikchemny married Felix Komrash in September of 2012. The wedding was held inside the Crystal Plaza in Livingston, N.J. In a blog post on the venue’s website, the Nikchemny’s and Komrash’s praise both the property and its staff.

    “We could not have asked for a better outcome despite the weather,” they wrote in a letter to the Crystal Plaza. “You definitely handled everything in a professional manner and we could not be more happier! Everything was perfect. It was everything a bride could expect and more.”

    But not everything on their big day went according to plan. The family hired Brooklyn-based Visualaz to produce the wedding video. According to a lawsuit filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court, there were conflicts from the get-go. Nikchemny and Komrash asked the production company months ahead of the wedding to play a short “love story” clip during the ceremony.

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  • For GoPro's next magic trick, it will drop from a plane, land in a pigpen, survive for eight months, and live to show us the footage.

    This video is not for the faint of heart if heights, spinning cameras, and the back of a pig's tongue aren't their thing.

    Mia Munselle uploaded the 70-second clip to YouTube. The camera wasn't hers, but she found it on her property after it dropped from an airplane. Apparently its former owner was about to dive out of said plane before losing the handle of the GoPro.

    About 13 seconds into the video, the camera twirls into a 30-second free fall. It lands lens-up in a pigpen and piques the curiosity of at least one animal. Just seconds after the camera lands, the pig walks over and inspects the gadget. For 20 seconds, the pig sniffs and licks the lens before the clip stops.

    Actor Wil Wheaton commented, "This is the best commercial for GoPro they never knew existed." He might be on to something. A commenter on YouTube was also suspicious, writing, "What are

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  • If you’re looking to make a few home improvements, these two innovations might spur a bit of inspiration for your plan.

    Joseph Tsai of Palo Alto, Calif. decided to throw a unique spin on a typical feature found at your front door. Combining the functions of a regular doorbell with the sounds of his favorite video game, Tsai created the “Mario Doorbell.

    “Basically, every time a guest presses the coin button, the counter displayed will increment and the coin sound from Mario will be played,” he explains on his website. “As a special bonus, every 10 coins will cause the life-up sound to be played, and every 100 coins will cause the mushroom upgrade sound to be played.”

    Tsai uploaded a video of the doorbell in action. He promises that, “your guests won't even be at your door to visit you, they'll be too busy racking up coins to even notice you.” That alone might be enough to deter you from installing it. Still, the doorbell rings up instant nostalgia for any person who grew up playing the

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