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  • Actor Jackie Chan turned 60 years young on Monday. An artist celebrated the stuntman's birthday in a way Chan could have never imagined.

    Malaysian artist-architect Hong Yi, who goes by the nickname "Red," paid tribute to the actor with an incredible portrait made of 64,000 chopsticks. It took her about a month to conceptualize the work, gather the pieces, and tie them together for the final project.

    "Jackie has used chopsticks during his kungfu scenes in a few movies like the Fearless Hyena and Karate Kid," Yi explained on YouTube of her reasoning behind her choice material. "I used disposable bamboo chopsticks to show that disposable materials can be reused and made into something else more meaningful and beautiful."

    Yi presented the final piece to Chan in Beijing during a special concert held for his birthday on April 6. The actor returned the favor by co-starring in a video with the artist online. In the YouTube clip, which also shows off the portrait, Chan and Yi get into their own

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  • "Selfie" is a word that has only found itself more deeply embedded in our pop culture vernacular in 2014. Certainly electronic dance music duo the Chainsmokers have played a role in this with their hit song simply titled "Selfie." Ellen DeGeneres's Oscar selfie, which has been retweeted more than 3 million times, helped the cause as well. But now iStrategyLabs is putting a new twist on the word with its latest invention.

    "S.E.L.F.I.E.," the company says, is an acronym that stands for "Self Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine." Still a work in progress, the product is a two-way mirror that snaps a photo of you.

    "Triggered by simply standing in front of the mirror and holding a smile, hidden LED's indicate a countdown, then simulate a 'flash' as your photo is taken," iStrategyLabs' Margot Mausner wrote on the developer's blog. "The photo is then automatically posted to Twitter (with a watermark/logo)."

    A webcam and Mac mini sit behind the two-way mirror and serve to power the camera and

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  • Father Ray Kelly does not say your average Irish Catholic Mass. The priest from Oldcastle, Ireland, is a trained singer who is working on his third album. Thanks to YouTube, the world is now becoming familiar with his singing voice.

    Kelly presided over the wedding of Chris and Leah O'Kane last weekend. He surprised all of the guests, and the bride and groom, by breaking mid-Mass into a stunning rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah." The priest even changed the lyrics to reflect the occasion and the couple.


    "We had the rehearsal on Thursday evening, and at the end I said, 'Sure maybe I'll sing a song for you myself,'" Kelly recalled to BBC Radio. "Leah grinned and said, 'OK, sure,' but I don't think she was taking it too seriously."

    She was not, as the couple was surprised when the opening notes played and the priest began singing his version of the 1984 classic. The song has been covered by hundreds of performers and used in TV, singing competitions, and

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  • Meet 6-year-old TerRio Harshaw. Originally from Riverdale, Ga., the paunchy child is an unlikely celebrity in most circles. But Harshaw has achieved Internet fame thanks to funny dance moves and the video social network Vine.

    Sure, Harshaw is far from a household name, but the kid's "Ooh kill 'em" phrase and dance has been featured in commercials with LeBron James and on the CBS Sports Network. The trend made it online thanks to Harshaw's cousin, Maleek Taylor.

    "It all started in June," Taylor recalled to CBSSN. The two were outside playing basketball. "After he made a shot, he just started dancing, and I went to go get my phone."

    In the spur of the moment, Taylor shouted "Ooh kill 'em" and Harshaw kept dancing, wiggling his rotund arms in a scooping motion and shaking from side to side.

    The heavyset kid quickly rose to fame on Vine, and then beyond. Athletes and celebrities such as Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond, talk show host Arsenio Hall, and St. Louis Rams wide receiver

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  • Kai-Xiang Xhong takes ordinary cardboard boxes and turns them into extraordinary pieces of art. The 20-year-old's latest work is a full sculpture of Tony Stark's Iron Man suit, and you would be hard-pressed to find words that can do it justice.

    Xhong is a student in Taiwan and began turning sketches into sculptures when he was in high school.

    "I have since produced lots of artwork with cardboard," Xhong told the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. "For example, Optimus Prime from TRANSFORMERS, skeletons of the T-Rex and a Pterodactyl, an IRON MAN suit, and so on. And the last three of them were all made full-size."


    Kai-Xiang Xhong

    The detail in the costume is incredible. Xhong painstakingly carved out nearly every notch and indent in the "armor," along with creating the hinges and joints throughout the life-size suit.

    Kai-Xiang Xhong

    "For my cardboard IRON MAN SUIT, I used pepakura technique," he explained, referencing a method that uses buildable and foldable 3D models. "But I did not add any special color

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