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  • The weather outside is frightful, and you don't need to explain that to one man in the Middle East or a cat prone to failing.

    First up in our set of winter-themed videos that should break up the monotony of your Tuesday, meet Mohammed Alobaidan. We won't question the Saudi man's iPhone video skills (note: turn the phone horizontal when you film!) because of this hilarious contribution to YouTube. Saudi Arabia experienced a snowfall last weekend. The Middle Eastern country doesn't see this type of weather often. You could surmise this by what Alobaidan's friend does in the video, appropriately titled, "This is why we don't have snow in Saudi Arabia."

    The video has more than 380,000 views. Although laugh-worthy, the YouTuber's friend does stick the headstand nicely.

    The person overseas is much more graceful in the winter weather than Waffles the Terrible. Waffles received his nickname because, as the video uploader put it, he "fails a lot." You can probably guess the outcome of the pet's

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  • A new video from filmmaker Casey Neistat shows that Hollywood movie budgets can aid in charitable efforts across the world. Thanks to a $25,000 promotional allotment from the forthcoming film "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," the 32-year-old director helped the recovery efforts from the recent typhoon in the Philippines.

    "Give me the budget," Neistat told 20th Century Fox in response to the studio's email asking him to make a video about living one's dreams. "I'll go to the Philippines and spend every penny helping people in need."

    Neistat bought food for over 10,000 meals and tools for 32 villages with the money. He also delivered basic medicine to local organizations. While the almost seven-minute YouTube piece displays a great amount of charity, it also provides heartbreaking visuals of people who are literally still attempting to pick up the pieces from Typhoon Haiyan.

    At one point, as lines of people seeking the prepackaged food items grow, Neistat turns to the camera and says, "I

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  • The Hampton Police Division in Hampton, Va. states on its website that its mission is, "Preventing crime and enforcing laws through problem solving partnerships."

    The department’s latest partnership to accomplish that is a little unorthodox, as it involves a Christmas classic and Jolly St. Nick.

    Police officers and Santa Claus joined forces for a remake of “Jingle Bells.” The remix features lyrics that stress the importance of not committing a crime and calling 911 if you witness an emergency.

    “Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way,” sings Officer Daniel Smith. The scene plays out during a dream that Smith has in the video. “It’s no fun to get locked up and brought down to the jail!”

    Patrolman Leon Robertson, who works as the social media officer in the police department’s public information office, created the video from start to finish. Robertson also filmed and edited the piece in addition to rewriting the song’s lyrics.

    But there is a serious message that goes along with the

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  • Greg Benson is doing us a huge service. No, he isn't risking his life for our safety. But still, someone needs to combat the behavior of people talking loudly on their cell phones.

    Well, think twice before deciding to gab at an ungodly decibel while in public. Benson is notorious on YouTube for "crashing calls"; he sits down next to someone having a conversation and starts responding to their end of the chat. The comedian pulled off his latest prank inside Terminal 4 at Los Angeles International Airport. The video is going over well, with a cool half a million views in 24 hours. Even some of the video's subjects have a sense of humor about it.

    "I'll text you," one woman says to someone on the other line. Benson, sitting right next to her at the terminal, says, "Great, text me. Text me and I'll text you back," into the phone he's holding. By this point, the woman is laughing over the situation. They hang up one after the other before she asks, "Were you listening to my conversation?"


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  • YouTube star Stuart Edge released the sequel to last year's "Mistletoe Kissing Prank" video, and he might have outdone himself. At least this time he didn't get slapped on camera.

    In "Snowing Mistletoe Kissing Prank," Edge teams with Breea Guttery and Christian Vera. The trio takes turns surveying students on the campus of Arizona State University about Christmas. They ask two main questions: "Do you kiss under the mistletoe?" and "Do you kiss in the snow?" Keep in mind, it never snows in Tempe, Arizona.

    That fact only accentuates the reactions when Edge's crew uses a snow machine to create a mini winter wonderland. The prank is topped off by mistletoe on a string dropping down above the people on camera.

    The initial response from those who are pranked is hilarious, but then as you watch, you become curious about whether they'll kiss one of the three hosts. Some go for a quick peck on the lips. Others decide to savor the moment a little longer.

    The video has already accumulated over

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