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  • Imagine waking up on the day of your engagement party to find out that you're actually getting married. For some brides, it might be their worst nightmare. For Carly Butler, it was a dream.

    The Windsor, Ontario, native married Adam Verheyen last August in front of family and friends. Verheyen proposed in January of 2013, and the couple had previously set a date for this May. Butler and her groom made a list of what was important to her and what they absolutely wanted on the big day.

    "We had a shared Pinterest board," Butler told us of how they prepared for the big day. "I wanted really nice hair. I know that sounds vain, but I did. I wanted a really good dance floor and a band. And we knew we wanted the day documented."

    Shortly after their engagement, the bride-to-be flew to England to retrace her grandmother Irene's steps. Her grandfather was a Canadian soldier and met his wife while deployed overseas. The two wed in England and spent six months apart while Irene waited for her travel

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  • If there's one thing Americans love to do, it's throw a theme party. From toga to black light to bring your own potato dish, if it can be turned into a reason for a celebration, chances are it will.

    Overseas, people are drawing on inspiration from America's partying ways to throw bashes of their own. The Instagram photos from these get-togethers give us an interesting glimpse into how we might be portrayed overseas.

    There is one constant in every American-themed party, and that is red plastic cups. Of course, country singer Toby Keith infamously released the uber-catchy "Red Solo Cup," but the plastic cylinders were popular at parties long before then. It might be because the cups can conspicuously conceal any liquid from the casual observer. The cups are also cost-effective and can hold a decent amount of liquid.

    Regardless, the perception exists that Americans love to employ red cups partying, whether it be for drinking, pyramid-building, or playing a game of flip cup.

    Another common

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  • It’s time for Ellen and her bevy of A-list friends to have a seat. This picture might be the self-portrait to end all selfies.

    It started with an image released by the Royal Danish Air Force of a pilot flying a F-16. The photo was taken during an air-to-air training mission. The exercise involves the fighter pilot, Thomas Kristensen, firing a missile that has to hit a flare dropped by another plane. Danish fighter pilots are required to complete this task once every three years in order to keep their skills sharp.

    Some speculated that the image was fake or altered, so the Danish Air Force responded by releasing the entire video of the mission. A GoPro camera captured the sky-high footage. The F-16 appears to fly so smoothly that at times, it looks as if the pilot isn’t even moving. Meanwhile, the camera is fairly steady throughout the minute-long clip.

    The Royal Danish Air Force also uploaded a clip that shows alternative footage of the mission, including a perspective from behind the

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  • Over 200,000 people have applied to take a one-way trip to Mars. A new digital short interviews five of those prospective Mars astronauts to find out who they are and why they would want to become a part of history.

    "Mars One Way" documents the thought process of Cody Reeder, Casey Hunter, Will Robbins, Katelyn Kane, and Ken Sullivan. The five applicants all come from different backgrounds but have one similarity: they are more curious about life on Mars than attached to their current living situation on Earth.

    "How do you react when your husband says, 'Guess what? It's one way. I'm not coming back'?" asks Becky Sullivan. If chosen, her husband, Ken, would leave the family, including their two kids, behind. "I'm kind of in the 'It's not real' phase right now."

    "There's a lot more drama in our relationship lately, about the reality of, are you choosing family or are you choosing Mars?" adds Ken. "My little boy Connor, if he just came up to me and said, 'Dad, don't go,' that would

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  • There are many things that look very cool in slow motion. A hawk attacking a water balloon is definitely one of those things.

    Earth Unplugged, a Web series for the BBC, captured the footage. In the minute-and-a-half clip on YouTube, a northern goshawk is seen flying toward a water balloon. Crew members affixed a piece of meat to the balloon in order to bait the hawk. The balloon bursts as soon as the hawk's talons touch it, and then the hawk flies away. Earth Unplugged shot the sequence with a high-speed camera at 4,000 frames per second. The clip plays in slow motion to show off the incredible detail of both the goshawk and the bursting balloon.

    Other slowed-down clips on the series' channel include wet animals shaking, butterflies flying, and crocodiles attacking. The web series started uploading videos to YouTube in November 2012. Earth Unplugged's goal is to "reveal amazing animal facts, share the latest wildlife news and leave you breathless with our beautiful slow motion videos."

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