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  • Woman Has Epic Freakout in Apple Store

    Failing athletes, unsuspecting news anchors, disgraced politicians -- all seem to be susceptible to highly publicized meltdowns. But thanks to the ease of mobile video recording, regular joes can now share the spotlight with public figures.

    Or at least these two women can.

    First up is a woman who walks in to the Apple Store at the Grove, in Los Angeles. You might think the lady flipping out on camera is a celebrity and the person filming isn't a public figure. It's the opposite; actress Porscha Coleman caught this person screaming at the top of her lungs because ... I mean, unless this Apple Store employee harmed her or a loved one, does it matter?

    Coleman is clearly on Team Apple for this particular situation, saying the woman, in the description of her Vine post, should "cool it." According to the actress, the lady did not have an appointment with the store. Of course, AppleCare told her she could walk into the store and get what she needed ... but if you're like me, you've watched

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  • If I could borrow an overused phrase from departed “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson, “She could sing the phonebook!” Hopefully Florence Welch will not be releasing any of those tracks soon, but perhaps this can hold us over until we hear new music from her “+ the Machine” outfit.

    Welch was in South London watching her friends in the band Sourberry perform when she decided to hop on stage, grab the microphone and a tequila shot, and cover Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.” She didn’t stop there, continuing on to The Gossip’s “Standing In The Way of Control.”

    The songstress is no stranger to covering other tracks, although she usually doesn’t crash a party in the process. She swung by Billboard a few years ago and brought Mario Winans “I Don’t Wanna Know” back to life. Back in 2011, she covered Drake’s “Take Care” for BBC. Last month, Welch put her spin on Icona Pop’s “I Love It” for a Human Rights Campaign benefit.

    Fans of Florence + the Machine heard new music from the group in April, when the

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  • We're a day early, but I'd rather see stories like this on "Throwback Thursday" than what normally pops up on my Twitter timeline the day before Friday. Hal Lasko is 97 years young, legally blind and deaf, and he creates his art using Paint on Microsoft Windows 95.

    The man affectionately known as "Grandpa" was one of eight children in his family; his parents came to the U.S. from Austria. Lasko's birthplace is Toledo, Ohio, and his first job after serving in World War II was in Cleveland as a graphic designer with companies like General Tire and the Cleveland Browns.

    He retired in the '70s and began working more on the type of creative art he was most interested in. In the '90s, Lasko's grandson Ryan turned him on to Windows 95 after buying him a new computer 15 years ago. He would later lose some of his vision, but his mastery of the simple software program MS Paint afforded him the opportunity to continue pursuing his passion.

    While Lasko has painted digitally for quite some time,

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  • A mechanical problem at the Chambers Street station on the 2-3 line in New York delayed my entrance to the office today by almost 20 minutes. I entered and re-entered the station, and eventually walked to the nearest express stop. When I finally did get to my desk, sweating through my shirt at this point, I couldn't stop thinking that today's commute was the worst, ever.

    Then I saw this video. I bookmarked it so I can compare it to future incidents like the one earlier today.

    The website Beijing Cream uploaded the footage to YouTube. It shows a Beijing Subway station last Thursday during the morning rush at 7:30 a.m. After watching the clip, "rush" might be an understatement.

    Viewing the video, it's difficult to imagine a scene even close to this on a "normal" day in Manhattan. At first look, the crowd is massive, and it is hard to believe that this is going to end civilly. Yet, as the doors open on the Line 13 train, people file off normally, as other passengers wait to take a spot

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  • We're not sure what is more captivating in this video: the man who appears to be cut in half walking around and talking or the reactions of people when that man surprises them.

    The aforementioned "sawed-off" individual is magician and standup comedian Andy Gross. The video of his prank has racked up about 2 million views on YouTube. In the video, Gross' upper body looks as if it is next to his legs, which he holds in his arms as he walks around.

    While it is certainly quite the visual, the shrieks from adults and children alike are hilarious. A mother and her child encounter Gross and run right into the middle of the street, the child almost pushing his mom away toward the magician. Another woman falls flat on her face into a pile of sand. Yet another woman shrieks and begins to run away. She later tells the camera that her girlfriend is "no good, because she left me standing (there) and the man has no body."

    Actually, that man does have a body. You just can't see it next to his

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