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  • The Ohio State University has a top-class Marching Band, and if you need any proof, just take a look at its performance during the halftime of the OSU-Iowa game from this past Saturday. The video is an 11-minute tribute to the music of Michael Jackson, but that's not all. It also pays tribute to some of the iconography, and most amazingly, some of Jackson's most famous dance moves. The band seamlessly transitions from depictions of the 'Bad' album cover, to the King of Pop himself doing his trademark lean, and even a moonwalk. This kind of thing just makes me wonder, "how do they do that?"

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  • A bartender at a New York City watering hole is getting tons of positive attention for something other than mixing a great mojito. YouTube user Cody Littlewood was shooting at Brandy's Piano Bar when, as he wrote in the description, "it was closing down and the bartender stepped up to the mic and did this." The song in the clip is Radiohead's "Creep." And that singing bartender's name is Joe Ardizzone. He's a 10-year veteran of the bar who often performs at the spot, but his fame skyrocketed after Cody's YouTube video was viewed more than 130,000 times. Some commenters on YouTube were moved by Joe's performance, with one writing "Someone get me a blanket-so many shivers and goosebumps." The video description  points out that Joe wanted the piano player in the clip to get the credit he deserves as well; bravo, Nate Buccieri! A search on YouTube pulled up another awesome bar-side Ardizzone classic, his rendition of Jeff Buckley's song "Hallelujah." Brandy's Piano Bar's website says it's

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  • Professional wrestler Jim Abreau lived up to his nickname ‘The One Man Thrill Ride” during a video he shot right before an alumni baseball game at his alma mater Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts. He uploaded the speech as a way to pump up his teammates. If you check out the rant you’ll notice his insane amount of energy. The video has reached more than 190,000 views and counting on YouTube. Jim says he made the video to make his teammates laugh and never thought it would get this much attention. One possible reason for all of that attention might due to comedian bill burr mentioning Jim’s rant during his podcast.

  • Ever since the inception of the GoPro camera, adventure seekers have been strapping the action-recording device to all kinds of subjects, including animals, to get a first-hand perspective of someone or something else's life. Most of the time it goes just fine, like with eagles, dogs, and sea turtles, but what about when it backfires? Well just that type situation was caught on camera in Nelson, New Zealand.

    Off-road biker Budd Hanz uploaded a video of a ram attacking him during a ride. Commenters on YouTube suggested he attach a GoPro camera to the ram's back on his next go around, and somehow he was able to do it. The results of that risky act are exactly what you might expect. First it captures the ram enjoying some lunch. But then the ram charges at Budd over and over again, even knocking him over. On top of the damage to Budd, his bike did not fare too well in the rumble, either. Ouch!

    Note to self: The "ram cam" is not a good idea. Also, we feel bad for that poor ram. Tell us

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  • Will Ferrell has a habit of showing up in bizarre places. Aside from his film and television career, he's been on tape at such bizarre events as minor league baseball games and a string of beer commercials that only showed in one regional market. But we've never seen him lead a band. That's what he did though, for the USC Trojan Marching Band, playing the role of Tommy Trojan a few days ago. The event was to benefit the charity, 'Cancer for College,' which gives scholarships to students with cancer. So now we know he can lead a band, but can he really play jazz flute?

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