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  • The Web is filled with videos of people slipping and falling on ice, much to the delight of viewers who get a good laugh out of it. But it is a different experience when a child has a similar encounter with the slippery stuff. A curious little girl in Russia named Polina tried walking on ice for the first time, and the results are adorable. Dressed in a snuggly pink snowsuit, the youngster braces herself from a slippery fall and then appears to just give up and lie down on the ice.

    Don't worry, Polina, we feel for you. No one likes to slip on ice! The video was first uploaded to the Russian social sharing site VKontakte but picked up steam once it was posted to YouTube, where it has been viewed more than 630,000 times! Polina's video brought up fond memories of another wintertime classic — this viral video of 10-year-old Zia in Park City, Utah, doing a ski jump for the first time:

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  • Running long distances is hard. Many of us have tried it, and some of us (me) are babies about pain, and just whine the whole time. Running marathons is even harder. But for some reason David Babcock wants to add another challenge on to the pile; He wants to break a record for longest scarf knitted while running a marathon. The current record was actually set at 6 feet, 8 inches in April, and now Babcock is training to break it. For that, he has to knit something longer, while finishing a marathon in less than 6 hours. And from the look of the first-person video he posted, he's doing a pretty good job.

    David Babcock, Storyful

    He says that right now, he is able to run at a 10 MPH-pace, while knitting at such a rate that he could beat the current record. He actually claims that the two activities, when put together, makes running less painful, and both less monotonous. Maybe he's onto something, but then again, I'd do a little seated-knitting before starting anything too serious.

    Do you know of any weird

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  • Moviegoers were treated to a whole host of flicks this fall featuring their favorite Hollywood stars facing some serious adversity. Whether it was Robert Redford facing off against the ocean in "All Is Lost," Tom Hanks getting abducted by pirates in the docudrama "Captain Phillips," or Sandra Bullock and George Clooney getting lost in space in the box-office smash "Gravity," the fall movie season has been all about one thing: survival. Naturally, the genre of hyper-intense and realistic thrillers has become rife with parody.

    "Saturday Night Live" was one of the first to satirize the genre with a sketch, but New York-based comedian and performer Daniel Hubbard might have bested the long-running TV show with his short film that spoofs the trailer and story for "Gravity" by reimagining it as a harrowing trip to furniture superstore Ikea.

    Co-starring Alex Viola, Hubbard's video, titled "Alfonso Cuaron's Ikea," lampoons several aspects of the shopping experience at the Swedish furniture

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  • An unusual event in the world of air travel occurred last night, as a flight was canceled thanks to the aftermath of kicking a blind man and his service dog off the plane. The man, Albert Rizzi, was informed that in order for him to fly with his service dog, Doxy, the dog would have to remain under the seat in front of him. This is where the accounts from the airline, US Airways, and Rizzi and his fellow passengers begin to diverge. According to the airline, Rizzi became verbally abusive with flight attendants when they tried to calm his dog, who had left his required underseat location. Rizzi counters that the dog barely moved and was not misbehaving.

    Rizzi and Doxy were kicked off the flight, and then other passengers ended up raising such objections about the pair's dismissal that the pilot emerged from the cockpit to dismiss the rest of the passengers. The flight was canceled, and all passengers, not just Rizzi and his dog, were driven by bus from Philadelphia to Long Island.

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  • Time-lapse photography can be a revelatory tool for helping us see the beauty of movement when the normal speed of time is just too slow. We get to see gigantic, Earth-sized changes as never before. Richard Gottardo's Northern Lights time-lapse is a perfect example. He spent 7 hours in Southern Alberta, recording the remarkable color changes that take place over the Rocky Mountains. I know a winter vacation to a snow-covered mountain doesn't sound incredibly ideal, but if this is something you can see in all its glory, albeit not at this speed, that's very enticing.  

    Have you seen any cool time-lapses? Tell us on Facebook, or on Twitter.

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