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  • It is not often, if ever, that someone in a workplace looks forward to a conference call. Perhaps the subject or purpose of the virtual meeting is mundane, maybe even pointless. But regardless of why the call is taking place, the technical aspect of multiple people who can't see each other trying to converse can get a bit confusing — or downright frustrating.

    This idea is accurately portrayed in a new sketch from comedians Tripp Crosby and Tyler Stanton. In the video, "A Conference Call in Real Life," the duo shows what a virtual meeting would look like if the conference process played out with all of the participants in the same room. Crosby and Stanton team up with four other actors for the four-minute YouTube clip.

    The video starts with Crosby joining the meeting — walking into the room, waiting for the tone, and announcing his name — followed by an operator saying, "...has joined the meeting." A bit of hold music plays before Beth Pilgreen steps in. Crosby can't hear Pilgreen

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  • The latest snowstorm to hit parts of the country is not just canceling school and altering commutes. It is also forcing reporters to think quickly when out in the field.

    The latest example of this comes courtesy of CNN. Tuesday night on "AC 360," Jason Carroll covered a tradition of sorts at Columbia University in New York City: snowball fights on Low Plaza. To the amusement of the students, the audience and Anderson Cooper himself, Carroll decided to report live from the middle of the fray. It played out exactly as you might imagine, with the CNN correspondent on the receiving end of a snow pummeling.

    Carroll wasn't injured and seemed to be a good sport. Cooper definitely got a good laugh but managed to avoid another episode of the giggles.

    Farther downtown, a FOX 5 journalist avoided the snowballs but could not evade the traffic. Reporter Joel Waldman noted that it took him five hours to travel from midtown Manhattan to Clifton, N.J. The drive is about 17 miles and usually takes a

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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger is trying to get you pumped up — and it's all benefiting a good cause.

    The former bodybuilder and California governor went incognito, or about as incognito as he can get, at Gold's Gym in Venice, Calif. Schwarzenegger, assuming the role of a personal fitness instructor turned regional manager named Howard, attempts to interact with unsuspecting patrons at the gym. His goal: Raise awareness and money for afterschool programs through the After-School All-Stars charity.

    The "Terminator" star probably isn't winning any acting kudos, but the two-and-a-half-minute clip has its moments. Some gymgoers immediately know Arnold is in disguise, while others walk by and pay him no attention.

    Schwarzenegger then begins coaching random people on their technique — and not just when it comes to pumping iron.

    "Drinking a lot of water? That's good," Schwarzenegger tells a woman at the water fountain as he hovers near her. "Because, remember, 75 percent of the body is water. Keep

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  • A new viral video intended to make people laugh is instead causing quite the stir due to its potentially dangerous premise.

    The group of pranksters that run the “Whatever” YouTube account decided it would be funny to wear a ski mask in to bank for the sole purpose of opening an account. While their intentions might have been to simply to film a funny video, they actually could have put themselves and others at risk.

    Throughout the two and a half minute clip, the masked man is repeatedly asked to leave or escorted out of the institution. The prankster argued that he simply wanted to open an account or “diversify my portfolio.” But the bank managers and security guards were not trying to hear any of it. The man also tried to use acne as an excuse, but that didn’t work either. Over and over the bank officials caution that not only will no one with a mask be allowed in, but that the cops will be alerted.

    The video ends with two officers on foot looking for the filmmakers. The car that they

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  • Annelise Forbes is the latest child with singing talent that is capturing the attention of not just a vast YouTube audience, but the national media as well. The nine year-old is gaining popularity for her cover of “Let It Go.” Idina Menzel originally performed the song, which comes from the soundtrack to the movie “Frozen.” The album already has its own notoriety; it’s the first Disney musical score to top the Billboard 200 chart since 1995’s “Pocahontas.”

    But before anyone prematurely anoints Annelise as “the next superstar,” let’s just appreciate her skill for what it is. We should also consider the fact that according to her mother, Annelise did not take a formal voice lesson until yesterday.

    “She’s been singing since she could talk,” Tamara Forbes told us from the family’s home in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. “She sings around the house constantly, even when we’re trying to get ready for school.”

    The nine-year old does participate in her school’s choir. Every year, Annelise records a

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