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  • Jack Robbins is an 8-year-old with nonverbal autism. According to his Mother, Carla, his communication is limited, and he doesn't usually indicate what he likes or put words together spontaneously. But recently, something remarkable happened: What Carla thought was just Jack making a random sound was actually singing — he had taken a shine to the Katy Perry song "Roar." Carla grabbed a camera and recorded his rendition, cheering him on. She wrote in the description of the video she uploaded to YouTube, "He never says a word he is not told to say and he spontaneously sang this song, over and over because, well, obviously he likes it! Which is a miracle and so cool that he had a preference for music, an artist, a song AND he's singing it!" Jack is a hit on YouTube, where some commenters are offering words of encouragement. People are calling the video "inspirational" and writing things like "Very cool! Go Jack!" Carla and her son also appeared on Dallas's WFAA-TV Tuesday morning, where

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  • When going on a trip, many of us try to capture treasured memories with photographs, videos, or notes. Michal Mikolaj Wojtunik had a different idea, and it's one we've never seen done quite this way before. He took a 10-month trip to locations including Krakow, Poland; London, England; and Chanthaburi, Thailand; and recorded 1-second videos from hundreds of moment along the way. The footage ranges from beautiful exterior vistas to close-ups of sushi and tea to the many friendly faces Wojtunik met en route. The video works so well because each second is evocative, and we as viewers really get the feeling that we are also remembering moments from an epic trip. The Drake-remixed Lykke Li song only adds to its moving nature. The video has now received more than half a million views, with commenters writing glowingly about Wojtunik's work. One person wrote, "This video has reminded me what life should be all about ... living it!" We hope the young man takes another trip and shares it with

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  • There's not much the internet agrees on. In comment boards, arguments rage on everything from fashion to which season of 'The Simpsons' is best. The matter of the cuteness of puppies, though, does seem to be settled. People have dressed up their puppies, taped them playing, and made them into social media sensations. But nothing has really changed the game in terms of puppy cuteness in a while. That's where this compilation comes in. Done by FunnyBoBo, this compilation combines some of the most adorable little canines trying (usually unsuccessfully) to get on their own four legs for the first time ever. And it's magnificent. The video already has 220,000 views, and it's bound to get more. Soon enough, they will be running around like these guys:

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  • As the United States observes Veterans Day, our friends across the pond in England and in other Commonwealth countries recognize Armistice Day, also known as Poppy Day or Remembrance Day. As they pay their respects to the men and women who served their countries, one deserving vet has received a truly moving tribute. Ninety-nine-year-old Harold Jellicoe Percival, known as Coe, died a few weeks ago on October 25 in a nursing home in Lancashire. He served in the Royal Air Force Bomber Command during World War II.

    Sadly, at the time of his passing, Coe, having never been married or a parent, did not have family to attend his funeral. When the director at the Roland L. Whitehead and Daughter funeral home learned of this, he put a call out in a local newspaper for servicemen and servicewomen to attend Coe's funeral. The request went viral, as many people shared the information on Twitter. We are happy to report that Coe was given a proper final salute, fit for a veteran, as more than 300

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  • Just in time for Veterans Day, a Michigan charity transformed the physical appearance of a deserving homeless vet. Two months ago, Degage Ministries, which aims to help veterans who have fallen on hard times after returning from service, gave U.S. Army veteran Jim Wolf a makeover. Wolf has struggled with poverty, alcoholism, and homelessness for decades. Watch as Wolf receives a haircut, a beard trim, and more, as he is literally transformed in this incredible time-lapse video:

    Of course, a new haircut and a suit will not fix all of his problems, but as the video points out, Wolf started attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and now has housing. It seems that he is on the right path. The idea for dramatic transformation came from Rob Bliss, who is known for pulling off viral stunts like letting 100,000 paper airplanes loose in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

    Bliss said of Wolf's makeover, "For me, personally, I've been trying to get more into doing things for a better purpose."


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