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  • Are you on Vine? If you don't know what that is, it's the social video-sharing app that lets you create quick clips on the go. It has become the perfect way to broadcast six-second slices of life. And now one Vine account is filling people's feeds with words of wisdom and humanity at its finest. Jerome Jarre started the account called Humans. The premise is simple. Jarre asked random people in New York City this question: "What is the most important message you would like to share with the world right now?" Check out just some of the responses he posted: You might know Jerome Jarre from his series of hilariously awkward Vine posts that have racked up more than three million followers on his main account, giving him the unofficial title of "The King of Vine." Here are some Vines from his main account.

    Jarre's Humans Vine account has uploaded only eight videos so far, but more than 58,000 followers are hooked and will be waiting for more life lessons from perfect strangers.

    OK, now we

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  • Looking around at all the technology that surrounds us, it is hard not to think that the future some imagined decades ago is finally here. We are wireless, automated, and connected in ways that were never before possible. But many on the Internet still have one nagging complaint: We were promised flying cars.They are popular in science-fiction stories, but the creator of the Aeromobil wants to make it a reality. The Slovakian company's prototype, Aeromobil 2.5, really works. On the road, it can do 99 mph. If you are in a rush,though, or you just want some altitude, you can extend the wings, and once you hit 90 mph, take off into the sky, reaching top speeds of 123 miles. With a full tank of gas, the car can even fly like this for 430 miles.

    The vehicle debuted at AeroTech, an air show in Montreal. It immediately got attention from those fantasizing about beating the morning rush by cruising over the bottlenecks. Alas, though, there are no plans to mass-produce the 2.5, owing to legal

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  • Beyonce makes it pretty darn easy to become one of her die-hard fans. But some of her super fanatics go to extreme lengths to prove their fierceness.  Enter Chris Koo.  He's best known for his talented dance moves featured on his YouTube page.  His most popular video, which raked in over 1 million views, is one of him showing off his moves to Beyonce's "Crazy in Love":

    Koo couldn't just leave the web hanging with that awesome dance routine, so he released a new video. This time he breaks it down to "Diva":

    All of that attention even caught the eye of the Queen Bey herself leading to Koo getting an life-changing shout-out on her Facebook page:

    Screenshot of Beyonce's Facebook mention of Chris Koo's video

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  • Nemanja Blazic knows his way around a basketball. He's posted videos to YouTube of himself schooling people on an outdoor court, as well as spinning a ball on a toothbrush while brushing his teeth. But in a new video, Blazic puts a scholarly spin on his usual spin. He can be seen writing the word, "Tricky," which is part of his YouTube channel's name, on a sheet of paper, while a basketball stays perched atop it, spinning all the while. Very impressive. Totally baller.

  • Unfortunately, a mother's job is often described as "thankless," but a video making the rounds on the Web features a few moms receiving the gift of appreciation from none other than their own kids. The video starts out with a few mothers critiquing their job as mom. Some of their statements: "I struggle with my temper," "I wish I was better at taking time to sit down and just listen more to my child," "I wish I was more confident in being a mom," and "I'm not the most patient person in the world."

    Then, a couple of days later, the same mothers are brought back in to watch a video. This time it's their kids who get to do all the talking. The children were asked what they thought of their moms, and they responded, "My mom is totally awesome," "She does cook a lot of food for me," "She loves me a lot," "I have a lot of favorite things about my mom," "She is like my heart ... because she is that close to me." The mothers' reactions to the heartfelt words are equally touching.

    The video was

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