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  • A GoPro video of a man skiing off a cliff to save his brother is going viral again thanks to Reddit.

    The video first surfaced a few months ago. Davis LaMair, his brother Edwin, and a friend were on the slopes at East Vail Chutes in Colorado on Dec. 22, 2013. The brothers start at the same point but head downhill in different directions. Davis, who has the camera affixed to his head, stops as soon as he reaches a cliff.

    "Is that an avalanche?" he asks another skier who is off camera. "That's Edwin in an avalanche! Yo, I'm dropping, I'm dropping."

    Davis skillfully moves off the cliff, down the slope, and over to his brother. Edwin is mostly submerged in snow. After knocking off his skies and ripping off the camera, Davis digs Edwin out to safety.

    Talking to the website BroBible, Edwin recalled the incident that almost took his life.

    "The slide took me downhill and the front of my skis hit the tree trunk, and I fell headfirst downhill into the slide," he wrote. "I slid another couple

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  • It was a mere eight days ago that a Finnish teenager named Sara posted a video to her YouTube account called, “What Languages Sound Like To Foreigners.”

    Since then, the video has been viewed 7.2 million times. A sequel video is on pace to hit a million views. Sara is now enlisting the help of a family member to act as a publicist. As you can probably guess, he’s fielding calls from “Ellen” and “Good Morning America.”

    The YouTube star’s latest original video is also gaining a lot of buzz. Uploaded Sunday, Sara moves from languages to music genres. In “One Girl, 14 Genres,” the teenager mimics what different musical styles sound like to her.

    Similar to her languages impressions, she lists a more descriptive term for the music instead of the actual genre. For her “jazzy” sound, Sara sings a bunch of gibberish in a deep, soulful voice. Moving “musical,” she sings in a more up-tempo, cheery tone. Then later during her rendition of “hipster indie” she jokes, “I don’t even have a melody but

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  • A flight attendant and trained figure skater is turning the friendly skies into a fired-up dance party.

    Michael Tongko became a YouTube star after the first of the year. In December, the flight attendant began entertaining passengers with choreographed moves during the opening safety announcements. There is an in-flight video of the dance that plays before takeoff, but first-class passengers cannot see it because their monitors are stowed.

    So Tongko brings the show right to the aisle.

    Zac Bowling posted the first viral video of Tongko's dance. The software engineer was flying back to San Francisco from Las Vegas, where he attended CES.

    "Grab my camera as fast as possible!" was Bowling's first thought when the flight attendant began running up and down the cabin, gyrating while demonstrating the proper use of a seat buckle and oxygen mask. "He likes showing off, but he's a great guy."

    Thanks to the FAA relaxing regulations on in-flight electronics use, Bowling was able to film Tongko.

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  • Kevin Bacon has an important message for you, and it has nothing to do with his hit TV show on Fox, his band, or any other project he's working on.

    Bacon is raising awareness for the times we know as the '80s.

    "Oh, hi. I'm two-time Saturn Award nominee Kevin Bacon," the actor starts off in a PSA parody. Bacon took home a Saturn Award last year for "The Following." He then removes his dark sunglasses. "And I would like to talk to you about 80's awareness," he says.

    "Awareness of '80s culture and technology has been in a significant decline," he continues, "especially amongst a certain demographic. I'm talking to you, millennials!"

    The actor claims that anyone born after 1985 has no idea how hard life was. For example, asking a girl out meant calling her house and having to talk to her parents, as opposed to texting or using an online dating app.

    Speaking of apps, Bacon notes that his favorite app was Rubik's cube. We assume he's referring to the physical cube and not an electronically

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  • Pharrell Williams has the entire world dancing along to his hit song, “Happy.” Well, almost the entire world.

    The World Indoor Bowls Championships were held over the weekend in Eastern England. For a point of reference, bowls is a sport that is in the same “family” as bocce. The men’s championships have been held since 1979. Competitions have since been added for women, men’s pairs, open pairs, and mixed pairs. For those keeping score at home, Scotland’s Darren Burnett took home the men’s title this year.

    There is a part of last weekend’s event that is becoming very popular on YouTube, and it did not involve the competition. During a break in the action, the hosts thought it would be a good idea to play “Happy” in the venue to get the crowd dancing.

    Other than the hosts, no dancing was involved. Thankfully though, the BBC captured the entire sequence and YouTube user Aaron Gillespie uploaded it for our enjoyment.

    Maybe some in the crowd weren’t fans of the song. Maybe others were

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