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  • These days, society is great at providing moments so depressing that all you can do is laugh. After watching a video of an actress portraying a slave and responding to actual tourist questions ... well, you might just find yourself laughing.

    Azie Mira Dungey formerly worked at George Washington's Mount Vernon estate as a historical re-enactor. The actress and comedian has played the roles of different black women who lived in the Washington, D.C., area in the 18th century. In a post on her website, Dungey explains that playing a slave for a living, especially while President Barack Obama was seeking reelection, invoked a series of emotions.

    "Talking to 100s of people a day about what it was like to be black in 18th Century America. And then returning to the 21st Century and reflecting on what had and had not changed," Dungey wrote of her daily routine. "So, I wanted a way to present all of the most interesting, and somewhat infuriating encounters that I had, the feelings that they

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  • Greg Packer is probably one of the most popular names in print that you've never heard of. The Huntington, New York, native has been quoted over a hundred times in various news outlets on subjects ranging from the Super Bowl to the iPhone to the pope.

    Packer is a retired highway maintenance worker. In an interview with the New Yorker, he reveals his media placement strategy.

    "It's always been a case of right place, right time, knowing where reporters are going to do their jobs for the day," Packer explained. "My strategy would be to be in the front row — just be myself, show how happy I am to be in the front row. That usually attracts the attention of not only the crowd around me but especially reporters themselves."

    The first time Packer saw his name in print was when his new hobby took on a life of its own.

    "I couldn't believe that I made a major newspaper," he recalled of the moment, in which he told the Tampa Tribune in 1995 that "Jewish people are fans of Pope John Paul II." "That

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  • A record was broken in Manhattan over the weekend for the fastest lap driven around the borough. No, the new time was not set by a cabdriver — at least the person behind the wheel wasn't in a cab.

    Not much is known about the driver, and that's probably because he might have broken a law or three while completing the 26.5-mile lap in a mere 24 minutes. The route begins on the FDR Drive at 116th Street, moves downtown, goes over the Henry Hudson parkway, and then returns to 116th Street.

    For a bit of perspective on just how ridiculous this record is, just traveling the stretch on the Hudson or FDR alone can take up to a half-hour. But as seen in the video, this driver makes a typical cabby seem tame.

    Throughout the lap, the stock 2006 BMW Z4 is seen weaving through lanes, passing on the right-hand side, and cutting off unsuspecting drivers. While the roads were relatively empty, by no means were they deserted. At no point during the video can you hear how loud the engine was or if the

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  • The “Are You Gonna Go My Way” singer plays James Halloway in “Lee Daniels’ The Butler,” which bested the One Direction film “This Is Us” for the top spot at the box office over the holiday. Kravitz performed a song from the movie’s soundtrack on “Late Night with David Letterman” last week. The artist also took center court, err stage, at the opening ceremony for the 2013 U.S. Open in Queens.

    But a video that has gone viral to the tune of almost two million views even has anonymous YouTube users singing Kravitz’s praise. The five minute-plus piece was originally uploaded in 2010 but is once again gaining popularity after it was re-discovered by the website It begins with Kravitz walking down a street in New Orleans, explaining that while he was on a balcony enjoying a beverage, he “heard some strange music.”

    That “strange music” was courtesy of the choir from The Voice of Praise Choir. The ensemble, which performs at the First Baptist Church in Lewisville, La, was

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  • There are lots of things to look forward to this time of year: the start of football, new fashions, and pumpkin-flavored everything to name a few. If you're an aficionado of deep-fried foods, you'll certainly have a chance to whet your appetite during fair season. From Oreos to Twinkies to meatballs, it seems no type of food is too taboo to submerge in oil.

    Isaac Rousso knows this. The cook has been serving up Cuban sandwiches at the Texas state fair for the past six years. On Monday, he took home the Best Taste nod at the fair's Big Tex Choice Awards for his deep-fried Cuban roll. The ingredients are what you would expect for the type of sandwich: ham, roasted pork, pickles, Swiss cheese, and special sauce. The roll is served with mojo sauce made of olive oil, garlic, and citrus flavoring. Roll it up and fry it, and you have an award-winning fair dish fit for a Texas-sized appetite. He had some pretty steep competition including deep-fried Nutella, chicken-fried meatloaf, and

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