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  • We would really like to be friends with 27-year-old Anthony Jake Murray.

    Focused and determined, he seems like a true modern-day ninja.

    However, he was not ninja enough for NBC's hit show American Ninja Warrior.

    Last year, after he had been working so hard, he waited for five days in cold Denver weather to try out for the sports competition show. On it, contestants show off their running, jumping, and climbing skills on a series of obstacles.

    Sadly, his ninja dreams were denied. But he refused to let the opportunity pass him by; he knew it would if he didn't try.

    Murray and his friends filmed this Footloose-inspired tryout video in an attempt to dig their way back into the hearts of the show's casting team. They shot at his local gym to prove to the world that he deserves a spot on the show.

    The man can dance. The man can skateboard. The man can climb up some really strange things.

    If you're in need of a hero, you may want to hold out for this American ninja.
    Let's hear it for this

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  • A famously frustrated dad in the United Kingdom is back with another video explaining a basic life lesson to his teenage kids. Will Reid has been posting videos using the only method that teens seem to pay attention to these days — social media. This time, he explains to his kids, James and Beth, how to properly dry a wet towel after showering; his instructions include this gem: "Other places where towels don't dry are your bed, bedroom floor ... pretty much anywhere with the word 'floor' in it."

    This is the third episode in Reid's series titled "Teenage Instructional Videos" on YouTube. The first, a video on changing toilet paper in which he pointed out that explaining this face to face was not working, went viral with more than 4 million views. Shortly after the toilet-paper explainer, Reid released episode No. 2, on a hotly debated topic, dishwasher loading, which raked in more than 300,000 views.
    Each episode features an "advanced level" for teens who want to advance in the

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  • Apparently there is such a thing as Guinness World Records status for the planet's largest corn maze, and walking through it might be more of a challenge than you would expect.

    A farm in Dixon, Calif., boasts the world's largest corn maze, which is in fact so large that some maze-goers are finding themselves in need of emergency rescue.

    In the month and a half that the maze has been open, seven calls have been placed to the local sheriff's office — including three calls to 911 —from people unable to find their way out. 

    Matt Cooley, one of the owners, says the 911 calls might be a sign that the maze may be getting a little too big for its own good.

    Cool Patch Pumpkins, the company that runs the maze, previously set a world record in 2007 for its 40-acre live-action puzzle. This year, though, it has expanded to a whopping 63 acres.

    Cooley says the company provides a map for everyone entering the maze. The maps have explicit instructions not to call 911, but when it does happen, the

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  • A French daredevil broke the world speed record on a rocket-powered bicycle, reaching 333 kilometers per hour, which is equal to about 207 miles per hour. François Gissy, 32, blasted off into the record books on Nov. 7 in the South of France, and he did it in just 4.8 seconds!
    While that may be impressive, Gissy can't take credit for the design of the rocket bike. That distinction belongs to his friend Arnold Neracher, who created the lightweight contraption using engines that were fired using highly concentrated fuel that's 90 percent hydrogen peroxide. With all that power, Gissy was even able to beat a Ferrari F430 on the same day he broke the record.  
    Gissy has already said that he wants to try and beat the record he just set. When asked how dangerous the ride was, he said, "Yes, there is a risk. That is why I am lying on the bike, to conduct a mass balance. The track also plays a very important role; it must be really smooth because if there is a bump, I could fly away." The

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  • We have all heard stories of the nosy neighbor, and each of us fears the peeping Toms of the world, but a recently discovered site called Insecam is giving a little more weight to those concerns.

    Insecam streams footage from more than 73,000 IP cameras that belong to owners who haven't changed their default passwords. This footage allows for anyone's eyes to pry into the homes and businesses of strangers and check in on whomever they choose — including one of the 11,000 cameras located in the U.S. found on the site.

    The sight claims that it is solely highlighting a major security problem. If default usernames and passwords are not changed on private security cameras, then they are open to these threats. Some of the susceptible cameras are from brands such as Foscam, Linksys, and Panasonic.

    The site has streams into parking lots, stores, living rooms, bedrooms, and even baby cribs.

    Although continuing to offer access into the private lives of strangers, the company says, "this site has

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