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  • Talk about your purrfect stowaway!

    Pilot Romain Jantot had an unexpected passenger on his light-aircraft flight recently when midflight a cat appeared within the plane’s open-framed wing.

    It’s unclear how the furry little creature was missed during the preflight check, but Jantot wrote that his experience showed the importance of “checking the wings before each flight.”

    We don’t know how the cat held on that long until it landed safety back on the ground — on all four paws.

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  • One of the greatest pieces of relationship advice is to not be too needy.

    It’s a piece of wisdom heeded by most people but absolutely zero cats.

    Alexander Fredriksen’s cat, Nala, shows us just how felines play by their own rules.

    In this video, uploaded to YouTube, we see how Alex’s cat demands attention while he plays his video games.

    In the video description, he writes, “Our fluffy little creature Nala has a habit of seeking attention when our focus is on the television and not her.”

    As cute and endearing as this video is, we do not recommend adapting this habit as a method of courtship.

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  • This video of a man attempting to simply put on a poncho in the rain is the perfect metaphor for how annoying life can feel sometimes.This video of a man attempting to simply put on a poncho in the rain is the perfect metaphor for how annoying life can feel sometimes.


    Life can be rough.

    Sometimes you just need to get a simple thing done, and it feels like everything is working against you.

    This video of a man attempting to simply put on a poncho in the rain is the perfect metaphor for how annoying life can feel sometimes.

    Such a simple thing it is, putting on a poncho.

    But when your arms get stuck and it feels like you’re losing oxygen, you start to think you’ll never get out.

    Even worse, when the world (or the camera at a nationally televised baseball game) is watching you — the pressure is on!

    But the feeling of accomplishment, the success in shielding yourself from the rain and finally getting to sit back and enjoy the game, it makes all of the struggle worth it.

    We salute you for your hardships, poncho man. Game on.


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  • Tom Rogers made this hilarious montage of his mom’s reactions to his scare tactics.

    As annoying as it seems Tom says she doesn’t see this as tormenting.

    “It's our relationship and she…finds them the funniest out of everyone”, he wrote on his YouTube posting.

    Tom says that she has gotten him back a few times, and most of the video clisp are from 10 years ago. He says he has cut back on the scaring.

    Seems like they are a great mother son comedy duo.



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  • When Liam Cooper decided to pop the question to his high school sweetheart, Amy, he knew he wanted to do it in a big way.

    So he re-created the music video for “Rude” by the band Magic! and screened it in a local movie theater for his unknowing girlfriend. At first, it may look like a scene from “Glee,” but it is actually the world’s sweetest proposal video.

    Liam took Amy to movies on what she thought was a typical double date with his sister and brother-in-law. Shortly before the previews started, Liam slipped away, claiming that he was going to the bathroom.

    After a few previews were shown, Liam’s music video, with a special appearance by Amy’s father, premiered on the big screen.

    “I was really freaking out with everything leading up to it,” Liam told Daily Mail Australia.

    “It took us months of filming and editing, but the moment we were driving to the movies, it was pretty nerve-racking.”

    The theater was filled with about 100 people, including the couple’s family and friends along

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