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  • NBC's "The Office" has become a cultural phenomenon. For the past nine seasons, many of us have enjoyed the awkward, hilarious, and heartfelt adventures of the fictional staff at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. But on May 16, "The Office" is clocking out for good with the show's final episode, appropriately titled "Finale."

    One of the show's stars, Brian Baumgartner, who plays Kevin Malone, the accountant and frontman of the bands Scrantonicity and Scrantonicity 2 on the series, stopped by Trending Now to talk to us about wrapping a show that has been a major part of this life for the last decade. Baumgartner also told us about the cast's off-camera antics.

    The wrap party for the series is being held this weekend in Scranton, and Baumgartner described how emotional it would be for the cast to say goodbye. He said that during the first couple of seasons of the show, each week, the cast would try to get together to watch the newest episode at someone's home. As

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  • Animals have been known to express emotion in a very human way. So it's no surprise that when Bella the dog lost her best friend, Beavis the beaver, she mourned the loss in a way that wasn't much different from how a human would mourn in a similar situation.

    Before Beavis passed away, he and Bella were inseparable. They ate together, played together, and even shared living quarters. Beavis passed away in 2012, but the pair's story resurfaced after a video that the owner shot of the two appeared on Reddit.

    In the heartbreaking video, Bella lies by the side of her deceased companion and appears to cling to the idea that Beavis might just sleeping. As Bella seems to realize that her friend is not coming to life, she whimpers, nuzzles, and licks her friend as if trying to say goodbye.

    As Bella continues to lie beside Beavis, other dogs play in the background, but she isn't distracted. According to her owner, Bella stayed by Beavis's side for several hours.

    The video has been viewed more

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  • When you are a high school student, the month of April holds a lot of significance, especially during your senior year. Not only may you be deciding where you'll spend the next four years, but you're also likely preparing to attend one of the most significant parties of your teenage years -- prom.

    As time marches on and new technologies arrive, so do new trends. The newest trend taking over the prom world is called a prom-posal, and it's exactly as it sounds. It's when a suitor asks his or her date of choice to prom in an elaborate, clever way.

    In recent years, prom-posals have become more and more outrageous, and one that was recently uploaded to YouTube has become a favorite of the "Trending Now" team. The video, "Pokemon Prom Proposal," shows students in a school cafeteria chanting the name of a boy, Terry, as he asks a girl, Maxine, to prom. ("Pokemon" is a popular animated series and card game.)

    Terry starts at the top of the stairs after a student on a megaphone asks for the

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  • Whether you watch "Good Morning America," "Today," or any other morning news show, you are likely to have heard the following names -- Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, and Natalie Morales -- because they have become a part of our morning routines. Maybe your eyes are glued to the TV each morning as you listen intently to what they report. Maybe you watch them as you're getting dressed or they serve as background noise during your other morning rituals. In any case, you have made some kind of a connection to those personalities. But do you really know them?

    Brian Stelter, a name you may not be as familiar with, wrote the book "Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV," and while it will not give you every detail of morning news anchors' lives, it will certainly paint a vivid picture of what goes on behind the scenes of the shows we allow into our homes on a daily basis.

    Stelter is the founder of TV Newser, the news blog he founded when he

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  • An unlikely bond has been formed among five baby animals. The mothers of three lions, a tiger, and a spotted hyena abandoned them -- leaving them with a bleak chance of survival.

    Thankfully for the cubs, Layla Cajee, the owner of Akwaaba Lodge in Rustenburg, South Africa, took them in at birth and has been raising them together ever since.

    Cajee said all the animals were born in the lodge and explained that she had to adopt each one after it was rejected for being the runt of its litter.

    The orphans share the same living enclosure and interact during mealtime. Cajee said they fight over food and that the dominant one will sometimes take food from the others. After mealtime, they have been known to cuddle together for a nap.

    But, just like any other pack of siblings, each cub has its own unique personality.

    Five-month-old Bella, the tiger, is the leader of the pack. The three lions -- Delano, Romeo, and Maximus, who are the same age as Bella -- are all shy. Six-month-old Milika, the

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