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  • When you watch an otter swim, it looks so effortless that you might assume they, like sharks, are born knowing how to swim. That is not the case. Otters have to be taught how to glide through the water, and it's a vigorous process that occurs when they are newborns.

    The Oregon Zoo has a new star in the making, and his name is Molalla, or Mo, as he is affectionately known, and he is in the process of learning this task. The nine-week-old baby otter was born blind and is just starting to learn the ropes of otter life. Part of his daily lessons includes getting swimming lessons from his mom, Tilly, and it's attracting crowds to watch the baby adapt to his environment.

    Tilly hauls Mo around their enclosure, grabbing him by the scruff of his neck and diving into the water with him in tow. "This might look a little brutal to us. It's kind of scary for us to watch, but it's natural for them," said Becca Van Beek, otter keeper at the zoo. Baby otters float, and Mo starts to dog-paddle in the

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  • Brandon Krivohlavy and Mandy Takacs tied the knot in Austin, Texas, over the weekend and got a surprise gift from a guest who was unable to attend their wedding. Brandon's brother, Capt Matthew Krivohlavy, is serving with Marine Attack Squadron 231 in Afghanistan, so he could not be there in person.

    Capt. Krivohlavy decided to send a gift in his absence: a heartwarming video message with hand-written note cards expressing his best wishes and love for the bride and groom. What takes this video message, titled "Wedding Message from the Skies over Afghanistan," to new heights, (pun intended) is where it was filmed. Capt. Krivohlavy's entire message comes from the cockpit of a jet.

    The first flash card reads, "I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for both of you." Capt. Krivohlavy continued, "This is a day you will remember for the rest of your lives, and I wish I could be there to share it with you." He even gives his brother the thumbs up by complimenting the bride, "Mandy, you are

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  • The unspeakable tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012, shocked the nation and the world. Twenty students and six adults lost their lives when alleged gunman Adam Lanza opened fire at the school, forever changing the lives of those present that day, the families who lost loved ones, and the way America views gun control and gun violence in our nation's schools.

    In the aftermath of the tragedy, many questions about mental health have arisen — questions on what the best course of action is to combat and prevent another tragedy like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary.

    Kaitlin Roig was one of the teachers present on the day of the Sand Hook tragedy, and she has decided to fight the violence with compassion. Roig started the nonprofit organization Classes 4 Classes, whose mission is to "inspire young people to spread kindness and caring to others and to live those universal values every day."

    On its website, Classes 4 Classes says that it "provides

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  • Facebook has changed the way that many of us live our lives, from our everyday interactions to our ability to keep in touch with friends and family members halfway around the world. We can even connect with people we don't know at all, because we share similar interests in music or movies or just because we look alike. Maybe enough alike to be related. Take the case of Samantha Futerman and Anais Bordier. Futerman is an actress who lives in Los Angeles. Bordier, a French fashion-design student, lives in London.

    In February, Futerman received a Facebook message from Bordier. Bordier explained that a friend of hers had seen a video of Futerman and noticed a resemblance between her and Bordier. On her own, Bordier did a little Internet searching and discovered a video where Futerman talks about being adopted, so she decided to ask Futerman where she was born, first prefacing it by telling her not to "freak out."

    Both girls were born on November 19, 1987, and they were both put into foster

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  • A little more than two weeks ago, journalist and writer David Drucker passed away. As his son, Daniel, went through his father's possessions, he found a mysterious text file on his dad's computer. It was titled 'Jokes.txt,' and it contained phrases such as 'More birds on that side' and 'Brick the camel.' No explanation was given for the seeming non sequiturs.

    Daniel knew that his dad had had a fondness for bad jokes, and he figured that these phrases must be punch lines to jokes his Father was a fan of. So he enlisted the curiosity of strangers to help him make sense of it all. Daniel took his problem to Metafilter, a website that allows its users to ask and answer questions.

    Daniel's post, "Last Time, You Didn't Have Holes in Your Feet," referencing one of the punch lines, became a hit on Metafilter, as strangers began to fill in the blanks for the jokes' punch lines. In fact, within four hours, 30 of the 31 punch lines had jokes to set them up.

    One user named Elsa suggested that if

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