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  • We wanted to share a good old-fashioned road chase on the blog before the week is out. In this video posted to YouTube, Heather Leigh and her boyfriend Leigh very nearly get in an unevenly matched fight with a bull elk. They were on a ride, and came upon a stopped truck with the elk standing nearby. The elk approaches them, getting within inches, then takes chase when they try to ride away. But the elk doesn't just give up. He follows them for a good while, in a chase that is being compared to the T-Rex in 'Jurassic Park.' Shortly after, Heather says, she told Glen to speed off, and they lost the elk. I gotta admit though, it's kinda sad seeing it fade into the distance.


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  • TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conferences are renowned the world over for giving people with big ideas a platform by which to spread them. The conferences are also criticized by some who say they are all talk, no action. The popularity of the conferences led to a spinoff, TEDx, whereby communities can hold independent events with speakers of their choosing. In what may be a first, in Philadelphia this past weekend, a TEDx event was pranked. Comedian Sam Hyde, of the group Million Dollar Extreme, was able to fool organizers of the TEDx event at Drexel University into thinking he was a journalist who had just returned from Mogadishu, and they let him conclude the conference with his piece "The 2070 Paradigm Shift."

    Little did organizers know, the 16-minute speech was a satirical take on the "big ideas" speech given by many TED speakers. And boy, did it ramble. Hyde haphazardly jumped from topic to topic — some of it was funny, and some, from the dead silence in the audience,

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  • Many YouTube videos feature daredevils accomplishing incredible feats, but not all attempts turn out the way you would expect. Unicyclist Jacob Spera wanted to take the sport of unicycling to the next level by jumping over a ravine while riding around Colorado’s Lake Pueblo. The 20-year-old attempted to jump but landed face-first instead of wheel-first. But don't worry about Jacob, he says he is just fine and his only injury was a cactus needle that had to be plucked from his side.


  • College is a fun time in any young person's life, especially when there are fun stories to share.  A group of students at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, England has one of the best college nights ever recently. The group even has a video to prove it. Grammy-winning rapper Coolio was in town for a show when he met the students who were in the VIP area. They invited him to their dorm where the rapper cooked dinner for the crew and followed up with an acoustic jam session to his popular hit "Gangsta's Paradise." Take a look here.

    The video was uploaded to YouTube by Kelly Maguire, who wrote in the description that it was the "most surreal night of our lives!" Coolio looks like he had a great time, too, and confirmed it with a tweet: "gangsta's paradise with some fans in England. Fun night!" You can read more about the coolest night ever on the Reddit thread started by one of the students.

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  • People go to crazy lengths to get famous on the Web, but sometimes just a simple act will do it. Chris Cox became a sensation overnight, after simply mowing the lawn. Well, it wasn't just any lawn . Cox spent part of Wednesday, lawn mower and chainsaw in hand, doing upkeep on areas of the National Mall that had overgrown in the 10 days since the government shut down. Cox mowed the lawn outside the Lincoln Memorial and then used his chainsaw to cut up a large tree branch that had fallen onto a pathway. Park police let him work for a while but asked him to stop after a few hours for liability reasons. Cox said he wasn't doing the work for political reasons. He was trying to spruce up the area in preparation for this weekend's Million Vet March. Regardless of the intent, he has become a sensation on the Web. Commenters said of him, "I would vote him into Congress," with others calling him a "true patriot."

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