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  • Time-Lapse Video Shows Woman Learning to Dance

    The internet is littered with videos of people dancing. Whether it was the 'Dougie", the "Harlem Shake," or "Gagnam Style," if there was a big dance craze someone on the internet made a video of their interpretation of the dance. But how did these people learn to dance? How long did it take them to learn to dance? How long does it take to learn any new skill? There's no set answer to that, but it's well-accepted that the more you practice, the better you'll get. That's the basic concept behind a new viral video that's been viewed close to two million times in the last few days. In the time-lapse video "Girl Learns to Dance in a Year," Karen Cheng, a graphic designer at a San Francisco startup, documents how her dance skills improved over the course of a year. The video covers everything from her awkward, stilted first few weeks, her improvements after a few months, and culminates in a bravura public performance on a subway platform on Day 365.

    On her blog where the video was first

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  • Losing a wallet is a pain. Whatever cash it may have held is gone, and tons of paperwork is required for replacing an ID and credit cards. It might even have contained something cherished like pictures of loved ones. Clarence Van Dyken lost his wallet, and he was lucky enough to get it back, but there was one small catch: He had to wait 54 years.

    The story began when Aron Schut was doing some work on the insulation in his house after a flood. He discovered within the wall a leather wallet. Schut said, "What a strange place for a wallet. ... There was an I.D. in it and I recognized the name, it sounded familiar. ... So through a couple phone calls I was able to locate his son." Schut got in touch with Clare Van Dyken through his church. Clare confirmed the wallet to be his father's, and all that was left was the reveal.

    Cameras were rolling as Clarence Van Dyken was given back the wallet he had lost over five decades ago. Amazed, he said, "Well, I'll be cow-kicked." Naturally, a wallet

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  • It is unfortunately a common scenario. You click a link to watch a video, and immediately your heart sinks. Whoever shot the video on his or her phone didn't turn it 90 degrees to film horizontally. Yes, it is, shudder, a vertical video. It is a nuisance that many of the Web's video fans have dealt with since phones were first able to capture video, but now the movement to stop it has grown.

    Enter Jonathan Mann and his "Song a Day" project. For each day of the year, Mann releases a song. "Turn Your Phone (Vertical Video PSA)" is the 1,647th song in his series, and it tackles the issue of vertical videos. In it, he sings, "If you film with the phone upright, it looks like this, and this ain't right. If you film with the phone all straight and tall, it looks like this not right at all." One commenter wrote on YouTube, "Hopefully this will go SUPER viral and make everyone realize how wrong it is to film vertically." So remember, next time you take out your phone to capture some video,

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  • For the most part, children love to care for their dogs. Whether it's taking them for walks, bathing them, or just giving them a good belly rub, kids love their pups. And now one dog in Kenya is returning the favor. When 7-year-old David Mbogo and 6-year-old Mary Wanjiku were abandoned by their mother several years ago, their grandmother Susan Wanjiku took them in. But with five other children in her care, Wanjiku could not attend to the two as much as she would have liked. So, their friend Oscar the dog stepped in to help out. Acting as sort of a foster parent, Oscar walks David and Mary to school. Then he waits until their classes are over and walks the children home from school. On many occasions he has rescued them after they have gotten lost.

    Oscar's story was first told on k24, a 24-hour news station in Kenya. Susan Wanjiku said of their impoverished living conditions, "Every time it rains, sewerage water flows through the house. I pray to God that we can get a better dwelling

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  • We've all done it, right? Fumbling for keys, we set down a bag, snack, or coffee mug on the exterior of a car until we get inside. Then we just plain forget about it, and the item is gone moments later. But thanks to a very graceful move by a motorcyclist, one woman did not end up short a coffee mug. YouTube user Bossaucey uploaded helmet-cam footage from one of his rides, in which he came across a Ford Explorer with a coffee mug resting on the back bumper. The Good Samaritan act he pulled off next required both kindness and some serious biking skills.

    Bossaucey approached the car from the left, grabbing the mug in one swoop. Then, after a swift right turn by the driver, the biker rode up alongside the car and caught her attention. After a quick window roll-down, the woman was reunited with her mug. She seems to say, "My daughter…" after being flabbergasted by the presence of the errant mug. The motorcyclist, for his part, shows just how pleased he was that he was able to pull it off

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